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Congratulations on taking the first step towards planning an amazing study abroad experience. Here are few planning tips to keep you organized and on track:


  1. Attend a Study Abroad Fair! This event happens once per semester and is a great place to learn more about your options
  2. Read all the eligibility documentation before you start
  3. If you have questions, meet with a study abroad advisor by emailing to schedule an appointment or stop in Dempsey Hall room 202.
  4. Build your budget and check out financial aid and scholarship resources.
  5. Explore available programs 
  6. Apply for a passport. Even if you don’t study abroad it is helpful to have a passport, which is valid for 10 years. 
  7. Submit your application 



Study Abroad Office
Dempsey Hall, Room 202
  (920) 424-0775
  (920) 424-0185
Monday through Friday
7:45am - 4:30pm

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Students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0, be in good standing, and meet course prerequisites. Any campus disciplinary files will also be taken into consideration when determining eligibility. College specific group programs may have additional eligibility criteria.

Students must be in full standing, have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0, have a clean disciplinary record, and meet course prerequisites. Any campus disciplinary files will be taken into consideration when determining eligibility.

Fond du Lac | Fox Cities students

Students on the Fox Valley and Fond du Lac Campuses must meet the same eligibility requirements as students on the Oshkosh campus. 

Students from all three campuses must meet both program eligibility requirements and course pre-requisites. 

If you aren’t sure whether courses you have taken on your campus meet the pre-requisites for a course offered through study abroad, contact the department offering the study abroad course or the Office of International Education.

Exchange and Direct Enroll Programs

Students applying to an exchange or direct enroll program must have a minimum GPA of 2.5, be in good standing, and may come from any academic discipline.  In some cases, partners abroad will accept applicants with a slightly lower GPA. 

Students with a lower GPA should contact the OIE before applying. Students who will study in a global language must also meet proficiency requirements as listed in each program’s web guide. Any campus disciplinary files will also be taken into consideration when determining eligibility. 

I have a disciplinary record

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is committed to maintaining an academic and social environment which promotes the intellectual and personal development of students and the safety and welfare of all participants. The ability to participate depends on conduct both before leaving UW Oshkosh and while abroad/away. The UW Oshkosh OIE will check the disciplinary records of all applicants, including applicants from other campuses.  An applicant’s disciplinary file may affect the applicant’s ability to participate on a program.

I am on probation or suspension

Students on academic probation may be eligible to participate on an interim program during the semester of probation, but must have prior approval from the OIE Director.  Students on academic probation are not eligible to study abroad on a semester- or year-long program while on probation.

Students on disciplinary probation OR academic or disciplinary suspension are not eligible to study abroad/away. 

I have a criminal record

Having a criminal record may affect your ability to obtain permission to enter a foreign country or may affect the cost of obtaining such permission.  

A criminal record is more likely to have an effect when traveling to a country that requires permission to enter (in the form of a visa) in advance of travel.  

While it is less likely to have an effect if traveling to a country that does not require permission to enter (a visa) in advance of travel, immigration authorities at ports of entry worldwide make final decisions on who may/may not enter, and criminal records are, at times, considered.  

Anyone who has previously been denied a visa to enter any country should check with the OIE before planning to travel anywhere outside the U.S.  

I am not a UW Oshkosh Student

Students from other UW System schools may apply to any UW Oshkosh program, including exchange programs, but preference in selecting applicants will go to UW Oshkosh students through the application deadline. If seats are still available following the application deadline, these seats will be assigned to students from other UW System schools in the order in which they submitted completed applications.

Students from other universities and community members may apply to most group programs, but preference in selecting applicants will go to UW Oshkosh students through the application deadline. If seats are still available following the application deadline, these seats will be assigned to students from other universities and community members in the order in which they submitted completed applications.

Students applying through the National Student Exchange may apply to group programs without first spending a semester at UWO, and to most other programs only with prior study of at least one session at UWO.  Applications from NSE students will be considered at the time of application and seat assignments will be given in the order in which the OIE receives completed applications.  NSE applicants will not be wait-listed until the application deadline.

Get Started

We’re happy that you are considering applying for a study abroad experience. If you have any questions as you go through this process, please contact us at or by calling (920) 424-0775.


When researching study abroad programs, it is important to consider the goals you have for your time abroad. Our staff can help you prepare for studying abroad and provide resources and tools to assist you in identifying a program that aligns with your goals.


  • What do I want to accomplish academically while abroad?
  • What subject areas do I want to study?
  • Do I need to fulfill any academic requirements abroad?
  • Do I want to take classes in English or the language of my host country?


  • How might my experience abroad impact my career and professional development?
  • Can I gain experience abroad that will be useful for my resume and/or graduate school applications?
  • What skills can I develop abroad that are important to my intended field?


  • Why do I want to go abroad?
  • Are there historical or current events that may impact your experience?
  • Do you want to explore family history?


  • Do I want to take classes with local students in my host country?
  • Would I like to study abroad with a group of UWO students and/or a UWO faculty member/instructor?
  • How long do I want to go abroad? Spring break, winter break, summer? One semester, a full academic, or calendar year?
  • Do I want to complete an academic internship or fieldwork abroad?
  • Do I want to be in a classroom or have a field experience?


Most programs the seats are offered on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible students either until the program is full or until the application deadline, whichever occurs first.

Top applicants will be selected following the application deadline. Selected applicants will be notified and must make their first program payment on time in order to retain their seat. Applicants who are not selected will be refunded the application fee.

Consider earning the Global Scholar designation.  Review the criteria and seek advising BEFORE you study abroad.


All programs have at least two application deadlines, which often (but not always) fall one week apart.  Programs will have unique deadline dates but all deadlines are firm with no exceptions. 

Some programs have a third application deadline. 

Every August, tuition and fees, housing, meal and insurance fees are updated. 


What should I know about Study Abroad/Away courses?


  • For group programs,
    • Make an appointment to see your academic advisor or your faculty advisor.
    • Discuss the UW Oshkosh course options offered through the various programs that interest you.
    • UWO courses are listed program by program. You can access the list from our Explore & Choose page.
  • For all other programs,
    • review your STAR to determine which UWO courses you still need to take.  Then, make an appointment in the OIE to discuss program options that might meet your academic needs and the course selection process.
    • you can access the list of academic fields in which courses are offered through partners abroad from our Explore & Choose page.

Each program offers courses that may fulfill different sets of requirements at UWO.  You may be able to earn credit for general education or USP, Quest III, a major, a minor, an emphasis, University Honors, upper level, or credits needed to degree.

You may also be able to fulfill student teaching, global language, study abroad and/or global knowledge requirements (if your degree program requires this).

To see how a particular course may apply to your program, make an appointment to see your academic advisor or your faculty advisor.

No need to do this!  You will be registered in the appropriate course/s after you have been selected to participate and have completed the study abroad/away orientation. 



  • For group programs, there is no need to transfer courses.  You will be enrolled in your course/s at UWO while you are away.
  • For all other programs, instructions will be provided in the web guide for your program.


Consult with the UW Oshkosh Accessibility Center at least a few weeks prior to the study abroad application deadline.

If this isn’t possible, consult with the Accessibility Center as far in advance as possible or by the study abroad application deadline.

If you are a student on another campus, please consult your own accessibility services office first and then ask that office to contact the UW Oshkosh Accessibility Services office at (920) 424-3100 or email

Additional information on traveling with a disability is available from Mobility International U.S.A.