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Email & Calendar Clients

Learn which email software works with Google Apps and which email clients are supported by UW Oshkosh Academic Computing.
Take the Two-Week Gmail and Calendar Web Test-Drive
If you were previously an Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail/iCal user when we were using TitanMail, try Gmail and Calendar on the Web for two weeks. A recent poll of users showed that 70 percent of readers preferred to use Gmail on the Web, while only 19 percent preferred Outlook.

The Web versions of Google Mail and Calendar are excellent. They provide the best UW Oshkosh Google Apps experience. If you were previously an email/calendar client user when UW Oshkosh used the Sun/Java Communications suite (TitanMail), and used Outlook because the Web version of calendar or mail was lacking, we ask that you please give the Web versions of Gmail and Calendar a two to four week trial. 

Using the Web user interfaces is the best way to use Gmail and Calendar, giving you access to all the great features such as email archiving, IM, voice and video chat, labels, calendar layering, meeting invites, appointments, calendar sharing, and more.

If after trying Gmail and Google Calendar on the Web, you decide that you do want to use Outlook, Mac Mail or iCal, the UW Oshkosh Academic Computing Helpdesk does provide limited support to assist in syncing UW Oshkosh Google Apps Mail, Contacts and Calendar with the Windows and Mac email and calendar clients listed below.


What is Limited Support?

Limited support means that we will do our best to help you get sync working in the supported client applications listed below, but we will only spend what is deemed to be a reasonable amount of time, from a cost of business standpoint, trying to make it work if there are issues to resolve.


Please follow the Self-Service Sync Instructions below to get sync set up. Contact the ACS Helpdesk at (920) 424-3020 or if you run into issues.


Supported Windows Clients: Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010

Self-Service Instructions: MS Outlook 2007 and 2010

  1. Download and install GoogleAppsSync for MS Outlook
  2. After installing, login to the Google Apps Sync App using your full UW Oshkosh email address ( and password.
  3. Start Outlook, selecting your UW Oshkosh Google Apps email profile, instead of TitanMail. Email, contacts and calendar will automatically sync each time you use Outlook. It may take a significant amount of time to sync all of your mail, and only the most recent 1GB will be downloaded.


Supported Mac Clients: Mac Mail, Contacts and iCal


Self-Service Instructions: Mac Mail and iCal - Mac 0SX 10.7

PDF: Download Mac OS 10.7 Mail / iCal Setup Instructions

  1. Open System Preferences > select ‘Mail, Contacts & Calendars’ > select ‘Add Account...’ > select ‘Gmail’.
  2. In  ‘Full Name:’ enter your name as you wish it to appear .
  3. In ‘Email Address:’ Enter your full username including
  4. Enter your password in the ‘Password’ box and select ‘Set Up’.
  5. Select which applications you would like your TitanApps to sync with and click ‘Add Account’.
  6. Click ‘Continue’ when you see the error about Mail Server Discovery.
  7. MacMail should launch and you should begin to set up your account.
    1. Account Type: select 'IMAP'
    2. Title Description: type in ‘TitanApps’
    3. Incoming Mail Server: type in ‘’
    4. User Name: your FULL email username, including
    5. Password: type in your TitanApps password and click ‘Continue’.
    6. On the Outgoing Mail Server configuration page, in Description: type in ‘TitanApps’
    7. Outgoing Mail Server: type in ‘’
    8. Check ‘Use Authentication’.
    9. User Name: type in your FULL email username, including
    10. Enter your password and click ‘Continue’, then click 'Create'.


Self-Service Instructions: Mac Address Book - Mac OSX 10.7

  1. Open Address Book app > Go to Preferences > Then Accounts tab in Preferences.
  2. Check the box next to "Google", then click Configure button.
  3. Enter your full UW Oshkosh Google Apps email address ( and password.
  4. Click continue and sync should begin.


Use of any other email client than those listed cannot be supported by the Academic Computing staff, however you may configure other clients such as Thunderbird by following the 'Email through IMAP' instructions below.

Email through IMAP

If you would like to configure Titan Apps Mail for a non-supported email client software using an IMAP connection (syncs email only), please visit Google Support for step-by-step instructions.

by Brandon Heise last modified Jul 11, 2012 10:17 AM