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Test Administration

Reserve Options

  • Call Ruth Picknell at (920) 424-0073 or stop in at Polk Room 3 during hours of operation. (Polk Room 3)
  • Email:


Self Service

  • Complete all fields of the cream Test Reservation and Administration Card. Forms may also be found at the drop box locations across campus or on the table in the hallway near Polk Room 4D. Note: All exams must have an "estimated length of test" and "student time limit".
  • During normal business hours, please drop card and exams off at Polk Room 3. After normal business hours, please drop into the drop box in the hallway near Polk 4D.


Test Preparation

  • A student cover sheet and student cover sheet 2 (use for saving to your drive) giving each student your detailed testing instructions must be stapled to the top of each test. Student cover sheet forms are available from Testing Services at the self-service desk or by calling (920) 424-0073. They are also located at each drop box site on campus.
  • Scratch paper is provided by Testing Services.
  • Blue Books are provided by Testing Services.
  • Answer Sheets will not be provided by Testing Services. Please insert answer sheet in each exam before bring to Testing Services.
  • Tests must be received in Testing Services no later than noon the day preceding the first day of the test.
  • If you need supplemental information for your test please attach to the back of the test booklet.


During Test Administration

  • If you need to add or pick up a few tests, you are able to do that by going to Polk Room 3.


Following Test Administration

  • Tests are returned according to your instructions given on the Test Reservation and Administration Card. If you opted for "pick up," your tests will be processed and ready at Polk Room 3 by noon on the day following the last day of the test.
  • Tests to be electronically scored at Testing Services will automatically be transferred within the department to the test scoring area. Answer sheets are returned according to your instructions on the Test Scoring Form.
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