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Honey Bee Brains and Lavender Tassie Fires
Alien empire. War of the worlds Episode 6,
Saving the lifekeepers the new science of sustainable beekeeping
Wonderful world. Animal builders. Part 2
Expedition Borneo
David Attenborough's natural curiosities. Spinners and weavers Series 2, Episode 8,
Le papillon The butterfly
Local Bugs Pose Threat To Soldiers
Insect worlds. Making worlds Episode 2,
What's Killing Our Bees?
Barrie Machin's Greece. Beekeeping 1967 Episode 17,
What is an Insect?
The Performance Artist
Alien empire. Replicators Episode 2,
Insect worlds. Them and us Episode 1,
Attenborough's Natural Curiosities Episode 1 - Impossible Feats
More than honey
Wonderful world. Bugs. Part 2
Ant, ladybug, spider Animal science pt. 3
Skilled insect artisans
The Gateway Bug
Literacy and drama Primary framework 1
Facts about Insects
Alien empire. Voyagers Episode 4,
Animals and wildlife. Nature's miniatures. Part 2
Battlezone : Alien Empire
Pests of 1937
The life of mammals : Insect Hunters
Wonderful world. Bugs. Part 1
Horizon. What's killing our bees? Season 50, Episode 1,
Sam's Dare Why Are Bees Vanishing?
Alien empire. Metropolis Episode 5,
Mystery of the flesh eaters
Life. Insects Episode 6,
David Attenborough's natural curiosities. Magical appearances Series 2, Episode 10,
Food for thought
Making beehives
Domino onimod
War of the Worlds
Vanishing of the Bees
The edge of the wild - upholding the endangered species act
Animal predation : salamander vs. bugs
Alien empire. Battlezone Episode 3,
Peacock spider Catalyst Series 12, Episode 4, Part 4
Honey bee aerobatics
Insect Dissection How Insects Work
Insect worlds. The secret to their success Episode 3,
More than honey
Eating insects Catalyst Series 13, Episode 4, Part 2
Animals and wildlife. Nature's miniatures. Part 1
The life of mammals : a series of 10 episodes
Alien empire. Hardware Episode 1,
Armored knights
David Attenborough's natural curiosities. Seeing the pattern Series 1, Episode 5,