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Climate change skepticism

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Climate change skepticism takes many forms today. There are those who attribute perceived climate changes to natural cycles, and those who deny its very existence. Many argue that there is mounting evidence that climate change is a hoax, or that it has been overblown, or is a liberal/neoliberal concept that has been used to dictate certain elements of society.

While there is often varying levels of truth to any accusation, the vast majority of respected and credentialed scientists and scholars, who spend their life studying the topic, have been in consensus of man-made climate change for decades now.

The following articles are specifically dedicated to the debunking of so-called climate skeptics. As it is important to decry the flagrant irresponsibility of those who ignore the science telling us we are socially traveling headlong into a perilous future. To not only ignore, but object to the credibility of the warnings, epitomizes a culture in decline.

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