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Join a Student Organization

Many groups and clubs are funded through student fees. You pay for them, so why not use them? Get involved today! If you are interested in influencing decisions or events on campus, try one of these organizations:

Oshkosh Student Association
OSA, the main student government organization at UW Oshkosh, makes big decisions. This organization supports the Campus Sustainability Plan as well as their own initiatives.


All students living in residence halls at UWO are members of USRH; however, the USRH legislature is the governing body that sets policies and oversees almost all happenings that concern residence life and sustainability initiatives.

Campus Sustainability Council

UWO students, faculty and staff make up the Campus Sustainability Council, whose purpose is to advise the administration and the director of sustainability. There are several student openings each year, as well as representatives appointed by OSA and USRH.

Food Committee

Students and staff of the Food Committee work together to set policies for campus dining, which is full of sustainability issues including: health, local farms, energy, water, trade, environment, and forest and animal welfare.

Earth Charter Community Summit

    The Summit is a week of events linked to the Earth Charter document that guides UW Oshkosh sustainability efforts and are meant to provide a bridge to the Oshkosh Community. Some planning starts in spring semester, but a planning committee forms in early summer and works through to the fall events. For more information, contact the Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformations at:

    Earth Week Planning Committee
    Earth Week is an extension of Earth Day, a celebration of action for the environment. The Earth Week Planning Committee organizes the spring events and usually starts working during the fall semester. For more information, contact the Sustainability Office at:

    Reeve Advisory Council
    The purpose of RAC is to provide a model of leadership and serve as an effective medium of communication for both RUB and RAC. RAC represents the organization on issues and activities that affect Reeve Memorial Union. We serve as a resource to the Reeve Memorial Union Director and provide advice based on the appointee's respective constituencies and the best interests to Reeve Memorial Union.
    Reeve Union Board
    Reeve Union Board is a student-run organization that provides quality programming while entertaining and appealing to a wide campus audience. Working with funds from students, RUB organizes and executes large events including homecoming, major concerts and comedians, movies and other special events. With five committees, it's easy to select and get involved in each specific area of interest. RUB operates as more than just a group of students, but as a resource for other students to grow, lead and have fun!
    United Students in Residence Halls
    USRH is the official voice for residents on the UW Oshkosh campus. Working closely with Residence Life, USRH examines and contributes to writing residence halls'' policies. Similarly, we have a fund that provides programming for all residence halls. Committees include: Constitution, Foods, Programs, Leadership Development, Safety and Security, and Hall Funds. We attend and represent residents'' interests at many campus-wide meetings, such as Campus Sustainability Council and AODA Task Force.

    If you are interested in science check out these groups:

    Biology & Microbiology Club

    The Biology/Microbiology Club is a welcoming organization that seeks to inform the student body about the field of biology. The biology field is diverse and dynamic, ranging from ecology to microbiology; emphasizing the understanding the environment, interaction of living organisms in the environment, and their possible implication to the human population. Going beyond the understanding of organisms and environment is the interaction of students with the professionals that currently in the field of biology. To gain insight in the field of biology from experienced personals will also aide the students in deciding their future career goals, which could range form academia to professional careers.

    Chemistry Club

    The Chemistry Club exists to provide professional development experience as well as a community uncharacteristic of a typical undergraduate experience. We act as a conduit to facilitate greater interaction among students and faculty, contributing to a more fulfilling experience.  Students are able to partake in a myriad of possibilities such as excursions to field related locations, club sponsored social activities, and community outreach projects.  Members are encouraged to enter into executive positions to develop their leadership skills and provide valuable feedback in order to mold the club into a stronger entity.  Dedication and motivation are requisite for members to gain the most from this organization. All are welcome to participate.

    Geography Club

    The Geography Club is a student led organization whose main focus is to promote awareness of the various Geography disciplines and other Social Sciences. Members will have opportunities to engage in research, field trips, various science conferences, social events and other activities. The Geography Club provides opportunities for students to engage with other students as well as faculty. Our main goal is to promote a fun friendly atmosphere for all students to engage and explore the realm of geography. The Geography Club is open to all students and community who are interested in Geography and other Social Sciences.

    Geology Club

    The purpose of the Geology Club include, but are not limited to: getting to know the faculty and other geology students, fundraising, presentations by professional geologists (about 5 times a semester) who speak about their research and results. The goal is to give geology majors and other students a feel for the types of careers and projects that might be associated with geology.

    UWO GIS Club

    The mission of the GIS Club is to educate the entire community about geographic information systems and their purpose, to provide opportunities/activities for the members to exercise and increase their GIS skills and knowledge, and create potential for future employment in GIS and related fields through professional networking.

    Wildlife Conservation Club (WCC)

    The Wildlife Conservation Club aims to educate its members on Wisconsin's native wildlife by collaborating with organizations like Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources, to implement hands-on experience to those interested in wildlife management.

    If you are interested in social justice and the impact of strong, diverse and sustainable communities then these organizations might interest you:

    Anthropology Club

    The Anthropology Club's goal is to enhance the college experience of all UW Oshkosh students, along with members of the community. Its objectives are to provide people with an anthropological, multicultural view of the world; enhance and develop student's communication and leadership skills; promote professor-student relationships; and provide out of classroom experiences for students.

    Asian Student Association

    Asian Student Association (ASA) promotes cultural awareness within a social and academic context through a variety of Asian networks. We offer and participate in educational, social and cultural events/activities throughout the year and coordinate Asian Heritage Month (month of April). Our goal is to create a welcoming and engaging environment for new and returning students so they can prosper, grow and learn. All are welcome to join!

    Black Student Union

    The purpose of the Black Student Union (BSU) is to create a positive African American voice on campus and in the community. BSU focuses on the educational advancement of all students, while encouraging cultural awareness, current issues, leadership development, and building a strong alliance with organizations and resources on campus.BSU addresses the advancement of students through cultural, educational, and civic activities. BSU develops and encourages students to participate in all events to develop students sense of ownership, worth and belongingness to the organization.The overall goal of BSU is to strengthen and motivate one another through cultural and academic activities.

    International Justice Mission

    IJM focuses on labor trafficking, sexual exploitation, children soldiers and other practices of oppression. Therefore, our mission is to bring awareness to different injustices that are happening in Oshkosh, in the U.S and around the world.

    International Student Association

    ISA represents students from different nations and cultural backgrounds. As an organization, we focus on the educational, cultural, and social aspects of University life in order to serve as a liaison between the International and American students.

    LGBTQ Resource Center

    The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh LGBTQ Resource Center is constantly working to create awareness across campus and our community by identifying and responding to the concerns and needs of LGBTQ students, staff, faculty and allies.

    Rainbow Alliance of Hope

    Rainbow Alliance for H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Perceive Equality) has been a recognized student group at UW-Oshkosh since 1998. Rainbow Alliance for HOPE is an educational and support organization for the Gender and Sexuality Minority and Ally (GSMA/LGBTQA) community. Each year we host events for Coming OUT week, World AIDS Day, Transgender Awareness Day, National Day of Silence, Bisexual, Lesbian, Gay Awareness Days Rainbow Week and many other events.

    The Sisterhood

    The Sisterhood is a student-focused organization that is dedicated to outreach and empowerment of young women on campus, including providing programming that addresses the intersection of race and gender for women.  Members of the organization are offered guidance to help enhance motivation, build confidence and maintain determination when planning future goals. The Sisterhood focuses on educational advancement and encourages leadership development as well as involvement in issues concerning political and domestic affairs. The Sisterhood is building strong alliances with other organizations on campus and in the surrounding communities. The Sisterhood offers its’ members an inclusive and welcoming environment for personal growth and celebration.  

    Titan Volunteers

    Titan Volunteers plans service events around the community for students to participate in. The events are open to all members of the organization. There is no cost to join, and you are guaranteed to have a good time.

    UW Oshkosh Collegiate 4H Club

    The purpose to exist as a Collegiate 4-H Group is to bring a dimension of community service, volunteerism, and leadership to the UW-Oshkosh campus to involve students interested in 4-H. As an extension of 4-H as a youth development organization, Collegiate 4-H will offer various involvements to its members at the campus, community, and county-wide levels in an assortment of activities and services.

    UWO Campus Cleanup Club

    The Campus Cleanup Club welcomes any Oshkosh student who wants to keep their nieghborhood clean and who is ready to make a real difference while only sacrificing an hour from 4 Sundays out of the year.  

    Women's Advocacy Council

    Our goal is to incite UWO students, staff, and faculty to become politically and socially active in creating gender equity and empowering women. In order to accomplish this goal, we work to:-Raise awareness of impediments to gender equality.-Collaborate with other UWO organizations to promote attitudes and policies that empower women.-Provide an atmosphere where individuals seeking gender equity can interact, discuss current events, and plan social and political events.

    Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter (Habitat for Humanity)

    We work through the local Oshkosh affiliate and help them build houses and help to fight poverty and housing for the families.

    Inter-Tribal Student Organization (ITSO)

    Our objectives are to act as an advocate for an Indigenous Studies Program at UW-Oshkosh; to act as an advocacy group for Native American issues and concerns; to coordinate efforts to work jointly with other student organizations and academic departments in special events; to recruit and retain Native American students for UW-Oshkosh; and to have fun!

    Social Justice Club (SJ Club, SJC)

    The purpose of this club is to analyze and investigate various forms of oppression including, but not limited to, sexism, racism, homophobia, and religious oppression that are occurring both on campus and in the community. In addition to discussing these topics, we also host events on campus to raise awareness of important issues and volunteer in the community to fight for equality and justice in the Oshkosh area. While Social Justice Minors are especially encouraged to join, membership is open to any interested campus or community members.

    Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC)

    SEAC is dedicated to working towards social and environmental justice through passive and active education to the campus and community. We believe that everyone acting locally will have a positive sustainable impact in a global perspective. Small Steps, no footprints.  Change the Climate Campaign is one sector of SEAC that focuses solely on the climate crisis. 

    UWO Community Gardens

    If you are interested in gardening, pollinators, food security, and/or a more sustainable lifestyle we would love to have you join us at the Gardens! You don't have to be a master gardener. In fact most of us are novices. We are learning together and helping each other out. Even if you don't live in Oshkosh over the summer we have plenty of activities you may be interested in over the course of the fall and spring semesters.

    UWO Titan Fishing Club

    This is an organization that encourages and recognizes the love for the outdoors with an emphasis on fishing. Members will be able to learn and talk about fishing techniques and tips of many species of fish. Members also experience the recreational and competitive side of fishing. This club hosts trips, events, speakers from the community to help aide in information.


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