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Class Response

This report is a valuable tool when the student questions the accuracy of his or her exam score.

The Class Response Report provides a printout of student test responses sorted by student ID number. The Response Description box lists the following:

  • A dash (-) for a correct response
  • A pound sign (#) when the scanner reads more than one response
  • A space indicates no response was given
  • A letter of the alphabet indicates the student’s incorrect response
  • An asterisk (*) indicates a bonus test item


Students who do not fill in their bubbles dark enough on the scan form may receive an inaccurate score because the scanner could not read the response (resulting in a space, indicating no response). This is why it is important for the student to press firmly when bubbling in their answers. Or if a student does not erase properly and bubbles in a different answer for that question, it may be picked up as two responses to that question and will show up as “multiple marks” on the report.

Below the Response Description box is the key box, listing test item number and the answer for each.

The Exam # column will provide you with essay points for each student, when essay points are recorded in the instructor use column on the blue scan form or in the exam number column on the green scan form.



See the sample class response report here.

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