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June 22, 2012: TitanApps #5

If you’ve missed our previous emails, please be aware that UW Oshkosh is changing email services this summer from TitanMail (Sun) to TitanApps (powered by Google). Early this week ALL STUDENTS should have received an email with their initial, temporary password for their new Titan Apps email account.

If you are a Summer Session instructor, it’s important that you are aware that as of today less than 20% of registered Summer Session students have completed their initial login to Titan Apps. We will be migrating email for all students beginning Monday 6/25. Once their email is transferred to TitanApps, new mail will be delivered there instead of their old TitanMail account. If they have not logged in to the new account, they will not see the new email.

If you are a Student Service office, also be aware that the migration of all student email will take place from June 25 to July 13. Students will be able to continue to send messages from TitanMail after their email/contacts are transferred, but they will not receive new messages at TitanMail.

We are asking that you help remind students in your class or appointments to check their current TitanMail account for their initial, temporary Titan Apps password, and complete their first login so that on the day their account moves to Titan Apps that they will not ‘miss’ any emails.

If you have questions, please check, email or call the Academic Computing Helpdesk at (920) 424-3020 and tell them you need help with Titan Apps or Google Apps.

by Petersen, Dan J. last modified Jul 06, 2012 01:36 PM