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The 11th Annual UW System Symposium for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity will be held April 29 at UW-Parkside. It is an opportunity for UW System undergraduates to showcase their scholarly and creative accomplishments to a statewide audience.

Congratulations to the following University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students who will participate and their advisers:

  • John Pahlas (Jeff Lipschutz, Art), Self-Own: How to Become Self Reliant Again in an Age of Digital Dependence;
  • Jacob Porter (Samuel David, Chemistry), An Undergraduate Experience in Multi-step Drug Syntheses: Making R/S-rasagiline, a Parkinson’s Drug;
  • Graham Radomski (Samuel David, Chemistry), A Novel, Unusual Acid Catalysed Route to Substituted 1,2-Dihydropyridine Via Double Decarboxylation;
  • Alexander Turinske (Nenad Stojilovic, Physics and Astronomy), Structure and Morphology of Titania-Alumina Nanofibers;
  • Rebecca Stupka (Erin Winterrowd, Psychology), Communication Accommodation in Mixed Gender Dyads;
  • Katie Witz (Stephanie May de Montigny, Religious Studies/Anthropology), Yurok Women and Menstruation Rites;
  • Katie Witz (Paul Van Auken, Sociology), Single Mothers on TV: Have We Moved Past Murphy Brown?;
  • Erin Prader (Rebecca Abler, Biology-UW Manitowoc), Investigating and Preserving Medicinal Plants of Hmong Communities;
  • Joel Seagren (Samuel David, Chemistry), The Total Synthesis of (S)-2, 4-dihydroxy-1-butyl (4-hydroxyl) Benzoate;
  • Kevin Moran (Nadia Kaltcheva, Physics and Astronomy), Centaurus Star-forming Field Revisited;
  • Laura Leyh (Pete Brown, Religious Studies/Anthropology), The Path of Teen-aged Parenting;
  • Katie Struefert (James Paulson, Chemistry), Histone Acetylation and Mitosis;
  • Nadeesha Thewarapperuma (Michael Lizotte, Sustainability Office), Estimating Commuter Behaviors and Impacts from University Parking Records;
  • Audrey Cowling (Susan McFadden, Psychology), The Healing Power of Pets: An Evaluation of the Benefits and Limitations of Animal-Assisted Therapy for People with Dementia

Susan Surendonk, assistant director for Office of Grants and Faculty Development, submitted this announcement. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to contribute calendar items, campus announcements and other good news to UW Oshkosh Today.