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Thoughts on strong leadership
Personal choices with regards to work-life balance
Importance and challenge of learning to build teams
Jack Little interview :Cornell University.Good internal controls imply separation of duties
Ilya Brotzky interview :Amway Global.Importance of building a team of people with different strengths and then harnessing those strengths
Concept of business case for diversity
The psychology of bilingualism :a conversation with Ellen Bialystok
The limits of consciousness :a conversation with Martin Monti
On atheists and bonobos :a conversation with Frans de Waal
Learning and memory :a conversation with Alcino Silva.Part II
Learning and memory :a conversation with Alcino Silva.Part I
Deconstructing genius :a conversation with Darrin McMahon
Believing your ears :probing the brain through musical illusions : a conversation with Diana Deutsch
Value proposition for retaining employees
Spark in the eye aspect to employee productivity
Human resources is all about getting the maximum value out of your employees
Culture of safety
Aspects of a good leader
Huey Newton :interview from jail
Harry Kaiser :Cornell Commodity Promotion Research program
Hans Pfister interview :Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality.Value of internships
Greg Van Kirk interview :Social Entrepreneur Corps.How to build a functioning team
Greg Galvin interview :Rheonix.Challenge of firing employees
Gerald Lema interview :women and business.Creation of a diverse corporate environment takes continual work
Gerald Beechum interview :White Cornus Lane Investments.Importance of forming teams that help eliminate your personal blind spots
Frank Raiter interview :ratings agencies and the subprime mortgage crisis.Leadership skills learned from Marine Corps
Frank Raiter interview :ratings agencies and the subprime mortgage crisis.Alternate models of compensation
Eswar Prasad interview :trade policy and economics.Whether growth will pull people out of poverty
Eswar Prasad interview :trade policy and economics.Thoughts on economies of China and India
Eric Young interview :Canaan Partners.Role of venture capitalist in partnership with entrepreneur
Elliot Norton reviews.Siobhan McKenna :Here are ladies
Elliot Norton reviews.Olivier :in conversation
Ella Collins interview
Elizabeth Wolf :Angel Ridge Farms
Eldridge Cleaver :interview about police brutality
Ed and Debbie Mace interview :thoughts on hospitality industry and leadership.Thoughts on international hospitality marketplace
Earl Blanks interview :Party City.Employees project image to customers
Earl Blanks interview :Party City.Attributes essential for maintaining balance
Doug Lasdon interview :Urban Justice Center.Difficulty in firing employees
Diane Eggert :Farmers' Market Federation of New York
David McElroy interview :Verdia.Satisfaction of developing a product that changes the environment
Work-life balance and pressure to manage time effectively
Leadership and management are related but extremely different
Importance of investing time and resources in employees
Consumer :Food to be labelled if genetically modified
Christine DeVita interview :Wallace Foundation.Biggest challenge in career has been learning to manage people
Christa and Marty Stosiek :Markristo Farm
Chris Dearnley interview :Pura Vida.Importance of creating an on-going business and convey social mission
Chester Elton interview :Orange Revolution.Recognition and how to keep praise authentic
Cheryl Francis interview :Corporate Leadership Center.Strategies she used for effective leadership as CFO
Empowerment and organization of coffee farmers in Africa
Challenges of being an entrepeneur in a region where there was no previous business activity
Bobby Seale :interview from jail
Bill Weidlein interview :Trans National Group.It is okay to use American entrepreneurial culture in an international business as long as you are smart about it
Bill Trenchard interview, hiring and retaining technical talent
B. F. Skinner on Education, Parts 1 & 2
Ara Weiss interview :Twentieth Century Fox.Work-life balance challenges in entertainment industry
Anne Loehr interview :leadership and entrepreneurship.Challenges in hiring and firing employees
Angela Sorrell interview :Ernst & Young.Average person will have 5 different careers during lifetime
Angela Davis :interview from jail
Radio One
Columbia Sportswear
Allen Edmonds
Adapting Topeng :the masked theater of Bali : an interview with John Emigh, and excerpts from Little Red Riding Shawl
Managing money
Tina Howe in conversation with Sarah Ruhl
Thomas Meehan in conversation with Douglas Carter Beane
Mary Rodgers in conversation with Marsha Norman
Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty in conversation with Andrew Lippa
Jules Feiffer in conversation with Paul Rudnick
John Guare in conversation with Theresa Rebeck
Frank Gilroy in conversation with Doug Wright
Jerome Lawrence
Is there a national conspiracy against blacks?Part two,Buffalo
Is there a national conspiracy against blacks?Part one,Atlanta
The winning spirit
The whales of August
The saga of a people
The politics of Harry Belafonte
The new black leaders with an accent
The music of Harry Belafonte
The Met in Boston
The man who is black and white -- not half white
The magistrate
The lost hero
The legacy of race movies
The green brick road
The evolution of black studies
The curse of Kulyenchikov
The Clarence Thomas affair
The Brown & D'Souza Face-Off
The black elite
The Black Eagle
Sweeney Todd
Spiro Malas
Southern slavery, northern lies
South Africa : Time Running Out?
Slavery's biggest secret
Cuando la Luna Blanca se Pierda
Bruise blood
Trapeze disrobing act
Ventricular tachycardia
Ventricular standstill or asystole
Nursing responsibilities in caring for patients with dysrhythmias
Third degree heart block
Adaptive devices for the visually impaired
The Cardiac Cycle
Assessment and initiation of therapy
Securing tubes
Removing tube
Performing intubation
Before the intubation procedure
Atrial septal defect (ASD)
Supply on demand
Pretty maids all in a row
When Basil comes
Die Marquise Von O..
The trainer's daughter, or, a race for love
The whole Dam family and the Dam dog
Life of an American fireman
Burlesque suicide no. 2
Birthright :a story of the Negro and the South
The Robert Yummy Sandifer Story
The Nuns: New York Vampires
The Japanese collection.Vol. 3
The Japanese collection.Vol. 2
The Japanese collection.Vol. 1
The Eastern European & Russian collection
The comeback
Dirty Old Town
Die screaming Marianne
Beautiful brides contemporary collection series.2
Beautiful brides classic collection series.1
Artist talks :Godwin Bradbeer and Warren Breninger
Art cinema of the 1980s & 1990s
American mid-century collection
American independents
A force more powerful
Falling angels
Esclavo de dios =God's slave
Dólares de arena
Crónica del fin del mundo
Caníbal =Cannibal
Black Dju
Baby bumps
August the first
Arrête ou je continue =If you don't, I will
Travellers and magicians
Torremolinos 73
Three monkeys
The tree
The suitors
The draughtsman's contract
Tales from the Gimli Hospital
Speaking parts
Silent souls
Presque rien
Pranzo di Ferragosto
Pozitia copilului
Nirgendwo in Afrika
Next of kin
Murder and murder
Let the balloon go
Let my people go!
Les amants réguliers
L'âge de raison
Institute Benjamenta
Hamoun (The desert)
Film about a woman who ..
Family viewing
Aimée & Jaguar
The one and only concert of the amazing combo of Commander Kulas
The heart speaks
The great hunter
The family that eats soil
The man who envied women
The Minister
Dogs of Democracy
Eclipse Series 27: Raffaello Matarazzo's Runaway Melodramas
End of the Sad Zone
Deus Obrigadu
Caught in a magic place
Capital of a new empire
From Byzantium to Constantinople
Effective documentation for reimbursement
Comfort zone training for improving posture and relaxing the shoulders
Part 1,Tube Identification.Jejunal Tubes
Treating patients with Alzheimer's disease
Getting results from cooperative learning
Formative assessment in content areas.3,High school
Formative assessment in content areas.1,Elementary
Thank God! :how Africans sang the Lord's song in a strange land : an Afro-American docu-opera
Violette Verdy and Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux coaching excerpts from Liebeslieder Walzer
Frederic Franklin coaching excerpts from The night shadow (later called La sonnambula)
The Electrocardiogram
Where Fluids Are In The Body
Overview Of Fluids And Electrolytes
Fluid Balance And The Kidneys
Fluid Balance
Electrolytes Mainly Found Inside The Cell
Electrolytes Mainly Found In Extra Cellular Fluid
Electrolytes And The Movement Of Fluids In And Out Of Cells
Electrolytes And The Movement Of Fluids In And Out Of Capillaries
Fluids and Electrolytes Balance.Basics.Acid Base Balance
Ventricular fibrillation
Pulseless electrical activity or PEA
Premature ventricular contractions (PVC)
Sinus tachycardia
Sinus pause, sinus arrest and sinus block
Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia or PAT
Mobitz type 2, second degree heart block
EKG Characteristics of Premature Atrial Contractions
EKG characteristics of atrial flutter
Atrial fibrillation
Types & Causes of Hearing Loss
.Legal Issues
Causes & Symptoms of Visual Impairment
Anatomy of the Ear
The Conduction System
The Cardiac Cycle Introduction
Cardiac anomalies
Review of antibiotics
Breathing easy :environmental hazards in public housing
The Future of Our Body,1
The Future of Modern Living
The Future of Medicine