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Stories from Myanmar
Stop Motion Animation With Stop Motion Pro
Steve Jobs - Consciously Genius: Unauthorized Documentary
Spirit Lands: An American Desert Odyssey
Space science-- everyday astronauts
Nasa's Story Life and Death in Space
Space Age
Social networking :does it work at work?
SmartPros Computer Science Collection
Small Beautifully Moving Parts
Silicon Run Lite
The Brooklyn Bridge
The Great Ship
Seven principles for building successful businesses
SETI: Astronomy as a Contact Sport with Jill Tarter of The Center for SETI Research
Semantic technologies :enabling next-generation web advertising
Semantic intelligence :the enabler of mobile search and advertising
Seaplanes Cross the Oceans
Screening Room with Ricky Leacock
Screening Room with John Whitney Sr
Screening Room with Ed Emshwiller
Scar Wars
Scaling Up Excellence by Dr Robert I. Sutton
Rootkits :a growing security threat
Ripe for change
RFID in libraries
Responsible corporations? Google, Apple & News Corp
Resonance: Beings of Frequency
Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age
Contemporary Reel Women
Reef Reborn
Recycling technology-- waste not, want not
Dangers of Social Media
Putting customers first
Promotional Strategy for Small Business
Principles of cloud computing :perspectives on business, technology & cost
Planning Instruction (Succeeding As A Teacher)
Picture of Light
Petroapocalypse Now?
Perrin, Bhomer & Zilverberg
Peace in Our Pockets: Kenyans Using Technology to Promote Peace
Passion and Power
Overview of HIPAA: Privacy and Security Rules
Optical Sound Films Part 3
Optical Sound Films Part 1
Optical Sound Films 1971-2007
Operation Maneater
Of Viruses, Botnets, and Logic Bombs
Nuclear Nation
Making More Stuff Collection
Collection, Rise Of The Hackers
Cyberwar Threat
Negotiating agreements for software development and ERP projects
Nagashino: Taking Swords to a Gunfight—1575
N is for Nanotechnology
My Digital Life
Museum secrets Series 3
Movable Steel Bridges
Monitoring the Peace (Arms Control Inspectors)
Modern information systems - IT infrastructure
Mobile payments :trends and insights
Mobile application management :an introduction
Maximo Riera, Dejana Kabiljo & Jerome Eisenberg
Mass communications.Development communication & communication technology with Everett M. Rogers
Marloes Bhomer & Lukas & Krug 8
Marketing Strategy Case Studies: Tesco - Triumph and Tragedy
Managing Millennials by Alec Levenson
Management Reporting for Decision Making: Beyond ABC
Malawi's green revolution :seeking sustainability 1998-2015
Linotype: The Film
Leveraging Human Power-Construction Cranes
Learning Environment: Guidance and Discipline
Le Silence De La Foret (the Forest)
Kosher Gefilte-Film
Kodwo Eshun: An Interview
Koalas: The Bare Facts
John Dewey: An Introduction to His Life and Work
Jean Rouch-- biographical collection
Investment based budgeting :running IT like a business! : a case study report : Georgia St. U
Inventing a Truly Sustainable Auto Industry: Hugo Spowers
Introduction To IT controls for technologists
Introducing IoT: The Internet of Things
Interior lighting
7,Brompton Bicycle
Innovation through technology :the differentiators
ICT and Society: Technology Children
ICT and business :the great revolution
How to Play Chess: Lessons from an International Master
How Radar Reveals Storms
How Do You Protect Data in an Era of BYOD and Cybercrime?
How Did They Make That
Homo Erectus
Historic Site: A Sculptor's View
Harnessing Animal Power-Land Transportation