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Transition FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the transition to Titan Apps at UW Oshkosh.

Do I have to get a new email address at Gmail?

No, UW Oshkosh will continue using email addresses. Your email address will stay the same.

I already have a gmail address, will it be affected?

While gmail and UW Oshkosh both use the same email software, the accounts are completely separate to any personal address you may have.

Gmail has ads. Are there going to be advertisements in my email?

No, your account will not have advertisements of any kind.

I used my address to sign up for a Google service such as Docs or Blogger. What happens to that account?

In this case, you have what Google call's a conflicting account. You will need to create a personal Gmail ( account to associate your personal data with. If you have a conflicting account, you will be presented with two options upon your first login to Google with your account after June 4.

Follow Google's Conflicting Account and Data Migration Getting Started Guide to fix the conflicting account.

See this video on Google's site for a description of conflicting accounts and what you will need to do to resolve the conflict. In short, you will need to create a account to house the data previously associated with the conflicting account.

What happens to my existing mail, calendar, and address book data?

All your mail and address books contacts will be copied to your new Titan Apps account for you, by UW Oshkosh IT staff. Because moving of your calendar data from the Sun TitanMail system to Titan Apps system cannot be automated, you will need to export your calendar(s) in TitanMail and import them into Titan Apps mail by using the Calendar Migration tool and instructions located at

What won't be transferred automatically?

  • Calendars, and their events (data)
  • Calendar subscriptions
  • Calendar sharing permissions
  • Signatures
  • Forwarding addresses
  • Mail filters
  • Vacation messages
  • The contents of the following mail folders: Spam, Trash, Junk, Deleted Messages
  • Any empty mail folders

I manage a list serve (  Do I need to have this transferred?

We will still be using mailman for all list serves.  Any distribution list (that ends in will continue to work as is.  This may eventually be replaced with Google Groups.

How is Titan Apps related to NetID?

Currently services such as D2L and TitanFiles use your email username and password to log in. Since email and the email password will be only be stored by Google, the email password can no longer be used for these on-campus services. We are moving these services to use NetID, which is the system currently used to log in to the computers on campus including the computer labs. Watch for emails and notices on the login screens of services currently using the email password for transition times.

Can I sign in to Google services such as Blogger, YouTube and iGoogle using my Titan Apps account?

The contract between UW Oshkosh and Google provides only the core Google Apps services: Email, Calendar, Docs/Drive, and Contacts, Chat and Tasks.  In the future we may be adding Sites and Groups.  Other services are not covered by the privacy guarantees in the contract and for this reason are disabled for accounts. You can, of course, create your own @gmail address if you wish to use these services for your personal use.

When will this new service be available?

We will be transitioning to TitanApps this summer, 2012.  We will continue to update this website as more information becomes available.

Why are there 'ads' or 'Web Clips' right above my inbox? How do I remove them?

This feature is supposed to be turned off by default. We have reported the problem to and are currently working with Google to find a solution. Once a solution has been found, all users will be informed.

To turn Web Clips off, navigate to Settings > Web Clips > Uncheck the box next to 'Show Web Clips above the inbox'.

by Heise, Brandon C. last modified Jul 11, 2012 07:54 AM