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Here are a few policies to review before taking your test:  

  • We are located in the lower level of Polk Library, Room 2.
  • All personal belongings including coats, jackets, hats, purses, study materials, backpacks, watches, wristbands and electronic devices will be stored in the hallway lockers and remain secure during your test.
  • Valid Photo ID (Titan Card, Driver’s License, government issued photo ID, or institution issued photo ID) is required for all tests. No exceptions.
  • Tests will not be handed out within one hour of closing time.
  • All test materials must be returned to the Test Administrator upon test completion.
  • No hats or head coverings are allowed in the testing room with the exception of religious headwear or headwear due to medical reasons.
  • Smoking, use of tobacco, eating, drinking liquids and gum chewing are not allowed in the testing room.
  • For the safety and comfort of our students, shoes must remain on and feet must remain on the floor during testing. 
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones, iPods and pagers must be turned off and placed in the secure  hallway lockers.
  • Cheating-suspected incidents will be managed in accordance with the UW Oshkosh Disciplinary Code.
  • Electronic Security-related equipment and visual observation may be used throughout the testing rooms to ensure fairness to all examinees.

To take a classroom or makeup test:

  1. Go to Polk Library Room 2.
  2. Read the hallway exam announcement board above the table.  Cards are placed in alphabetical order by instructor’s last name.
  3. Know your Instructor’s name and Course # of exam.
  4. Have ID ready to show the Test Administrator.
  5. Place all personal belongings in a locker after receiving your locker key from Test Administrator.
  6. Test Administrator will administer the test as directed by the instructor.
  7. Turn in all test related items when finished, take any items you put in a locker as you leave.
  8. Return key to Test Administrator.

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Polk Library, Lower Level - Room 4
801 Elmwood Avenue, Oshkosh, WI 54901

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