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Distribution Reports

You will receive two standard score distribution reports – a Score Distribution Percentile Report and Score Distribution Histogram Report. This report provides an analysis of how student scores are distributed for the current test. It combines all versions of the test. In this report, the relationship of percentages to points is illustrated, which is helpful when deciding percentage cut-offs to use for grade criteria.

The Score Distribution Percentile Report lists each raw score that occurs on the test and the percentage of possible points it represents. It reports the number of students (frequency) achieving that score, and what percent of the class they represent. The report also calculates a cumulative percentage and a percentile. The percentile reported is the percentage of tests scores that are less than the score listed.

The Histogram Report allows you to view data graphically. Scores are converted to a percentage (the horizontal axis) and the frequency (number of students) is plotted on the vertical axis. This graph provides an easy to understand visual of student standing relative to other students taking the test.



View sample distribution reports:

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