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Shop Safety Rules

The following should be considered as guidelines for working in the Theatre Shop areas. They have been written and are enforced for your safety and as such should followed at all times. If you have any questions regarding the safe operation of any tool or method of construction, please feel free to ask the faculty or staff.

You are responsible to know and understand all of the following:


Proper Attire

All persons working in the shops shall be properly attired. This includes long pants and close-toe shoes. Hard-sole shoes should be worn if possible since gym shoes do not afford sufficient sole and toe protection. At no time will anyone wearing a dress, shorts or sandals be allowed to work in the shop areas as none of these garments give sufficient protection to the wearer. Also, long hair is to be tied back to avoid any chance of getting it caught in moving machinery.

Dangling necklaces or large rings, long loose scarves or loose sleeves should not be worn in the shop as they may become entangled in moving machinery.


Eye Protection

The Scene Shop is an eye protection area and safety glasses are required whenever entering this space. In general, when operating any power tool, safety glasses are to be worn. Also when participating in any amount of abrasive sanding or spray painting, respirators are also to be used in addition to safety glasses. Ear protection is available to all students and staff in the shop area at all times. It is up to the student or staff member to determine when the protection is necessary.


Clean and Organized Work Area

Every attempt should be made to keep your work area clean and organized. This means periodically sweeping up excessive waste and returning unnecessary tools to their proper places.

There is to be NO SMOKING IN THE SHOP AREAS. No soft drinks or food are permitted in the shop areas.


No Drugs or Alcohol

No person shall work in the shops while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Prescribed drugs which could cause drowsiness, lightheadedness or disorientation should also not be used. Any student using such prescribed medications should notify the faculty and staff in charge. Any person removed from the shops for the above reason shall not be allowed to return unless authorized by the faculty.


Use of Power Tools and Equipment

At no time shall any student operate or attempt to operate any of the following pieces of equipment without permission of the staff.

  Table saw
  Radial arm saw
  Circular saw
  Band saw
  Sabre saw
  Drill press
  Any pneumatic power tool

Before operating any power tools, make sure all allen wrenches, chuck keys or other foreign materials are clear of the machine’s work area.

Always make sure that all power tools are turned off and the electrical power disconnected before leaving the machine. Never leave an unattended machine running, even for “one second.”

Always unplug or disconnect from power all power tools before changing blades, bits or attachments.


Report Any Problem

Any time that you have a problem with any tool or machine, bring it to the attention of the staff so they may assist you. Never attempt to repair or adjust any machines. If a machine or tool is accidentally damaged, bring it to the attention of the staff. Please do not try to hide or cover up any damages.


Ask Any Questions

There is no such thing as a dumb question, only dumb mistakes and injuries.

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