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W. Averell Harriman (1954)
Sen. Lester C. Hunt (D-WY)
Rep. Charles J. Kersten (R-WI)
Henry J. Mahady
Rep. Carl Hinshaw (R-CA)
Gen. Harold R. Harris
Frank Darvall
Rep. Hugh D. Scott, Jr. (R-PA) (1951)
Oscar R. Ewing
Arthur Garfield Hayes
The good war and those who refused to fight it
Deadly mistakes? a democracy dialogue
The long walk to freedom
After silence
Sir! No sir!
Home of the brave
The price of peace FDR
Remember the Alamo
The color of war. Homefront vol. 5
Air war
The men who killed Kennedy. the patsy
The death lines
The electronic battlefield
Failure at Antwerp
War crimes the death camps
Horatio Gates
Daniel Morgan
San Juan Hill
Battle of Gettysburg
Profiles Admiral William Halsey
Gettysburg historians' roundtable
The battle and siege of Vicksburg
Helen Keller the world I see
The fall of Crete
Battle of the Bulge
Admiral Richard E. Byrd
Einstein's letter July 16, 1939
Wendell Willkie
Nathanael Greene
The voice of change FDR
At ease
The men who killed Kennedy. The witnesses
The men who killed Kennedy. The cover-up
The brazen chariots
The Spanish American War
The impregnable Gazala line
Murder at the fair the assassination of President McKinley
Caught in the maelstrom civilians in the war
The bombing of Monte Cassino
Chicago fire
The flat top revolution
The Cuban missile crisis
The men who killed Kennedy, the final chapter the smoking guns ; the love affair Vol. 1
The alligator strikes
God of battle
Bomber agonies
The color of war, Into the breach: Face to face. vol. 1
The color of war, Why we fight: fueling the fire. vol. 4
Battle of Saratoga
Alexander Gardner war photographer Civil War journal 4
The Battle of Fredericksburg Civil War journal II v. 3
Allied double cross
Shays' Rebellion
Pearl Harbor
The forces of darkness The men who killed Kennedy [2]
General Joshua L. Chamberlain Civil War journal II vol. 2
Dressed to kill
Clearing the way
The color of war, The price of war: victory; aftermath. vol. 6
Dodge City
Camera martyrs of Vietnam
19th century American whaleman
Covering the war
D-day the total story
Wall Street
Quanah Parker the last comanche
Empires of industry. The legacy of king coal
The states
Pat Nixon behind the smile
Crater at Petersburg
Civil War combat. The battle of First Manassas Vol. 5,
Man and machine
Civil war combat Little round top at Gettysburg. Vol. 8
Omaha beach spot sec. #2
Born killers the iron brigade
Bloodiest day the battle of Antietam
Amelia Earhart queen of the air
Massacre at Mystic
Freedom Summer
Charles Lindbergh against the wind
The fall of Berlin
Pearl Harbor
Fall of the Philippines
Garden of the dead Arlington Cemetery
Banners of glory
Battle of Franklin and Nashville
Battle of Gettysburg
The Monitor vs. the CSS Virginia the Gray Ghost : John Singleton Mosby
Hitler's Panzer deployments for D-day
Pickett's charge
The battle of Cambrai
The deadly mistakes
The undersea stranglers
First air cavalry in Vietnam
Weapons of the civil war
Dan Sickles general who got away with murder
The wizard of Menlo Park
Viet Cong
Guns of the commandos
Battle of Little Big Horn
Custer & the 7th Cavalry
Texas Rangers [manhunters of the old West]
Weapons of the native Americans
The Tet offensive
Aces high
The treaties of Versailles
General James Longstreet Lee's prodigal son
Picture perfect the pomp and vision of Mathew Brady
Yank vs. Reb foot soldier's life
The bombing of Japan
The wooden flat tops
Gold rush
First ladies North & South
Battle of Gettysburg overview
The U2 affair the Spanish H-bomb crash
Kasserine Pass
Mr. Lincoln's butcher General Ulysses S. Grant
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Days of darkness the Gettysburg civilians
Freedom's Road slavery & the opposition
McClellan's Way
Women at war
Battlefield medicine
Battlefield detectives. Stalingrad
The Irish at Gettysburg
Operation Torch
Frassanito battlefield photography then & now
Tillie Pierce of Gettysburg
Lee at Gettysburg
The fall & rise of the dreadnought
Michael Shaara the soul of a writer
The battle of Antietam
Shadows of lightning J.E.B. Stuart & the CSA Cavalry
Wall Street crash
The photographers' war the North
The photographers' war the South
General John Buford General John Buford
The mighty Mississippi
The most decorated jet aces
The coming of the iron horse
Liberation of the Philippines
Preserving the past a Civil War journal special
The U.S. Civil War out west
Alamo scouts
Civil War combat, volume 7 the battle of Chancellorsville Civil war combat 7
The siege of Vicksburg
The History Channel's American Civil War and, Iron jaws : the killing power of Civil War artillery
Honor the dead unsung heroes of Gettysburg
Reporting the war
The secret war Civil War spies
The Petersburg campaign
Hell Over Hanoi
Foot soldier the rebels
Fire At Cape Canaveral Mir Space Station
Bombers without escorts
George Armstrong Custer America's golden cavalier
The battle of Charleston
Divided houses families split by war
The superb general Hancock
Terrible swift sword the union cavalry
American soldiers of World War II
Abraham Lincoln preserving the Union
General Howe, conqueror of New York
The sinking of Force Z off Singapore
The Conquerors Sherman's march to the sea
Battlefield detectives Civil War : Antietam
General Omar Bradley
Helen Thomas first lady of the press
Guns of the Civil War
Dear home letters from World War I Multimedia classroom American history series vol. 1, lesson 15
J. Pierpont Morgan emperor of Wall Street
Unsung heroes of the B-29's
Battlefield detectives Civil War :Gettysburg
Admiral Chester Nimitz thunder of the Pacific
Conquest of America
True story of Sacco and Vanzetti
Wilbur & Orville Wright dreams of flying
Secrets of World War I
Joseph Kennedy Sr father of an American dynasty
FDR years of crisis
General Douglas MacArthur the return of a legend
The Tet offensive
Digging for the truth. Mystery of the Anasazi
The Rockefellers
The hidden history of Boston
Godspeed to Jamestown
The Hatfields & McCoys an American feud
Unsung heroes The battle of Khe Sanh
Frontier doctors
Immigrants and the American Civil War
The taking of New Orleans
Western towns
The "Traitor" president, Jefferson Davis
Jennie Wade of Gettysburg
Confederate officers at Gettysburg confederate officers at Gettysburg
Union officers at Gettysburg
Battle of Chickamauga
The Appomattox campaign
Lincoln and Gettysburg
Henry Ford Tin Lizzy tycoon
Lee's commanders
The Wright brothers controversy
Civil War journal
General George C. Marshall soldier and statesman
D-Day the secret massacre
Alexander Graham Bell voice of invention
John Dillinger public enemy #1
Andrew Jackson conqueror of Florida
Deadwood tech
Cowboy tech
The tragedy at Cold Harbor Civil war combat v. 4
Civil War combat. The hornet's nest at Shiloh
Civil War in the West
Military tech
Save our history Defining documents
Biggest machines in the West
Road west
Wild West
Massacres II
The adventures of Daniel Boone
Execution tech
Train tech
Native American tech
Law & order tech
Harry S. Truman days of decision
Revenge tech
The Yankees