TitanCard & Titan Dollars

The TitanCard is the official identification card for every student, faculty and staff member at UW Oshkosh and so much more. It offers a convenient, easy and safe way to make purchases by using Titan Dollars and utilize services available throughout campus.

What is my TitanCard?

  • ​University ID: Identifies cardholders as active members of the UW Oshkosh Community
  • Meal Plan: Utilize your meal plan and keep track of meal plan balances
  • Titan Dollars: A declining balance account for a variety of on-campus purchases that offers flexibility, convenience and safety
  • Library Card: Check out library resources for free
  • Door Access: Gain access to your residence hall and 24-hour access to some computer labs
  • Sports Pass: Free admission to regular season home athletic events
  • SWRC Pass: Free admission to workout, take fitness classes and see fitness trainers

What are Titan Dollars?

One tender for all your on campus purchases! You don’t need cash on-campus when you have Titan Dollars on your TitanCard. Titan Dollars is a declining balance (debit) account used exclusively for on-campus purchases like food, health and beauty, vending, school supplies, apparel, event tickets and more!

There are some important characteristics regarding Titan Dollars:

  • Purchases are debited (deducted from the balance) each time a purchase is made
  • Purchases cannot exceed your account balance
  • Purchases can only be made at on-campus venues including laundry, soda and snack vending machines and all dining locations
  • Cash cannot be withdrawn from your Titan Dollars account
  • Titan Dollars can not be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco

Where to use Titan Dollars or UWO Gift Cards

TitanCard FAQs

Where do I get my TitanCard?

Visit Titan Central located on the first floor of Reeve Union. Please bring with you a valid form of ID such as a drivers license or passport.

Is there a fee to get my TitanCard?

First Card Issued:

Oshkosh Campus: $20 | Fox Cities and Fond du Lac Campuses: $20

Card Replacement With No Charge:

No charge, but the current valid ID card must be surrendered at the time the new card is made. Otherwise, this will be considered a lost card transaction.

Reasons for a no-charge replacement:

  • Name change (must be verified with Registrar/PeopleSoft)
  • Change of university status (i.e., student to staff & CAPP student to UWO student)
  • Defective card (at the discretion of Titan Central Manager)
  • Preferred Name

Card Replacement With Charge:

Oshkosh Campus: $20 | Fox Cities and Fond du Lac Campuses: $20

Reasons for a replacement charge:

What should I do if I lose my TitanCard?

If you lose your TitanCard, immediately suspend your card online or visit Titan Central. You are liable for all Titan Dollars spent until your TitanCard is suspended. Once suspended, no one will be able to use your TitanCard. If you find your lost TitanCard, you will need to reactivate the card in-person at Titan Central. Otherwise, you may obtain a replacement TitanCard from Titan Central. There will be a fee charged for a replacement TitanCard (see fee question above).

What should I do if my TitanCard doesn't work?

Visit Titan Central located on the first floor of Reeve Union. Serious damage to your TitanCard may cause the magnetic stripe or embedded iClass antenna to malfunction. Exposing your TitanCard to high heat, a washer or dryer, scratching the magnetic stripe, punching holes in your card or having bent it are things that may cause enough damage to your card for it to malfunction. If you bring your damaged TitanCard to Titan Central we can make a replacement. There will be a fee charged for a replacement TitanCard (see fee question above).

How do I care for my TitanCard?
  • Keep your ID in a protective card sleeve.
  • Avoid storing it next to a credit/debit card with a chip as this could deactivate your card
  • Don’t allow your ID’s magnetic stripe to be scratched by keys, change, or other objects.
  • Don’t punch holes in your card
  • Don’t apply stickers

If your TitanCard becomes damaged and unusable you are responsible for the replacement cost (see fee question above). Everything transfers to your new card including Titan Dollars.

Can I use a different name on my TitanCard?

UW Oshkosh offers a “preferred name” option for students. Preferred name is a service for students who wish to be known by a name other than their primary/legal name. The preferred name will populate through the following systems: Student Center, Class Rosters, Canvas, and TitanCard. Students are only allowed to change their first and middle name to a preferred name.

Learn more about preferred name

Titan Dollars FAQs

How do I know how many Titan Dollars are left in my account?

There is a variety of options to find out how many Titan Dollars are left in your account.

Option 1: GET Funds

Option 2: Visit the My UWO Portal. On the left side of the page you will see a TitanCard module that shows your remaining meals and Titan Dollars.

Option 3: When you make a purchase with Titan Dollars your balance will show on the receipt.

Option 4: Visit Titan Central located on the first floor of Reeve Union.


Is there a way for me to view my transaction history?

Visit the GET Funds website and sign in with your NetID. If you click “view all transaction history” under “my recent transactions,” you will be able to see all purchases made with Titan Dollars this year.

Parents & Guardians: Please have your student visit the GET Funds website as above and click “email this history.” They will then need to enter the email address you would like the transaction history emailed to.


Do my Titan Dollars carryover?

Titan Dollars carry-over from the Fall to Spring semester. You must use your Titan Dollars by the last Friday of May-term. Any remaining Titan Dollars will be forfeited then. However, you can transfer them to a UWO Gift Card that is good for five years after the date of purchase and can be used the same as Titan Dollars.


Can I charge Titan Dollars to my student account?

Yes. Students are allowed to charge up to $500 in Titan Dollars to their student account per semester. The $150 Titan Dollars deposited as part of the Student Convenience Program for those living in the residence halls counts towards the $500 limit. Students who wish to charge Titan Dollars to their student account must have an account that is in good standing; meaning there are no financial holds on your account. If you do have a financial hold on your account, please contact the Student Accounts office to resolve the hold.


Can I make a payment to my student account using Titan Dollars?

Yes, you can make small payments to your student account up to a total of $25.00 per semester.


What is the Titan Dollars Convenience program?

Students living in residence halls receive $150 Titan Dollars per semester for use on campus for conveniences like laundry, food, books and other amenities. The amount was established based on past Titan Dollars usage patterns. They will be billed to your student account and are a condition of signing the residence hall contract. The $150 Titan Dollars will be available for use the Monday prior to move-in for fall and the Monday prior to the start of classes for spring.


Can I request an exemption from the Titan Dollars Convenience program?

We consider each request individually but some typical reasons why exemptions have been granted in the past have been:

  • If the student received a Titan Dollars Scholarship
  • Student has an unexpected medical condition that prohibits attendance at school for an extended period of time.

Also, it may be prudent to change meal plans, which will decrease the amount of Titan Dollars that are added to your TitanCard. Additional information is available on the University Dining website.

Requests for exemption from the Titan Dollars Convenience Program may be directed to the Director of Reeve Union (920) 424-3407.


How do I receive a refund of my Titan Dollars?

Cardholders who have left the University (withdrawal, transferred, graduation or ended employment) can apply for a Titan Dollars Refund. Remaining Titan Dollars will first be credited toward any outstanding student account balance, per the Titan Central Manager’s discretion.  Refunds will be processed and disbursed through the Student Accounts office. Balances less than $25.00 do not qualify for a refund. Refunds will be processed within 2 weeks of the close of a semester. Please complete the Titan Dollars Refund Request Form.


Can I accept Titan Dollars as a form of payment at my event or fundraiser?

Student organizations and departments can request to use a Titan Dollars Reader to accept Titan Dollars payments for tickets, t-shirts and other approved items. All funds collected through the reader are transferred to the WISER account listed on the request form after the close of the month.

Learn more about Titan Dollars Reader


Contact Us

Titan Central
  • Reeve Union, First Floor
  • 920 424-1234


Click here for hours of operation

Your TitanCard is property of UW Oshkosh, which reserves the right to revoke its use or any accounts at any time. A TitanCard may only be used by the person to whom it is registered and is non-transferable. If an unauthorized user presents a TitanCard to a cashier, the card will be confiscated. A TitanCard is valid as long as you are enrolled or employed at UW Oshkosh, exception applies to authorized guests. UW Oshkosh reserves the right to close any account that has been inactive for a period of 12 months.

Full Disclosure Statement
UW Oshkosh receives financial support of student programs and services from UW Credit Union. All provisions of the financial package are based on a flat guarantee. The University formed the partnership after a competitive selection process.

No credit card provisions or loans will be granted as part of the TitanCard program.

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