Titan Dollars

Titan Dollars

The following are some important characteristics regarding Titan Dollars:

  • Purchases are debited (deducted from the balance) each time a purchase is made
  • Purchases cannot exceed your account balance
  • Purchases can only be made at on-campus venues including laundry, soda and snack vending machines and all dining locations.
  • Cash cannot be withdrawn from your Titan Dollars account
  • Titan Dollars can not be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco


$150 Titan Dollars Convenience Program

Students living in the residence halls will receive $150 Titan Dollars per semester for use on campus for conveniences like laundry, food, books and other amenities.  This amount was established based on the past student Titan Dollars usage patterns. This is a condition of signing the residence hall contract. The $150 Titan Dollars will be billed to your student’s account.  The $150 Titan Dollars allocation will be available for use the Monday prior to move in for the fall semester and the Monday prior to the start of classes in the spring semester.

Requests for Exemption from $150 Titan Dollars Convenience Program

We consider each request individually but some typical reasons why exemptions have been granted in the past have been:

  • If the student received a Titan Dollars Scholarship
  • Student has an unexpected medical condition that prohibits attendance at school for an extended period of time

Also, it may be prudent to change meal plans, which will decrease the amount of Titan Dollars that are added to your TitanCard. Visit Dining for more information.

Requests for exemption from the Titan Dollars Convenience Program may be directed to the Director of Reeve Union (920) 424-3407.


Unused Balances

Titan Dollars carry over from Fall semester to Spring semester, but you must use your Titan Dollars by the last Friday of May-term each year or they will be forfeited. UW Oshkosh Gift Cards, which are valid for 5 years after the date of purchase, may be purchased with unused Titan Dollars before the end of May-term and can be used in the same manner as Titan Dollars.  This allows the student to use their Titan Dollars for the following Fall semester for conveniences and campus amenities.



Deposits to your Titan Dollars account are accepted in the form of cash, check, money order, credit card or can be charged to your student account (see guideline below).  Checks and money orders must be made payable to UW Oshkosh and should include your student ID number. Titan Dollars can be deposited in the following manner:

  • In person at Titan Central located in Reeve Memorial Union (cash, check, credit card or student account)
  • Use the self-serve deposit station in Scott Hall that accepts $1, $5, $10 and $20 dollar bills
  • Online
  • By mail to the following address:

UW Oshkosh
Titan Central
748 Algoma Blvd
Oshkosh WI  54901


Charging Titan Dollars to a Student Account

Students are allowed to charge up to $500.00 in Titan Dollars to their student account per semester. Titan Dollars deposited as part of the $150 allocation will count toward your $500 limit. Students who wish to charge Titan Dollars to their student account must have an account that is in good standing; meaning there are no financial holds on your student account. If you do have a financial hold, and wish to charge Titan Dollars to your student account, please follow up with the student account office to resolve the financial hold.


Online Deposits (GET Funds)

As a convenience for students and parents, Titan Dollars can be added online at any time of the day. GET Funds is a feature that allows students or guests to make a Titan Dollars deposit via credit card from the convenience of their own computer. This program will also provide the ability to view your balance, check transaction history and report a lost TitanCard. Click here for more information.


Payments to Student Account using Titan Dollars

Student account payments using Titan Dollars are limited to $25 per semester to avoid improper use and transfer of funds between campus accounts. The $25 amount is meant to be a convenience for students to pay small denominated amounts through the Cashier’s office.



Cardholders who have left the University (withdrawal, transferred, graduated or ended employment) can apply for a refund using the Titan Dollars Refund Request form. Remaining Titan Dollars will first be credited toward any outstanding student account balance, per the Titan Central Manager’s discretion. Refunds will be processed and disbursed through the Student Account’s office.


Titan Dollar Reader Request

Organizations can use Titan Dollars readers to accept Titan Dollars payments for tickets, t-shirts, and other approved items.  All funds collected through the reader will be transferred to the University WISER account listed on the reader request form. Transfers will be made after the close of the month.

Items that Titan Dollars can not be accepted for are: donations, gambling or games of chance/raffles and items that do not portray the University in a positive manner.

If student organizations wish to reserve a Titan Dollars Reader to accept Titan Dollars for an event and/or item that they wish to sell, they can request a Titan Dollars Reader through Titan Central.

The use of the TitanCard readers and devices is a courtesy extended to student organizations and departments; however, we reserve the right to refuse any reader request and to remove equipment during any sale. Use of the devices constitutes acceptance of these terms and agreement to replace any damaged devices or be assessed a replacement fee.

Titan Dollars funds cannot be used for donation purposes. We must transfer all funds to a University account and the funds may be spent on-campus or off-campus following all current University purchasing guidelines. We are unable to cut a check to the University Foundation or to an off-campus charity.

  • Titan Dollars must be transferred to a University WISER account
  • All Titan Dollars sales are subject to a 2.5% convenience fee
  • All requests must abide by all University, State and Federal guidelines, laws and policies
  • Any request that pertains to food items must be approved by the Associate Director of Dining

University accounts cannot be used as a pass through account for Titan Dollars funds.

Reserve a Titan Dollars Reader by completing the Titan Dollars Reader Request form.

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