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August 3, 2012: Titan Apps #9

Our move to TitanApps is complete!  All accounts have been moved.  Thank you for your patience through this transition.  I thank the staff who made it a smooth and positive upgrade in service for our campus, especially Dan Petersen.

“Unclaimed” department accounts were the last to be moved.  If you have a department account make sure to check on TitanMail for the temporary password so you can get it setup in TitanApps.  Remember if you want it forwarded to an individual account, you’ll need to reset that forward in TitanApps.

Conference room and computer lab calendars will all be moved by the end of the day.  These are primarily conference rooms in Dempsey, Sage, Student Success Center, Albee, and the Campus Services Center.  You can invite the room as you create events, if it is available, or you can subscribe to the calendar to see when it is available.  Reservations for Reeve Union are still handled through their website or by phone.

Now that all accounts are on TitanApps, there are still some steps we will need to take in the background as we move to shutdown the old TitanMail system by December.

The next step is for our servers to direct all Internet e-mail to that system instead of routing mail through the TitanMail server first. This requires no action on your part, but we wanted to let you know because it will mean a change to the way spam messages are handled. Our on-campus spam filter was set to block most spam outright and not even deliver it to your spam folder. Beginning August 8th, you may notice an increase in messages received to the TitanApps Spam label because this extra layer of scanning won’t be taking place.

If a spam email makes it your TitanApps Inbox, please use the “Report Spam” button (exclamation mark) located at the top of the Inbox and at the top of every email you open, to teach your TitanApps Spam filter what you consider to be Spam. You should also occasionally review the Spam label in your TitanApps account for email that gets placed there accidentally by the Spam filter. Use the “Not Spam”button to teach TitanApps to send those types of email to your Inbox. If you had previously been sending spam to the is-spam or not-spam email addresses, please discontinue doing so.

While the transfer is all done, the project is not done.  We will keep communicating with you every other week through the start of the Fall semester.  More information, including the training handouts can always be found at .  And starting Monday, August 6, you will have the option of contacting the Help Desk using the Chat feature in TitanApps.  We’re hoping it will be a quick way to answer those quick questions.

by Heise, Brandon C. last modified Aug 06, 2012 09:53 AM