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The Finis Jhung ballet technique the center floor ballet warm-up
Finis Jhung interviews Joseph Michael Gatti
The Finis Jhung ballet technique the male ballet dancer
Finis Jhung interviews Isabella Boylston
The Finis Jhung ballet technique the power barre - essential exercises for strength and control
The Finis Jhung ballet technique. Intermediate centerwork on turns. Level 4
Finis Jhung talking with Saige Miller
The Finis Jhung ballet technique. Intermediate centerwork on turns & jumps. Level 5
The Finis Jhung ballet technique. Intermediate centerwork on jumps. Level 4
The Finis Jhung ballet technique. stretch, turn-out, & extension. All levels
The thinking dancer working at the barre
Basic ballet. Center class "C," turning connecting movements [and] Center class "D," turning jumps Volume 7,
The art of teaching with Finis Jhung
The thinking dancer dancing in the center
Extreme moves training method
Venous flow states of grace
Speaking of dance Mark Dendy
Dance Through time a Baroque dance portfolio
Get on your leg & dance!
The boy ballet dancer
Use your head & turn!
Non ti scordar di me
Pirouette class #1
Physical theater the Joe Goode Performance Group Alive & kicking program #95
STREB extreme action as dance Alive & kicking program #97
Laugh, Pagliacci!
Royal opera house Angela Gheorghiu recital
Amazon with Bruce Parry
The rings Finding the fallen, series 2 episode 6
Buried alive Finding the fallen, series 2 episode 5
Codename tank Finding the fallen, series 2 episode 4
Secret trench Finding the fallen, series 2 episode 3
Man and horse Finding the fallen, series 2 episode 2
Inside Afghanistan
The black tulip
Ray Mears goes walkabout. Desert
The language of the seeds
Tap dance history from vaudeville to film
Use your arms & dance!
Christopher Wheeldon on Morphoses
Christopher Wheeldon becoming a choreographer
Dance on. Charles 'Honi' Coles
Christopher Wheeldon it began with a vacuum
William Wingfield combining the concert and commercial career
William Wingfield approaching dance as an artist
Andrea Schermoly life at N.D.T
Andrea Schermoly a dancer's perspective on performing in the U.S. vs. Europe
Wendy Whalen life at New York City after Balanchine
Prince Credell comparing choreography - King and Kylian
Safi Thomas the history and structure of hip hop
David Hallberg a classical ballet dancer's admiration for the avant garde
Tiler Peck from competitions and Broadway to New York City Ballet
Muriel Maffre introspection, intelligence and adaptation
Jamar Roberts the artistic sketches and choreography of a creative dancer
Andrea Schermoly transitioning from classical to contemporary
Rubinald Pronk from classical company to contemporary freelancer
Lourdes Lopez on being a Balanchine dancer
Lourdes Lopez pigeon toes to pointe shoes
Jill Johnson finding Forsythe
Trey McIntyre if your eyes are open to inspiration the earth is electric
Ted Brandsen managing the Dutch National Ballet
Maria Kochetkova magic doesn't just happen
Harumi Terayama discovering contemporary dance
Daniil Simkin a healthy perspective on being a dancer
Charity De Loera breaking into broadway
Omnibus Béjart + Boulez = ballet
Elite syncopations ; The Judas tree ; concerto
Swan lake
Louise d'après le roman musical
Lucia di Lammermoor tragische Oper in drei Akten
From Russia - for Omagh the Chorus of the Kirov Opera St. Petersburg in concert at the Sacred Heart Church Omagh
Royal Opera House The Richard Tucker Foundation Concert
Cardiff singer of the world 2001
Say old man - can you play the fiddle?
Encountering Eloyi
Shade seekers & the mixer
Masks of Arcadia
Eunuchs India's third gender
Enemies of silence
Do they feel my shadow?
Dances with llamas
Gun for sale
A time to woo
The witching tree
A caterpillar moon
Dream girls
Women & divorce Lovelaw episode 6
Limits of fidelity Lovelaw episode 5
Parents & children Lovelaw episode 4
Wives & husbands Lovelaw episode 3
Young love Lovelaw episode 1
Barnardo boy Finding the fallen, series 2 episode 1
Expedition Borneo
The hunt for the first Americans
Silent witness Finding the fallen, series 2 episode 7
Highland warrior Finding the fallen, series 2 episode 8
From the heart of the world the elder brothers' warning
Decoding Danebury
Penan Tribe, series 3 episode 6
Layap Tribe, series 3 episode 5
Anuta Tribe, series 3 episode 3
Nenets Tribe, series 3 episode 2
Matis Tribe, series 3 episode 1
Dreams from the forest
Spending the kids' inheritance
Spirits of defiance the Mangbetu people of Zaire
The forgotten island
Gaea girls
The shaman and his apprentice
A mysterious death
Marriage Egyptian style
Cardiff singer of the world 1999
Gilbert & Sullivan instant merriment
Jonathan Miller's opera works the ensemble
La bohème
Lesley Garrett live at Christmas
The cunning little vixen
Cardiff singer of the world 1997 the master singers
Royal opera house the magic flute
Royal opera house Rigoletto
BBC proms 2005 Wagner's Die Walküre
BBC proms 2004 Anna Netrebko with the BBC philharmonic orchestra
Rivers of sand
Flamenco the world of Paco Peña
Dancing in the 20th century
Dancing the Big Apple, 1937 African- Americans inspire a national craze
Dance Vivaldi a contemporary baroque ballet
The art of Baroque dance Folies d'Espagne : from page to stage
Dancetime! 500 years of social dance
History and concept of hip-hop dance
The New Dance Group gala historical concert retrospective 1930s - 1970s
America dances! 1897-1948 a collector's edition of social dance in film
A 19th century romance
'Judgment of Paris' excerpt
Two for ballet
The dancing man Peg Leg Bates
Image of a dancer
Horse Dancing and Tasha
!A bailar! journey of a Latin dance company
Les noces
The nutcracker
Mario Lanza
Callas a documentary
Balanchine Foundation video archives. Alicia Alonso coaching principal roles from Theme and variations
Balanchine Foundation video archives. Arthur Mitchell coaching the Pas de deux from Agon
Balanchine Foundation video archives. Maria Tallchief coaching principal roles from Allegro brillante
The 'M' way time + people = money
Red white black & blue
Nanook of the north
The future of Lake Inari?
Don Giovanni
Orfeo ed Euridice
Status Quo? The Unfinished Business Of Feminism In Canada
The architecture of doom
Famous Human Rights Crusaders Ida B Wells & Fannie Lou Hamer
15 Days of Dance - The Making of Ghost Light. Day Eight, Afternoon
Monteverdi's L'orfeo
Modernism in Barcelona
Modernist Architecture in Barcelona
Tango's Revenge
Wisdom series.A conversation with Eamon de Valera and Curtis Baker Bradford, Professor at Grinnell College, Iowa
Birth of a Faith (Episode 1)
Reefer Madness
La Fête de Famille (Intermediate)
General Colin Powell :my legacy and leadership (Commonwealth Club)
American experience. The abolitionists.;Interview with James Brewer Stewart. Part 3 of 5
PW Radio 62 : Phil Klay on "Redeployment"; Preview of London Book Fair
PW Radio Show 56 : Joshua Max Feldman on "The Book of Jonah"; Meet the Editor
PW Radio Show 39 : Patrick Ness on "More Than This"; American Christian Fiction Writers Conference
PW Radio Show 44 : Lindsay Hill on "Sea of Hooks"; Horror Comics
PW Radio 89 : Jana Bommersbach on "Cattle Kate"; American Christian Fiction Writers Conference
PW Radio 88 : Joyce Carol Oates on "Prison Noir"; Poetry Books for Autumn
PW Radio 80 : Maximillian Potter on "Shadows in the Vineyard"; San Diego Comic-Con
PW Radio 95 : Cory Doctorow on Authors and the Internet; New Deal between Amazon and Hachette
PW Radio Show 55 : Jennifer Senior on "All Joy and No Fun"; Children's Book Awards
PW Radio Show 68 : Mike Magner on "A Trust Betrayed"; Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing
PW Radio 93 : Maira Kalman on "My Favorite Things"; PW's 2014 Top 10 Best Books
PW Radio 84 : Kara Braden on "The Longest Night"; Upcoming Thrillers
PW Radio Show 29 : Chuck Wendig on His Work; Books about Music
PW Radio 69 : Bob Mankoff on "How About Never"; Edgar Awards Recap
PW Radio 67 : Dinaw Mengestu on "All Our Names"; Celebrity Books
PW Radio Show 34 : Deborah Meyler on Her Novel "The Bookstore"; The Letters and Works of J.F. Powers
PW Radio 86 : Diane Ackerman on "The Human Age"; Children's Books for Fall
PW Radio Show 54 : Lisa Unger on "In the Blood"; PW's Spring 2014 Announcements
PW Radio Show 3 : Peter F. Hamilton on "Great North Road"; Fiction Bestsellers
PW Radio Show 2 : Chris Ware on "Building Stories"; Recent Graphic Novels
PW Radio Show 5 : Lev Grossman on Best-Books Lists; Anti-trust in Publishing
PW Radio Show 8 : Independent Bookstores; Fashion Books
PW Radio 79 : Sharona Muir on "Invisible Beasts"; Book Distributors and the Publishing Industry
PW Radio 64 : Mireille Guiliano on "French Women Don't Get Facelifts"; Sherlock Holmes Fandom
PW Radio 63 : Sarah Pinborough on "Mayhem"; Hot Books at London Book Fair
PW Radio Show 38 : Luke Barr on "Provence, 1970," about M.F.K. Fisher; Poetry Awards
PW Radio Show 48 : M. L. Buchman on "Take Over at Midnight"; Martin Gardner's Autobiography
PW Radio Show 52 : Sara Eckel on "It's Not You"; the Big Library Stories of 2013
PW Radio Show 20 : John Sandford on "Silken Prey"; New Thrillers
PW Radio 90 : Louise DeSalvo on "The Art of Slow Writing"; New Books on Technology
PW Radio Show 45 : Candy Chang on "Before I Die"; PW's 2013 Best Books
PW Radio Show 58 : Alan Paul on "One Way Out"; Regency Romance Books
PW Radio 83 : Patrick Swenson on "The Ultra Thin Man"; Indie Authors and PW
PW Radio Show 46 : Charles Palliser on "Rustication"; Children's Book Awards
PW Radio Show 26 : Jeffrey Selingo on "College (Un)bound"; Arts and Entertainment Books
PW Radio Show 49 : Sam Wasson on "Fosse"; Books about Books
PW Radio Show 33 : Rose George on "Ninety Percent of Everything"; the PenguinRandom House Merger
PW Radio Show 27 : Robert T. Kiyosaki on "Why A Students Work for C Students (and B Students Work for the Government)"; Andrew Albanese on "The Battle of $9.99"
PW Radio Show 7 : Independent Bookstores; Digital Book World
PW Radio Show 36 : Lori Duron on "Raising My Rainbow"; Publishers' Profits
PW Radio Show 23 : Suzanne Corkin on "Permanent Present Tense"; Book Expo America
PW Radio Show 9 : Paul Elie on "Reinventing Bach"; Children's Book Awards
PW Radio 96 : Joanna Bourne on "Rogue Spy"; National Book Awards Recap
PW Radio 76 : Paul Raeburn on "Do Fathers Matter?"; Largest Global Publishers
PW Radio Show 57 : Jeannie Lin on Her Romance Novels; New Literary Fiction
PW Radio 70 : Julia Dahl on "Invisible City"; PW's MFA Supplement
PW Radio 74 : Jim Butcher on "Skin Game"; BookCon and Comic Conventions
PW Radio 87 : Justin Martin on "Rebel Souls"; Sicilian Publishing Initiative
PW Radio 66 : Colman Andrews on "My Usual Table"; 2014 Pulitzer Winners
PW Radio Show 60 : Paul Rosolie on "Mother of God"; Women Buying Young Adult Books
PW Radio Show 59 : Terry Frei on "March 1939"; New Graphic Novels
PW Radio Show 42 : Brandon Stanton on "Humans of New York"; PW's 2013 Salary Survey
PW Radio Show 30 : Stephanie Evanovich on "Big Girl Panties"; San Diego Comic-Con
PW Radio 85 : Karen Abbott on "Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy"; PW Webcasts and Events
PW Radio 73 : Edward Lewis on "The Man from Essence"; PW's First Fiction
PW Radio Show 53 : Alison Levine on "On the Edge"; Digital Book World Recap
PW Radio Show 10 : Fiction Magazine "Fireside"; Tools of Change Conference
PW Radio 75 : Ted Steinberg on "Gotham Unbound"; ALA Preview
PW Radio Show 28 : Reverend Maggie Oman Shannon on "Crafting Calm"; Marcia Nelson on Religion Books
PW Radio Show 25 : Rod Dreher on "The Little Way of Ruthie Leming"; Small Presses
PW Radio Show 22 : Rick Yancey on "The 5th Wave"; Science Fiction and Fantasy Books
PW Radio 65 : Adam Begley on "Updike"; New Poetry
PW Radio Show 24 : Robert K. Tanenbaum on "Echoes of My Soul"; Books for Parents of Older Children
PW Radio 78 : Joseph Luzzi on "My Two Italies"; New Tool for Indie Authors
PW Radio Show 50 : Wendy Lesser on "Why I Read"; Year's Best Science Books
PW Radio Show 47 : James Dashner on "The Eye of Minds"; National Book Awards Recap
PW Radio Show 43 : Carla Kaplan on "Miss Anne in Harlem"; New Audiobook Releases
PW Radio 94 : Rose Levy Beranbaum on "The Baking Bible"; Cookbooks
PW Radio 77 : June Melby on "My Family and Other Hazards"; New Cookbooks
PW Radio Show 6 : Jeff Kinney on the Wimpy Kid Books; History and Military Books
PW Radio Show 4 : PW's Best Books of 2012; Modernist Cuisine Cookbooks
Pride and Prejudice. Part 3
American experience. Reconstruction, the second Civil War.;Interview with Eric Foner, historian, Columbia University. 2 of 5
Iindawo Zikathixo (In God's Places)
Orgasm Inc
Silk Series 2 Episode 4
Jane Eyre
Inside Prison : Intake Interview
The Lady of the Mercians