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August 22, 2012: TitanApps #10

Only two more weeks before the start of the semester.  For those who may have missed our training sessions earlier this summer, we are offering the TitanApps beginner course again next week:

Tuesday, 8/28, 2pm - 4pm, Clow Lab
Friday, 8/31, 9am - 11am, Sage Lab

Some mail and label/folder reminders.  Only ONE (1) copy of each message is actually stored in your mailbox.  You can label it several different ways to help you organize and find it later, though searching is usually the easiest way to find messages.

Because Google only stores ONE (1) copy of each message, if you cc: yourself or send to a list that you are on, you won’t receive another copy in your inbox.  If you are using Outlook you can use “copy to folder” but there is still only ONE (1) message saved and deleting it deletes the only copy of that message.  See for more information on working with message in Outlook.

While not part of TitanApps we wanted to remind you that all campus wireless service will be switching to NetID.  To do this we’ve had to create different network names.  Instead of WOOSH, you’ll see TitanWiFi.  Right now both sets of wireless network names are available, but next week we expect WOOSH will go away.  If you’d like assistance with this or any TitanApps questions, please contact the Help Desk at or 920-424-3020.

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