Segregated Fees

Segregated University Fees (SUF) are charges, in addition to instructional fees, assessed to all students for student services, activities, programs and facilities that support the mission of the University of Wisconsin System institutions.

2023-2024 Segregated Fees

The Segregated Fee amount for 2023-2024 is $1,405.70/year (Oshkosh campus), $545.02/year (Fond du Lac Campus), and $354.58 (Fox Cities Campus). Students are charged by semester based on the number of credits enrolled in. If students are not enrolled full-time, the segregated fee amount is pro-rated.

Segregated fees are not optional. The following amounts are applicable for Fall 2023, J Term 2024, Spring 2024, May Term 2024, and Summer 2024.

Breakdown of Fees - Oshkosh Campus

Organized Activities Allocable$91.36
Student Life$12.24
Sports Programming and Facilities$670.00
Reeve Union$381.26
UWO GO$7.88
University Health and Counseling$221.96
Municipal Services$21.00
Total per student/year$1,405.70

Breakdown of Fees - Fond du Lac Campus

Organized Activities$326.00
Student Life$198.02
Municipal Services$21.00
Total per student/year$545.02

Breakdown of Fees - Fox Cities Campus

Organized Activities$164.94
Student Life$168.64
Municipal Services$21.00
Total per student/year$354.58

The Allocations Committee is responsible for distributing funding to recognized student organizations at UW Oshkosh. View the complete list of recognized clubs/organizations/sports clubs.


Allocable vs. Non-Allocable

There are two categories of Segregated University Fees: allocable and non-allocable.


Allocable SUF are those SUF that provide substantial support for campus student activities and services and that are allocated by students, in consultation with the chancellor and subject to the final confirmation of the Board of Regents. The university group organized at UW Oshkosh for the purpose of engaging in the allocation process is the Allocations Committee. The Allocations Committee funds recognized student organizations, intramurals and departmental clubs.


Non-allocable SUF are those SUF that are used to support long-term commitments for fixed financial obligations, ongoing operating costs of university owned or controlled buildings and similar commitments for student unions, health centers, child care centers and recreational sports centers. Chancellors, following consultation with students, are responsible for the development of budgets and expenditures of non-allocable SUF. The university group organized at UW Oshkosh for the purpose of providing a proposed SUF funding level to the Chancellor is the Segregated Fee Committee.

The following units are funded by UW Oshkosh SUF:  Reeve Union, Oshkosh Sports Complex, Student Health Center, Intercollegiate Athletics, Student Recreation & Wellness Center and the Municipal Fee. The Allocations Committee also presents their overall budget to the Segregated Fee Committee.

UW System Policy

“The Office of Financial Administration has the primary responsibility for the fiscal integrity of the University of Wisconsin System. It is expected to provide a financial environment that is secure, encourages the accomplishment of academic missions, provides timely and accurate information, and assists all levels of management in making prudent financial decisions.” Read more

UW System Policy Website

Segregated Fee Committee

The Segregated Fee Committee is responsible for recommending the maximum level of assessment of segregated university fees. The committee consists of eight students — seven voting and one non-voting — appointed by the Oshkosh Student Association (OSA), two faculty appointed by the Faculty Senate, two academic staff appointed by the Senate of Academic Staff, two University Staff appointed by the University Staff Senate, and one committee advisor appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (non-voting).

Segregated Fee Committee Advisor: Thomas Wolf (

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