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Calendar FAQ

Will my calendar be automatically copied over?

No, your calendar will not be automatically transfered.  We do recommend starting over, as attendees will not copy over as well as possible issues with recurring events.  If you still would like to copy over your calendar, see the following question.

How can I transfer my calendar?

We recommend starting fresh for your main calendar, however if you would like to copy your previous calendar to refer back to, it is possible to import your calendar as a secondary calendar. Your calendar data from the Sun TitanMail system to Titan Apps system cannot be automated, so you will need to export your calendar(s) in TitanMail and import them into Titan Apps mail by using the Calendar Migration tool and instructions located at

How can I set up my calendar to connect with Outlook or iCal?

Information on how to connect with a client can be found at the Email & Calendar Clients page.

What level of detail can other UW Oshkosh TitanApps users see on my calendar by default?

In order to provide the convenience of automatic meeting scheduling and availability search functions within Titan Apps calendar your free/busy information (for your primary calendar only) is shared to all TitanApps users by default.  Free/busy information sharing includes only your status of available or not. No event information, not even the event title is shared with all users by default. You may choose to grant specific users higher levels of sharing permissions by visting the 'Share this Calendar' page for your calendar. Please do not disable the global sharing of free/busy information as it will make it impossible for others to determine your availability and schedule meetings with you via the TitanApps calendar tools.

by Emily Al Bulushi last modified Jul 11, 2012 08:52 AM