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Motivating kids & young adults to exercise
Belly dancing for baby boomers
Exercise for falls prevention assessment and implementation
Clinical evaluation of static and dynamic malalignments techniques for assessment interventions
Kettle core
Brain research supports physical activity children move to improve
Exercise training effects on skeletal muscle blood flow
Legacy project dramatists talk about their work. Charles Strouse in conversation with Michael John Lachiusa. Volume 1,
Office-based physical activity promotion current evidence, future directions
Complementary alternative medicine in practice using evidence-based yoga to evaluate the athlete
The obesity paradox is it time for a paradigm shift in obesity treatment?
Here comes the sun an update on Vitamin D and the health and performance of athletes
New dietary approaches for enhanced vascular performance
Integrated back rehabilitation--regression to progression
Bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance
JAMS joint alignment and muscle sequencing
Take the curl out!
Water class design
The inner unit
Furious flower II
Total body fit--tubing challenge!
Understanding aerobic programming basics
Struggles in steel the story of African-American steelworkers
The scientific and practical aspects of exercise metabolism
Soul of justice Thelton Henderson's American journey
Preventing and managing common running injuries
Scarred justice the Orangeburg Massacre 1968
Revolution '67
The house we live in Race : the power of an illusion 3
The story we tell Race : the power of an illusion 2
Sports stretch with Resist-A-Ball®
Synergy circuit
From perception to reality an integrated approach to bodyweight training
The difference between us Race : the power of an illusion 1
The self-correcting nature of science
The slow component of VO2 kinetics mechanistic bases and practical applications
Negroes with guns Rob Williams and Black power
Miles of smiles, years of struggle
Pulling the tiger's tail scholarship and advocacy
East-west breathing back breathing and the deep stabilizing system
Reducing mental health disparities
Herskovits at the heart of blackness
Socio-structural influences on the work participation of refugees
Lessons learned understanding the meaning of internationalization of counseling
Ombee Little man 5
In the shadows the educational implications of unauthorized status
Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy. Clinical demonstrations. Set I
Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy. Beethoven and Erickson
Buddy up! 2009 partner training for results
Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy. why & how negative experiences can be transformed into positive ones A theory of utilization
Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy. Master class in hypnosis psychotherapy
For my people the life and writing of Margaret Walker
Sports injury prevalence, prevention, and practice
What don't we know about exercise and body weight regulation a trans-disciplinary and translational perspective
Brick by brick a civil rights story
Nutrition and obesity trends
San Francisco State on strike
At the river I stand
Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy. Clinical demonstrations. Set II
John Wideman a conversation with John Wideman In black and white 6
Fundamentals of hypnosis. 6-8
August Wilson a conversation with August Wilson In black and white 5
2004 ACSM health & fitness summit pre-con--from inactive to active practical tools to attract, motivate, and retain
Alice Walker a conversation with Alice Walker In black and white 4
Toni Morrison In black and white 3
Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy. continuing Milton Erickson's legacy of research on rehabilitation & healing Creating consciousness
Gloria Naylor a conversation with Gloria Naylor In black and white 2
Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy. alerting you to the most frequent problems for mental health professionals Law & ethics
Charles Johnson In black and white 1
Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy. The problem with helping people with physiopsychological problems is--
Trouble behind
Ericksonian approaches to hypnosis and psychotherapy. Fundamentals of hypnosis. Workshops 1-5
Traces of the trade a story from the Deep North
Solutions for improved lumbo-pelvic-hip function
Fit and stressed a survival guide
The strange demise of Jim Crow
When a regression is really a progression
The road to Brown
Introduction to Function First corrective exercise and program design
Exercise and aging
Emotional manipulators and codependents : understanding the attraction
Mental health & the military : strategies for treating veterans & their families
Race against prime time
ADHD from A to Z : advances in the understanding & management of ADHD
Autism : current perspectives and future outlook
Forgiveness in psychotherapy
The power of positive psychology : practical strategies for maximizing your clients' resilience, strength
Anxiety treatment techniques that really work
Trauma, memory & the body
Caught in the web : romance, fantasy, social networking, cybersex addictions
CBT : essential tools for proficiency in clinical practice
Working with attachment and temperament in the development of adult personality
Oh freedom after while
Motivational interviewing with adolescents and young adults
Yoga & mindfulness : clinical applications for anxiety and depression
Fascia the rising star in human movement
The art of relational psychotherapy : enhancing your practice & improving client outcomes
Many steps the origin and evolution of African-American collegiate stepping
A review of popular weight-loss supplements
The latest in trauma treatments : diagnosis, neuroscience & best practices
Personality disorders : the challenges of the hidden agenda
Acceptance & commitment therapy : immediate, effective clinical interventions : that really work!
Psychopharmacology : moods, medication & mental health
10 clinical skills to overcoming overeating : 360 degrees of mindful eating
Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to treat your most challenging client
Toxic anger : quick interventions to defuse your angry clients
CBT : cognitive behavioral therapy techniques for everyday clinical practice
Above and beyond the set and rep
Permission to eat for energy
Goin' to Chicago
Nutrition for optimal performance
Core stability and strengthening facts and myths
Physical activity--why it's so difficult to shift the population needle
Nutritional supplements
Taking back control of your athletic training practice
The role of the exercise professional with post-bariatric surgery patients
The science and practice of body-composition assessment
Blacks & Jews
Big Mama
The science and practice of designing exercise programs for the overweight and obese client
A son of Africa
Ethnic notions black people in white minds
Color adjustment
Obesity in children tackling a growing problem
Blacking up hip-hop's remix of race and identity
The critical power concept implications for the determination of V02 max and exercise tolerance
I didn't want to eat, but my hormones made me
Beyond the hea.dlines delving deeper into hot nutrition topics
Tulia, Texas
Efficacy, safety, and mechanisms of blood flow-restricted exercise
Treatment of acute spondylolysis current trends and controversies
Zora Neale Hurston jump at the sun
Managing sports-related concussion in youth and adolescent athletes
Office assessment of core strength in runners
Richard Wright Black boy
Using progressive disclosure problem-based learning in athletic training education
Black is--black ain't
Black Panther
Muscles and movement in 3-D
Barefoot core workout
Frantz Fanon black skin, white mask
EIM® and you fitness professionals on the front line of the physical inactivity epidemic
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Freedom concert Volume 36, SNCC legacy video 36
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Danny Glover, "the real costs lie ahead". Dinner keynote Volume 35, SNCC legacy video 35
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. in remembrance of Ella Baker, Howard Zinn, and James Forman. Plenary Volume 34, SNCC legacy video 34
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Dick Gregory, "they're asking different questions today". Special program Volume 33, SNCC legacy video 33
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Actions for a new world Volume 32, SNCC legacy video 32
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. The cradle to prison pipeline Volume 31, SNCC legacy video 31
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. come let us build a new world. The Young People's Project Volume 30, SNCC legacy video 30
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. U.S. attorney general eric holder, "the nation's in your debt". Luncheon keynote Volume 29, SNCC legacy video 29
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Congressman John Lewis, "stand up and make some noise". Luncheon keynote Volume 28, SNCC legacy video 28
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. SNCC children speak Volume 27, SNCC legacy video 27
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Joyce Ladner. Plenary Volume 26, SNCC legacy video 26
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. "we had to change the conversation". SNCC and the Black Arts movement Volume 25, SNCC legacy video 25
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. "we knew that we were not free". Highlander, SSOC and organizing in the white community Volume 24, SNCC legacy video 24
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. The Black church and Black struggle Volume 23, SNCC legacy video 23
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. you can do this. Women leaders and oganizers Volume 22, SNCC legacy video 22
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. "a real democratic process". The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Volume 21, SNCC legacy video 21
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Black power, Black education and Pan Africanism Volume 20, SNCC legacy video 20
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Depictions of the movement in popular culture Volume 19, SNCC legacy video 19
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Bob Moses, "we the people". Plenary Volume 37, SNCC legacy video 37
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Bernice Johnson Reagon, "solidarity of past, present and future". Closing program Volume 38, SNCC legacy video 38
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Harry Belafonte, "why can't our children find us?". Luncheon keynote Volume 17, SNCC legacy video 17
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Political impact of SNCC 1964 to 1984 Volume 16, SNCC legacy video 16
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. What was SNCC? How did It evolve over the years? Why did It cease to exist? Volume 15, SNCC legacy video 15
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. The impact and influence of SNCC on American society 1960 to 1968 Volume 14, SNCC legacy video 14
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. "everybody say freedom". Arkansas, Cambridge, Md, Danville, Va Volume 13, SNCC legacy video 13
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. "do you want to be free". Southwest Georgia Volume 12, SNCC legacy video 12
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. "turning to ourselves". Alabama Volume 11, SNCC legacy video 11
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. "we had to be strong". Moving on Mississippi Volume 10, SNCC legacy video 10
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. More than a hamburger Volume 9, SNCC legacy video 9
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. we raised money, we raised hell. Up South Volume 8, SNCC legacy video 8
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. The societal response to SNCC Volume 7, SNCC legacy video 7
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Rev. James Lawson, "we have not yet arrived". Luncheon keynote Volume 6, SNCC legacy video 6
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. The Raleigh civil rights movement Volume 5, SNCC legacy video 5
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. SNCC builds an organization Volume 4, SNCC legacy video 4
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. From student activists to field organizers Volume 3, SNCC legacy video 3
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Early student movement philosophy and activism Volume 2, SNCC legacy video 2
SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference. Opening plenary Volume 1, SNCC legacy video 1
Get on the small ball
Partner medicine-ball training
Pumping nothing
Development, diagnosis & treatment dilemmas with children & adolescents
The essentials of meta-analysis a perspective for the educator and clinician
Exercise and brain function
RSDCRPS tips, tricks, trends & trivia
Office ergonomics take control!
OA tips, tricks, and trivia
A question of color
The evolution of psychotherapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy in the 21st century 14, Evolution of psychotherapy 14
The evolution of psychotherapy. Chain analysis 13, Evolution of psychotherapy 13
The legacy of Dr. Ralph Paffenbarger past, present, and future contributions to physical activity : ACSM select symposium
Junk box warrior
The Japanese sandman
Is it really so strange?
If she grows up gay
I'm starving
I just wanted to be somebody
Hotel Paradijs
Horse dreams in BBQ country
Home for Christmas
Hi Maya
Harsh beauty
Hand on the pulse
Gladys, a Cuban mother
Frontbum dancin'
Framing lesbian fashion
Forever bottom!
Finding family gay adoption in the U.S
Filled with water
Faggots are for burning
Everything in between
Enough man
El abuelo
Educate your attitude
The drive north
Downstream (im fluss)
Do the math
Dissolution of bodies
Different shades of pink
A different kind of black man
Definition Aya de León
Dear Joan
The dead boys club
Dark and lovely soft and free
A crimson mark
Transgender stories
Citizen Nawi
The choice of love
Changing house
A certain grace
Byron Chief-Moon Grey Horse Rider
Boy meets boy
Books of James
Blue diary
Black hair and black-eyed
Bird in the hand
Billy Turner's secret
Before I was sad
And the march continues! y sigue la marcha andando!
Amos Guttman, filmmaker
Alonso's deadline