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May 29, 2012: TitanApps #2

TitanApps email #2

We are beginning a project to transition from TitanMail to TitanApps, powered by Google. 

Why change?  You’ll get a ton of great new features, including 25GB of email storage, up to 25MB attachments, fast Google-powered search of all your mail and the ability to sync email and calendar to your choice of mobile device!

This project will run from now until mid-August.  The first step is for the IT staff to test our transition process with their own accounts.  The second step is to migrate a cross-section of campus early adopters.  The final step is to transition the rest of campus.

Don’t worry: Your email address will remain the same address that you’ve always used.  All of your data will transfer to the new system.  And, you can still use a client, if you feel you really have to.

Watch for regular, weekly email updates from this address. And check out frequently for more information.

TitanApps Migration Team

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