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A paper about food access and vulnerability coauthored by University of Wisconsin Oshkosh associate marketing professor Melissa Bublitz has been selected as the 2022 Thomas C. Kinnear Award for outstanding article in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

“Hunger and Food Well-Being: Advancing Research and Practice” appeared in the journal’s April 2019 issue.

Melissa Bublitz

Bublitz has worked with the Hunger Task Force, an anti-hunger nonprofit organization that operates a food bank in Milwaukee. Additional authors on the paper include UW-Milwaukee researcher Laura Peracchio and staff from the task force: Jonathan Hansen and Sherrie Tussler.

“We are honored to receive the Kinnear Award on behalf of our collaborative research with the Hunger Task Force,” the authors noted. “We are proud of this work to expand the food well-being paradigm to include people experiencing hunger who have the right to food with dignity. We hope this research inspires more academics and social impact leaders to work together in research partnerships. Deeper conceptual and social impact insights emerge when academics collaborate with nonprofit and public policy leaders. When public policy to address hunger and poverty is fully funded and local community-based organizations are empowered to innovate, solutions emerge for pressing social problems.”

In addition to the award, the paper also was a finalist for the 2021 Responsible Research for Business and Management initiative.

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