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Thr 402 Senior Project Acting

THTR 402

Senior Project - Acting

OBJECTIVE:  This project is to serve as a culmination of all the training the student has received in their performance education at UW Oshkosh.


The student shall select, rehearse and perform four monologues.

  • Two of the monologues will be chosen from the classical period (with at least one being Shakespeare);
  • Two of the monologues will be chosen from the contemporary period, 1920 to present.

The student will meet with the instructor on an as need basis to review the status of assignments.  The student will rehearse monologues at the minimum, 4 times.  The instructor needs to have worked with the student on each of the four monologues at least once well in advance of the final performance date.  These monologues should be prepared as if for a regional theatre auditon.

At the time of performance:

  • The student will present an 8xl0 color head shot, and a resume.
  • The student will conduct him/herself with proper decorum of a professional audition.
  • The student will be appropriately dressed for a professional audition.
  • The student will also turn in a 5-10 page character analysis of one of the characters chosen for audition.
  • Before the student leaves the final, she/he needs to complete an outgoing student theatre department assessment sheet in order to receive the final grade for the project.

The acting students will receive a criteria sheet that includes all the acting skills that are expected to be addressed in this final performance/audition.

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