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Truth is our defense Big picture Episode 206
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Pictorial report from overseas Big picture Episode 202
Civil assistance, Korea Big picture Episode 201
Information and education overeas (part 1) and dependents schools overseas (part 2) Big picture Episode 198
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The United Nations line is stabilized while truce talks continue Big picture Episode 181
The Korean ceasefire talks begin Big picture Episode 180
United Nations forces counterattack Big picture Episode 179
The reds launch their expected spring offensive Big picture Episode 178
The United Nations forces cross the 38th parallel Big picture Episode 177
The United Nations offensive continues Big picture Episode 176
United Nations forces push the Chinese back Big picture Episode 175
United Nations consolidate below the 38th parallel Big picture Episode 174
United Nations forces escape the Chinese trap Big picture Episode 173
Chinese reds enter the Korean war Big picture Episode 172
The United Nations offensive Big picture Episode 171
Turning of the tide Big picture Episode 170
The first forty days in Korea Big picture Episode 169
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Pictorial report number 16 Big picture Episode 317
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Commence firing Big picture Episode 276
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Armed forces assistance to Korea Big picture Episode 271
Okinawa -- keystone of the Pacific Big picture Episode 268
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North Atlantic treaty organization (NATO) maneuvers Big picture Episode 291
Nurses in the Army Big picture Episode 290
Defense of Japan Big picture Episode 285
The Lodge act soldier Big picture Episode 284
Universal newsreels. September 12, 1949 Release 282,
You Chan Yang (1952)
Earl Winterton
Lt. Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer
U.S. secretary of Navy Dan A. Kimball
General William H. Wilbur
Newbold Morris
Roswell Magill
Governor John D. Lodge (October 1952)
Governor John D. Lodge (March 1952)
Rep. F. Edward Hebert (D-LA)
Senator-elect Barry M. Goldwater (R-AZ)
G. Keith Funston
Sen. J. Allen Frear, Jr. (D-DE)
Sen. Paul H. Douglas (D-IL)
Farrell Dobbs
Thomas E. Dewey
Scenes in San Francisco, [no. 1]
Exploded gas tanks, U.S. Mint, Emporium and Spreckels Bld'g
Army pack train bringing supplies
Field Marshall Donald Cox
Robert Ramspeck
Major Alexander P. de Seversky
35th reunion of the BPP
Off the pig
Ronald R. Reagan inauguration, January 20, 1981
Richard M. Nixon inauguration, January 20, 1973
Richard M. Nixon inauguration, January 20, 1969
John F. Kennedy inauguration, January 20, 1961
Harry S. Truman inauguration, January 20, 1949
Franklin D. Roosevelt inauguration, January 20, 1941
Dwight D. Eisenhower inauguration, January 20, 1953
Henry Browne, farmer
Troop train
Wheelock Conference the Black Panther Party library
Command performance
Newsreel members the Black Panther Party library
Movement lawyers
FBI agents
How TVs are made 1959
Dwight D. Eisenhower
The battle history of the U.S. Navy
Marty Kenner
Greenwich village and Coney Island, NY around 1944 and 1945
New York world's fair 1939-40
General Motors Around the World 1927
Amateur old West, cowboys and Indians, Arizona and New Mexico
Navajo canyon country
The Pueblo heritage
What you should know about biological warfare
What to do in a gas attack
U.S. news review. Issue no. 5
U.S. news review. Issue no. 3
NASA -- the 25th year highlights from the first 25 years
SPC-4 -- Challenger disaster Shuttle press conference series 4
Apollo 16 nothing so hidden
Apollo 15 in the mountains of the moon
Apollo 13 Houston, we've got a problem
The Flight of Apollo 11 Eagle has landed
Inauguration of Kennedy and inaugural speech, 1961
Nixon-Kennedy debate
Eisenhower campaign ad for NixonLodge, 1960
Belafonte campaign Ad for KennedyJohnson, 1960
Prelude to war
Thomas Jefferson
Unforgivable blackness the rise and fall of Jack Johnson
The western front the battle for Monte Cassino
Titanic's Achilles heel
U.S. marshals of the Old West documentary
The plot to overthrow FDR
D-Day Omaha Beach
The raid in Dieppe
Bay of Pigs
Not for ourselves alone the story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony
Timothy Leary's wedding you're nobody til somebody loves you
Town bloody hall a dialogue on women's liberation
Monterey Pop
Campaign manager Republicans, the new breed : a film
The plow that broke the plains
Jimi plays Monterey
Universal newsreels. November 12, 1940 Release 927,
North Africa, the desert war
Bomber offensive air war in Europe
Universal newsreels. April 18, 1963 Release 33,
The Civil War
Destination America [the people and cultures that created a nation]
World War II the greatest conflict
Pursuit to the Rhine
One woman, one vote
Empire of the air the men who made radio
Statue of Liberty
The Congress
July '64
Nat Turner a troublesome property
Rain for the earth
Work pays America
Man against the river
Better housing news flashes
National recovery act
Columbia revolt, 1968
We work again
Huey Long
Summer of love
John Paul Jones captain of the high sea
The heavenly missiles
My Lai Massacre
Herbert Hoover & Huey Long
Fall of Singapore
Invasion of South France
Desert one
Bridgehead at the Rhine
Battle of the Gothic line
Peleliu Island
Sinking of the Andrea Doria
The great tribes
Disaster at Dien Bien Phu
Jungle warfare, New Guinea to Burma War chronicles v. 5
Firestorm the bombing of Germany
Billy Mitchell
Fiorello LaGuardia
Thomas Dewey
The return to the Philippines ; Okinawa, the last battle
The battle of Chattanooga
Air war in the Pacific ; The Bloody ridges of Peleliu War chronicles v. 6
The lost evidence breakout from Normandy
The Battle of the Bulge ; The Battle of Germany War chronicles v. 4
Destiny at Fort Sumter
Chesty Puller the Marine's marine
World War II in color total war
War chronicles. II War chronicles v. 2
John J. Pershing the iron general
Apollo 11
Pearl Harbor
Washington crossing the Delaware
Transcontinental railroad
Investigating history the JFK assassination
Boy generals
Civil War battlefields
Hunting tech
Shootout tech
Gun kills of Vietnam
Voices of civil rights
Sen. Fred A. Seaton (R-NE)
Harry A. McDonald
Sen. Everett M. Dirksen (R-IL)
Robert C. Tyson
Paul G. Hoffman (1952)
Rep. Kenneth B. Keating (R-NY) (1952)
Sen. Robert S. Kerr (D-OK) (May 1952)
Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. (R-MA)
Dr. Nicholas Nyaradi
Asa S. Bushnell
Sen. William Benton (D-CT)
W. Averell Harriman (May 1952)
T. Lamar Caudle
Fuller Warren
Dr. Corliss Lamont
Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R-WI) (Sept. 1952)
Dr. Mohammed Ali
Eugene Black
Richard B. Russell
Sen. Irving M. Ives (R-NY) (Jan. 1952)
Robert R. Young
Delegate to Congress Joseph R. Farrington (R-HI) (1952)
Robert Morris
Sen. Robert S. Kerr (D-OK) (July 1952)
Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R-WI) (June 1952)
Sen. Wallace F. Bennett (R-UT)
James G. McDonald
Dr. Ali Sastroamidjojo
Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (D-MN) (1952)
Rep. John V. Beamer (R-IN)
Sen. John J. Sparkman (D-AL)
Arthur S. Flemming
J. Bracken Lee
V.K. Wellington Koo (1952)
Tighe E. Woods
Dr. Jules Backman
Mrs. Clare Boothe Luce
Henri Bonnet
Henry A. Wallace (1952)
Richard G. Casey (1952)
Sen. Irving M. Ives (R-NY) (Oct. 1952)
W. Averell Harriman (Oct. 1952)
Bruce K. Brown
Senator-Elect John S. Cooper (R-KY)
Sen. Herbert R. O'Conor (D-MD)
George A. Sloan (Dec. 1952)
Edward T. McCormick
Price Daniel
Sir Oliver Franks
John J. Hopkins
Leonard W. Hall
Ambassador Selim Sarper