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Thr 168 Theatre Partic- Publicity and Management




"For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them."


Text: Assigned Readings, as may be applicable

Semester: Fall 2015

Dates & Times:          Theatre Production Run Dates, Trainings, Assignments, and Meetings

Instructor:                 John Zarbano BA MA JD


Office and Telephone: ACW 103

Office Hours:                        By Appointment


Course Description:

Participation in house management and publicity for the department sponsored productions.


Course Credit and Objective: This 1-credit course is designed to give the student practical experience in the “Front of House and Management” workings of the theatre


Course General Rules:

This syllabus has been prepared for informational purposes only.  None of the statements, objectives, schedules, assignments, or rules contained in this syllabus constitutes a contract, expressed or implied.  This syllabus may be modified at the sole discretion of the instructor, unilaterally, at any time, with or without notice. All students must perform their respective responsibilities in proper attire with punctuality, initiative, and proper attitude.

Special Needs: If a student has any special needs that require accommodations to assist or enhance the student’s ability to learn, please contact the instructor to discuss reasonable accommodations to address the special needs.


Course Requirements

Students are assessed on approximately thirty (30) hours of participation. Students will attend training sessions and other meetings during the semester. Training sessions are scheduled before the first two performance of the first production at 6:00 pm. If not scheduled to work that particular performance, a student may leave after training.  Dates and times of other meetings will be announced.  The theatre productions and their respective run dates for this semester are as follows:

Our Town                                                         These Shining Lives
October 15 – 18                                                           November 19 – 22


Course Assessment

Students are assessed on an inverse grading scale, which means that each student starts with an “A” in this course. Throughout the semester, each student’s performance will determine the final grade.  The grading scale is based upon: 1) thirty (30) hours of participation for which students must keep track of their hours of participation; 2) punctuality and proper attire; and 3) attitude and initiative.


Attendance at scheduled participations is mandatory. If a student is unable to attend a scheduled participation, he or she is allowed 1-time privilege for the course to provide a substitute student.


Keeping track of time means that students must record their time expended on a particular assignment, task, or attendance. For theatre productions, students must login their arrival and departure times on the provided timesheets. Punctuality means that, for any required attendance, any unexcused tardiness of ten minutes or more or any unexcused departure in any amount of time constitutes a failure to timely appear.

Proper attire means adherence to the dress code. The dress code is: 1) for men, a white dress shirt and black slacks; and 2) for women, a white dress shirt or white dress blouse and black slacks or a black skirt. Substitutions to the dress code will be allowed only upon the instructor’s prior consent.


Improper attitude includes but is not limited to a failure to follow instructions and the use of any electronic media (cell phones, laptops, etc.). Any unauthorized cell phone use during any theatre production is prohibited and subject to penalty. Being asked to leave a particular participation for inappropriate attire and/or improper attitude constitutes an unexcused absence.


Penalties will be assessed as follows:


1)         For any unexcused failure to timely appear or any unexcused absence or unauthorized cell phone use occurring prior to the semester drop date, an “A” will become a “B.”  Prior to the semester drop date, two unexcused absences, two unexcused failures to timely appear, or a combination thereof, result in a mandatory drop from this class.


2)         Subsequent to the semester drop date, a drop in grade in accord with the following schedule:


Upon the first unexcused failure to timely appear, an “A” will become a “B“.

Upon the second unexcused failure to timely appear, a “B” will become a “C“.

Upon the third unexcused failure to timely appear, a “C” will become a “D“.

Upon the fourth unexcused failure to timely appear, a “D” will become an “F“.

The above schedule of penalties applies to any unauthorized cell phone use.


Upon the first unexcused absence, an “A” will become a “C“.

Upon the second unexcused absence, a “C” will become an “F”.


3)         These penalties are cumulative throughout the semester. For example, one unexcused failure to timely appear occurring prior to the semester drop date plus one unexcused absence subsequent to the semester drop date will result in a “D” for the course.


I understand the above Course Requirements and Course Assessment and I will comply with them.

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