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Akindi equips instructors to create multiple choice assessments in minutes, that students can complete in a variety of settings.

Here are helpful links to help you get started on Akindi:


FAQ: As an instructor, am I going to need any tools to help me with Akindi? 

  • Akindi is built into Canvas, so it’s already set up for your classes.  All you will need is a printer, to print out the answer sheets, and a scanner, to scan in your students’ completed answer sheets to be graded.  You don’t need a personal printer or scanner — the ones in your department or college will work!

Ready to get started?  Watch the training video below!

Now that you are familiar with Akindi, here is the training video to help you get started!


Want a shorter version?  Check out the Spotlight on Akindi session through CETL: https://www.uwosh.edu/cetl/akindi/

Sample Data Screenshots 

To see a data analysis of your exam, please click on the Graphs Tab, highlighted in Orange here:

The first tab on the left side is Student Marks (or grades).  All of your students are listed across the bottom, with their percentile grade in descending order.

The second tab on the left side is Grade Distribution.  This quickly tells you how your students’ grades are distributed across the percentiles.

The third tab on the left is the Answer Breakdown.  Click on the question number that you want to analyze at the bottom of the graph.  On the right, it will give you the breakdown of the question — how many students chose each answer.

Finally, we have the Point Biseral. This graph can alert instructors to questions that may be problematic or have an unusually high number of incorrect responses.

Next, if you click to the right of the graph tab, you have the word “Responses.”  Clicking here will show you an in-depth view of each student’s performance.

For more information, please click on this help article:  https://help.akindi.com/en/articles/990248-analyzing-the-results

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