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You will receive two standard roster reports. One report will list student ID numbers and scores only. The second report includes the student name, in addition to the student ID number and score, and is for your use only.

You will receive a roster report for each exam submitted for scoring and on that roster you will receive scores for your current exam, in addition to scores for previous exams scored. At the end of the semester or course period, you will receive a roster with scores from each test scored and a total column with the cumulative total score. If you fill out the grading criteria section on the Test Scoring Work Request, at the end of the semester your roster will include not only the total score, but a grade as well. Each score column will list the total possible points (from the answer key) at the top of the column.

Student ID rosters are sorted by ID, while the roster with student names is sorted alphabetically by last name.

Roster scores can be reported as actual (raw), percent, or as T-scores. You should check one or more of the bubbles in number 5 on the Test Scoring Work Request form to indicate how you want your scores reported.



See sample Roster Reports:

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