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Armed for the Challenge
Anchoring Hope
Dinosaur Wars
Wallraf Richartz Museum and Museum Ludwig Cologne
The Whitney Museum Of American Art New York
The State Russian Museum in St Petersburg
The State Hermitage Museum St Petersburg
The National Prado Museum Madrid
The National Gallery of Norway in Oslo
The Harvard University Art Museums Cambridge
The Finnish National Gallery Ateneum Helsinki
The Art Institute Of Chicago
Tate Gallery in London
Swedish National Museum Stockholm
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Skagens Museum Denmark
Picture Gallery Berlin
Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice
New National Gallery in Berlin
New Masters Gallery in Dresden
Neue Pinakothek Munich
National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh
National Gallery Of Art
National Gallery Berlin
Museum of Modern Art New York
Musees Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique
Musee National du Louvre Paris
Municipal Gallery Lenbachhaus Munich
Kunstsammlung Nordrhein Westfalen Duesseldorf
Kunstmuseum Basel
Kunsthaus Zuerich
Hamburger Kunsthalle
Collections in Vienna
Collections in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Atami
Collections in Budapest and Szentendre
Centre Georges Pompidou Paris
Calouste Gulbenkian Museum Lisbon
Timothy's Quest
Thousand Pieces of Gold
The Wind Will Carry Us
The Wanderers
The Unwanted
The Trip to Bountiful
The Surface
The Stunt Man
The Shift
The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea
The Official Story (La Historia Oficial)
The Ninth Configuration
The Night Porter
The Naked Country
The Long Voyage Home
The Little Things
The Last of the Mohicans
The Jonas Project
The Gray Man
The Girl King
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Corsican Brothers
The Coolangatta Gold
The Complete Unarmed Combat Series for Stage & Screen
The Chosen
The Californians
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
The Art of Mixing Sound: Theatre Sound & System
The Art of Mixing Sound: Mixing, Gain Structure & Phase Reversal
The Art of Mixing Sound: Microphones, Micing & Sound Check
The Art of Mixing Sound: Equalizers, Frequency & Processing
The Art of Mixing Sound Collection
Get Out and Under
Fun in Boys Shorts
For Those in Peril
For Heavens Sake
Films by Lynne Sachs: (2010 -2015)
Films by Lynne Sachs: (2002 -2009)
Fear City
Excess Flesh
Eating Out
Eat with Me
Early Harold Lloyd Short Films
Drunk on Love
Dog Days
Film & TV Mimi MachadoLuces
Film & TV Lance Kramer
Film & TV Holly & Paul Fine
Film & TV Christian D'Andrea
Film & TV Caren Cross
Film & TV Aviva Kempner
Director Mel Stuart – The Making of Roald Dahl's original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Death of a Salesman
Dark Diamond
D.A. Johnston: Collected Films
Crazy Murder
Collapse of The Living Dead
Class of 1984
Cinematographer: Documentary, Comedy & News Tom Kaufman
Cinematographer: Documentary, Comedy & News Cuong LeNguyen
Chimes atMidnight
Cassidy Way
Casino Jack
Camilla Dickinson
Breaker Morant
Blood Punch
Black Magic
Big Eden
Berlin around the Corner (Berlin um die Ecke)
Beginners Guide To Animation: Sculpting Characters With Clay
Bang Bang Baby
Axe To Grind
Ask Father
Art of Screenwriting Collection
Antigone: Rites of Passion
An Eastern Western
All About E
Alan and Naomi
Against the Grain
A View From Behind The Viewfinder: A Day In The Life Of An Eng Camera Person
A Short Film About Love
A Short Film About Killing
A Shock to the System
A Sailor Made Man
A Night in Casablanca
A New York Love Story
A Doll's House
A Boy and His Dog
21 Brothers
Triage in Emergency Medicine
Treating Insect and Animal Bites
Treating Depression
Treat the Patient, Treat the Family
Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom
Transportation Alternatives and the Ecocity
Transiting Planets and the Kepler Mission
Transhumans: Making Living Gods
Traffic Engineering
Tom Osborne: Practice, Organization & Game Strategies
Today's Book Publishing Landscape
Tick-Borne Diseases: A Public Health Menace
Thriving at Work through Behavioral Health
Three Structural Systems for Load Bearing
Thomas Linzey and Mari Margil
Third-Wave Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Thinking Healthy: Weight and Nutrition
Therapeutic Conversations with Families: What's Love got to do with it?
The Young Child as Scientist
The World of Chess
The World Learns from Horace Mann
The Way We Eat: What Food Means
The Value of Great Leadership
The Value in Linking School to Jobs
The United and Divided Israelite Kingdoms
The Triple C: Checklist of Communication Competencies
The Transformability of Information
The Taiwanese Trilogy (and more) by Robert Darroll
The Tactics of Successful Branding
The Spaceship as a Science Fiction Icon
The Self-Publishing Path: When and How
The Secret Life of Mosses
The Secret Life of Leaves
The Search for Life on Exoplanets
The Science Fiction Wasteland
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - Edward Fitzgerald
The Rise of the Science Fiction Pulps
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Rich-and-Poor Learning Cycle
The Reward in Risk
The Reign of Herod the Great
The Rediscovery of the Mind
The Reality of Money
The Reality of Atoms
The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe
The Railroad
The Promise and Perils of Social Media
The Problem with Teaching's Best Practices
The Problem Solving Process: Make Up Your Mind
The Power of Superior Operations
The Plain Old Telephone Service
The Origin of Life
The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
The Nemesis of Mankind: HIV and AIDS
The Mysterious Etruscans
The Motivation-Performance Connection
The Missing Piece in an Emergency Diagnosis
The Mikado
The Long Reach of Logistics
The Language of Business
The Korean Trilogy by Robert Darroll
The Kingdom Protista: The Dazzling World of Living Cells
The Jewish Diaspora and the Golden Rule
The Jewish and Samaritan Schism
The Internet and Virtual Reality
The Internal Combustion Engine
The Hebrew Scriptures and the Septuagint
The Hawthorne Legacy - The Scarlet Letter
The Hawaiian Islands and Maui's Haleakala
The Greenhouse of the Future
The Great Works of Sacred Music
The Great Blunders: Four Paths to Failure
The Golden Age of the Science Fiction Novel
The Golden Age of Science Fiction Stories
The Golden Age of Polyphony
The Global Telecommunications Network
The Global Challenge to Educate
The Futures of Robotics
The Future of Science Fiction
The Foundations of Civil Society
The Figure: The Head, Hands, and Feet
The Figure: Drawing Projects
The Figure: Artistic Anatomy
The Figure: A Canon of Proportions
The Etruscan World Falls Apart
The Etruscan Banquet
The Economics of Uncertainty Series
The Dynamics and Mechanics of Mitosis
The Dynamic World of Infectious Disease
The Drivetrain
The Development of Human Music Cognition
The Decisive Moment in Photography
The Dakota Badlands
The Complexities of Musical Rhythm
The Caring Brain
The Business Cycle's Wheel of Fortune
The Building Envelope
The Book Publishing Contract
The Big Picture in Emergency Medicine
The Beauty of Diagrams
The Artifact as a Science Fiction Icon
The Art of Grilling
The Art of Effective Communications
The Arrival of Robot Autonomy