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Interested in new workouts, ways to manage your stress, and winning free money? UWO Student Health 101 is a free, online magazine for college students that encompasses those aspects and much, much more. Opt-in the receive notifications of new content every month; enhance your health through Student Health 101!

This month’s articles include:

  • Running for Beginners
  • Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin
  • The Unexpected Power of Volunteering
  • Healthy Napping Habits
  • Dangers of Artificial Sweeteners
  • The Physiology of Stress
  • Moscow Mule Mocktail
  • Ultimate Life Hack: How to make time work for you
  • Happy Spending: How to budget for a better you
  • Vaping: What we know so far and what we don’t
  • Being Stalked? 8 Ways to Help a Friend
  • Motivation Validation: Who and what are you here for?
  • Self-Care Quiz: How to avoid what’s going around