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Susan Jaeke, who works for the Registrar’s Office as a registration coordinator/desk manager at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, has been named the recipient of the December 2021 STAR Award.

She was nominated by Margaret Hostetler, English department chair:

“Sue has gone above and beyond in helping me  get through the switch to everything online last March/April. She always answered all my questions quickly and gave me helpful information. I have worked with her on getting students into the correct sections, and she even reminded me when I forgot to get back to her on one form.

“After our English academic department assistant (ADA) left for a new job the week before Labor Day, Sue helped me figure out how to put advising holds on all our majors and taught me how to remove those holds after their advising meetings. She has assigned advisers to our new majors. Sue helped me with building spring 2021 courses and assigning instructors and helped me so consistently and patiently. I would love for her to be recognized for her caring and patient support of others and her willingness to go above and beyond.”

Registrar Lisa Danielson also supported the nomination:

“Sue worked countless hours to help redesign the Titan Take Off program. She worked collaboratively with other offices in this endeavor, and this program is more efficient and effective because of Sue. Moving the student registration training and instructions online took a lot of effort and patience and she did an excellent job. She also assisted with staff training manuals to be online and worked with ADAs to make sure they had the resources they needed to do their jobs.

“Sue also manages the front desk work-study students. As their supervisor, she makes sure they are well trained and supported in their roles. However, during COVID, she worked behind the scenes to make sure they were OK at home or in the residence hall and supported them personally through some challenges. She never told anyone about this, but I know it happened and the students were so grateful.

“Sue works with many different offices and can relate to each person she meets. She is professional, personable, kind and a wonderful team member in our office.”