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July 25, 2012: Titan Apps #8

Students all done! Employees 60% done! We have two more weeks of department moves to complete this project.  

For those who used TitanMail to look at the Student Computer lab schedule or reserve breakout rooms in Sage or conference rooms in Dempsey, we will beexporting those room calendars from TitanMail and importing them into TitanApps between August 1 and August 3.

The TitanApps Calendar is a great time saver for campus offices! It makes it easy to keep track of your own schedule. It has the power to display several calendars all at once. It keeps your appointments private while still providing enough information to help you schedule a meeting with your whole department and avoid conflicts with everyone’s schedule. Of course, it can only do that if EVERYONE in your DEPARTMENT is USING the CALENDAR!

I know there are other web tools, Doodle and such, to help people pick a date to meet, but they are time consuming to set up and require double entry for those of us who do use the TitanApps calendar. Please give the calendar a try. It is easy to use, colorful, and mobile. Just create the event, add the participants by typing just a few letters of their names, and then click on the Find Times tab to get a graphic view of when all of you are available.  

If you would like some basic training on Titanapps you can register for classes at .

Thanks to all of you for your patience during this transition. My thanks to the Go-Google team, especially Michelle Loker our lead trainer, Eddie Dwyer and Liz Bannenberg our assistant trainers and main source for support and assistance.  While we will keep the go-google email account active, we have been training our Help Desk crew on TitanApps support and believe they are ready to take over. So if you need assistance, please dial 424-3020 or email

You can get more information and the latest updates at .  


This message is sent on behalf of the UW Oshkosh Titan Apps migration team. For any questions please visit or contact us at

by Heise, Brandon C. last modified Jul 25, 2012 09:04 AM