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ASW Orion anti-submarine planes
C-130 Hercules
Flashbacks. Episode 40
Flashbacks. Episode 37
Flashbacks. Episode 36
Flashbacks. Episode 35
Flashbacks. Episode 21
Flashbacks. Episode 20
Flashbacks. Episode 19
Flashbacks. Episode 17
Flashbacks. Episode 11
Flashbacks. Episode 10
Flashbacks. Episode 9
Unintended consequences War that made America 4
Turning the tide War that made America 3
World a television history
The Americas before the Europeans
A decisive moment
Seapower to superpower the story of global supremacy
Russian-German War
Kent State the day the war came home
Andrew Young
The Hurdler the story of Dr. Charles Drew
The life of Fannie Lou Hamer never turn back
Color of justice
Immigrant from America
Portrait in black A. Philip Randolph
The Marian Anderson story lady in the Lincoln Memorial
Black inventors black men and iron horses
Civil rights oh, freedom!
Mystery of the last tsar
Victor Martin's mission
From Auschwitz to Jerusalem
The Eleanor Roosevelt story
World War I American legacy
The silent wrecks of Kwajalein Atoll
Silent wings the American glider pilots of WWII
Whispers of angels a story of the underground railroad
The last ridge the uphill battles of the 10th Mountain Division
Theodore Roosevelt a cowboy's ride to the White House
B-17 flying legend
Lincoln and Lee at Antietam the cost of freedom
Last flight home
Last flight to Berlin the search for a bomber pilot
The Johnstown flood
Scenes in San Francisco. No. 2
San Francisco earthquake and fire, April 18, 1906
In search of medieval Britain
Making history. Episode 17
Making history. Episode 16
Flashbacks. Episode 47
Flashbacks. Episode 46
Flashbacks. Episode 41
Flashbacks. Episode 39
Flashbacks. Episode 38
Storm at St. Nazaire Great raids of World War II 4
Stopping Hitler's A-Bomb Great raids of World War II 1
London & the South East In search of medieval Britain 6
South West In search of medieval Britain 5
Wales In search of medieval Britain 4
Heartlands In search of medieval Britain 3
Hurrican Katrina Flashbacks 52
Bob Hope Flashbacks 51
Earthquakes Flashbacks 50
Steve Irwin Flashbacks 49
Joseph Stalin Flashbacks 48
Jimi Hendrix Flashbacks 44
Karl Donitz Flashbacks 43
Berlin Wall Flashbacks 42
Le mans Flashbacks 34
Boeing Company Flashbacks 33
Vietnam War Flashbacks 32
Queen Elizabeth II Flashbacks 31
Tsunami, Indian Ocean, December 2004 Flashbacks 30
Atomic bomb Flashbacks 29
Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster Flashbacks 28
Indira Gandhi Flashbacks 26
Pope John Paul II Flashbacks 25
September 11, 2001 Flashbacks 24
Billie Jean King Flashbacks 23
Mother Teresa of Calcutta Flashbacks 22
Making history. Episode 15
Lord of Asia In the footsteps of Alexander 2
Son of God In the footsteps of Alexander 1
1981 Main event 36
1979 Main event 34
1978 Main event 33
The greats
Sea power. Future sea power Episode 13,
Naval aircraft Sea power 12
Pre-war development Sea power 11
The Royal Australian Navy Sea power 10
Amphibious assault Sea power 9
Hellcats and Kamikaze Sea power 8
Missiles Sea power 6
The great battleships Sea power 5
Destroyers & Corvettes Sea power 4
The Harrier Jump Jet Sea power 3
A bird's eye view of battle Sea power 2
2002 Momentous happenings 24
1994 Momentous happenings 16
1993 Momentous happenings 15
1992 Momentous events 14
1991 Momentous happenings 13
1989 Momentous happenings 11
1988 Momentous happenings 10
1987 Momentous happenings 9
1986 Momentous happenings 8
1984 Momentous happenings 6
1983 Momentous happenings 5
1982 Momentous happenings 4
1977 Momentous happenings 3
1976 Momentous happenings 2
Making history
Hitler's brain Infamous places 52
Chichen Itza, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico Infamous places 51
Cape Kennedy, Florida, United States of America Infamous places 50
Grand Hotel, Brighton, England, United Kingdom Infamous places 49
The Thames River, London, England, United Kingdom Infamous places 48
Bluff Cove, East Falkland, the Falkland Islands Infamous places 41
King's Cross Station, London, United Kingdom Infamous places 40
Iranian Embassy, London, United Kingdom Infamous places 39
Catalina Flying through time 22
Light bombers Flying through time 20
The history of commercial aviation and airbus industry Flying through time 19
A-4 Sky Hawk Flying through time 18
The century fighters Flying through time 17
F4U Corsair Flying through time 16
P-38 Lightning Flying through time 15
Valkyrie Flying through time 14
The F-5 Freedom Fighter Flying through time 13
A7 Corsair II Flying through time 12
SR-71 Blackbird Flying through time 11
The F-104 Star Fighter Flying through time 10
P-47 Thunderbolt Flying through time 9
F-15 Eagle Flying through time 8
VTOL Flying through time 7
The Boeing Company Flying through time 5
Mustangs and spitfires Flying through time 4
Fender Stratocaster Flashbacks 18
Princess Diana Flashbacks 16
Albert Einstein Flashbacks 15
Marilyn Monroe Flashbacks 12
First space shuttle flight Flashbacks 8
Winston Churchill Flashbacks 7
1969 moon landing Flashbacks 6
Rolls Royce Flashbacks 4
U.S. Embassy, Tehran, Iran Infamous places 38
Before the white man
1974 Main event 32
1973 Main event 31
1971 Main event 29
1970 Main event 28
1969 Main event 27
1968 Main event 26
1967 Main event 25
1966 Main event 24
1965 Main event 23
1964 Main event 22
1963 Main event 21
1962 Main event 20
1961 Main event 19
1960 Main event 18
1959 Main event 17
1950 Main event 8
1949 Main event 7
1948 Main event 6
1947 Main event 148
1946 Main event 4
1945 Main event 3
1944 Main event 2
1943 Main event 1
Eschede Railway Station, Eschede, Germany Infamous places 47
Gonesse, Paris, France Infamous places 46
Saddleworth Moor, West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom Infamous places 45
Mt Vesuvius, East of Naples, Italy Infamous places 44
Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California, United States of America Huntington, Cambridgeshire, England, U.K. Infamous places 43
Bay of Pigs, Cuba Infamous places 37
Heaton, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Infamous places 36
U.S. Marines barracks, Beirut International Airport, Lebanon Infamous places 35
Torrey Canyon Seven Stones Reef off Cornwall, U.K. Infamous places 34
Watergate Hotel, Washington D.C., United States of America Infamous places 33
Rancho Sante Fe, San Diego, California, United States of America Infamous places 32
Bhopal, India Infamous places 31
Aberfan, Wales, United Kingdom Infamous places 30
Hither Green Station, Lewisham, London, United Kingdom Infamous places 28
Zeebrugge, Belgium Infamous places 27
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States Of America (Union) Infamous places 26
The Congo, Central Africa Infamous places 25
Heysel Stadium, Brussels, Belgium Infamous places 24
Notting Hill, London, United Kingdom Infamous places 23
TSMS Lakonia, Atlantic Ocean, 289 klm north of Madeira Infamous places 22
Near Mentmore, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom Infamous places 21
Republic of Cuba, North Caribbean Sea Infamous places 20
Buck's Row, Whitechapel District, London, England Infamous places 19
Lockerbie, Scotland, United Kingdom Infamous places 18
Peenemünde, Baltic coast, Germany Infamous places 17
Kostnice Ossuary Beinhaus, Czech Republic Infamous places 16
Tomb of Tutankhamun Valley of the Kings Egypt Infamous places 15
Watts district, Los Angeles, California, United States of America Infamous places 14
Mount St Helens, Washington State, United States of America Infamous places 13
Submarine Kursk off Kola Peninsula, Russia Infamous places 12
North West of Sumatra, Indian Ocean Infamous places 11
Westerplatte Penninsula, Gdansk harbour channel, Poland Infamous places 10
Near Munich, Germany Infamous places 9
New London, Texas, United States of America Infamous places 8
University of Texas, Austin, Texas, United States of America Infamous places 7
Pearl Harbour, Oahu, Hawaii, United States of America Infamous places 6
Hiroshima, Japan Infamous places 5
Suez Canal, Egypt Infamous places 4
Giants Flying through time 3
F-14 Tomcat Flying through time 2
Apollo 13 Flashbacks 3
James Bond Flashbacks 2
Amelia Earhart and Jackie Cochran Flashbacks 1
Beatles Flashbacks 5
The Queen Mum Flashbacks 13
Titanic Flashbacks 14
Aircraft carriers & the Hellcat Flying through time 1
1975 Momentous happenings 1
Submarine power Sea power 1
1980 Main event 35
Lakehurst Hindenburg Infamous places 3
Berlin Wall Infamous places 2
Dealey Plaza, Dallas Infamous places 1
Most wanted
Long division
Big brother's bargain
On behalf of the state - memories of hanging
Sold down the river
Memo from Machiavelli
Jerash Pompeii of the east
Palestine the first Intifada
The secret life of the Berlin Wall
Children of the master race
The hunt for Dr. Death
Journey to the interior Australia 5
Fast attack boats Weapons of World War II episode 10
Aircraft carriers Weapons of World War II episode 4
Gliders Weapons of World War II episode 3
Life and death in space The Space Age : NASA's story episode 4
Spanish flu the forgotten fallen
Deception on D-Day Great SAS missions episode 3