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May 22, 2012: TitanApps #1

TitanApps Email #1

If you haven't already heard, we're switching from TitanMail (powered by Sun) to  TitanApps (powered by Google).

TitanApps will provide email, contacts, calendar, Google Docs(aka Drive)!


  1. Your email address will not change.
  2. ALL of your email will be transferred to the new system for you (though you could help us out by deleting what you don't really need).
  3. ALL of your contacts will be transferred, including groups.
  4. We will provide instructions for importing your calendar.


General Project Schedule


  1. Core IT testers - IT staff willing to jump in first - starting May 15
  2. TitanApp Tutors - volunteers willing to learn and help their unit learn - June 4
  3. Early Adopters - individuals and units selected to help us test a wide range of functionality - June 11
  4. Students - starting July 1
  5. Employees - starting July 15 - we'll do this by unit so we can provide focused assistance during the transition
  6. Alumni - to be determined


Watch for regular, weekly email updates from the Titan Apps team.  Also check out for the latest information. 

Please send questions, comments, compliments to

Brandon Heise and Laura Knaapen
Co-Chairs of the TitanApps Team

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