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U.S. troops landing at Daiquiri, Cuba
Troop ships for the Philippines
Fifth Avenue, New York
The first sleigh ride
American falls from above, American side
The burning stable
Feeding the doves
Inventor Edison sketched by world artist
Mess call
Fatima, muscle dancer
Shooting the chutes
Annabelle serpentine dance
Dickson violin
Israel Museum in Jerusalem
The rooftops of Paris
The messengers
The lost Carracci
The gold toute
The giant of Millau
The Favelas
The art theft of the century
The art of time
The Amazon River
Stanley Spencer :the resurrection, Cookham
A zed & two noughts
7 Colours
Cello concert in D, Hob. VIIb:2
Mark-Anthony Turnage :getting scorched
Kronos Quartet :in accord
Mazurka in A minor, op. 67 no. 4
Mazurka in A flat opus 59 no. 2
Marta & György Kurtág in concert
Lysistrata.Glow-worm Idyll
Les brigands :opéra-bouffe en trois actes
La traviata
La campanella :(transcendental study)
Kuhmo festival for chamber music.String quartet no. 3 in E flat minor, op. 30
Kuhmo festival for chamber music.String quartet no. 2
Kuhmo festival for chamber music.String quartet no. 1 in D, op. 11
Kuhmo festival for chamber music.String quartet no. 1 in C major, op. 49
Kinderszenen, op. 15
Suor Angelica :Kerstmatinee 1999
The dare-devil
The dare-devil
A dash through the clouds
A dash through the clouds
The water nymph [with commentary]
The water nymph
The vagabond
The pride of Pikeville
The pawnshop
The immigrant
The extra girl
The adventurer
Run, girl, run [with commentary]
Run, girl, run
His marriage wow
Gymnasium Jim
Galloping bungalows
Down on the farm
Broke in China
Behind the screen
Bangville police
Bangville police
A rainy knight
A rainy knight
A fishy affair
A fishy affair
The dentist
Don't play bridge with your wife
Bedrooms and hallways
Nullarbor hideout
The prophet :a Passover celebration
Four Corners: Tough Calls
Customer Service - Make it Easy
The Factory Controller
Ebac Dehumidifiers
The Entrepreneurs: An American Adventure
400 Miles to Freedom
Grace Kelly
All About Olive
Abe Osherof :one foot in the grave, the other still dancing
Remarks on presenting the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Human Rights and the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Ceremony presenting the Congressional Gold Medal to the Little Rock Nine in the east room at the White House, November 9, 1999
The Telegram Man
Chateau Chunder
The Woman Suffers
The Kid Stakes
The Hero of the Dardanelles
The Birth of White Australia
Diggers in Blighty
Always Another Dawn
First Impressions
The Human Race - A Race Across Australia
Freedom Stories
A Nation is Built
Treeless Mountain
The Personals
The Nightingale
The Missing Picture
The King of Masks
The Iron Monkey
The Hidden Blade
The Clone Returns Home
The Blind Menace
Dance of the Drunken Mantis
Boiling Point
Black Sun - 1937 Nanking Massacre
The Reign of Emperor Akbar
The Process of Dying in Tibetan Buddhism
The Partition of 1947
The Origins and Rise of Jainism
The Origins and Rise of Buddhism
The New Pakistan
The Mughals and the Marathas
The Mauryan Empire
The Issues and Events of 1857
The Fastest Changing Place on Earth
The British Raj and Early Nationalism
Epic Literature: Ramayana
Epic History: Mahabharata
Earliest History of the Indian Subcontinent
Dharma in the Bhagavad Gita
Deccani and Southern States
Death and Syncretism in China
Confucian Remembrance, Daoist Forgetting
Competing European Empires
Caste: Varna and Jati
Brahmanic Synthesis
A History of India
Tokyo Techno Tribes
This Kind of Love
The Two Horses of Genghis Khan
The Sisters of Ladakh
The Nuclear Requiem
The Girls from Phnom Penh
The Enduring Passion for Ink
The Barber
Disenchanted Forest
Death by China
Daughters of Wisdom
China Urbanisation Migration and Related Issues
Chau, Beyond the Lines
Burma VJ
Bomb Hunters
Bolinao 52
East India Company Episode 2
East India Company Episode 1
East India Company
Bali Indonesia
Autumn Gem
Angkor's Children
A Political Life
Tokyo Drifter
The Other Side of the Mountain
The Isle
City on Fire
Branded to Kill
Apur Sansar
Adrift in Tokyo
A Hard Day
7 Grandmasters
200 Pounds Beauty
The War Remembered
Easy Like Water
Boots on the Ground
A Loving Friend: Exposing Protection of Pedophiles Within the Arts Elite
Toxic Tears
This World: Psychic Vietnam
This Darling Life : In Search of Dog's Best Friends
The Zen Mind
The Yoga Gurus
The Shaolin Kid
The Last Clan
The Hungry Tide
The Empty Mind - Martial Arts and Mental Connection
The Blazing Heart - Saint Amma Sri Karunamayi
The Black Road - The Fight for Political Independence in Indonesia
Find Me - Adopting Children from China
China Quake
Chen Village
Catching the Sun - The Solar Energy Industry
Below the Wind - Fishing in Indonesia
Art of the Japanese Sword
Arirang - Korean director Kim Ki-Duk
Apple's Broken Promises
A Natural Way - Traditional Medicine and Natural Ways of Healing
A Gesar Bard's Tale
Rocks in my pockets
The Dreaming Series 6
The Dreaming Series 5
The Dreaming Series 4
The Dreaming Series 3
The Dreaming Series 2
The Dreaming Series 1
The story of Rosy Dock
The safe house
Enter the school
Bruce Petty collection.Leisure
Cape Verdean Music Classics
To Educate a Girl
The Tea Trail with Simon Reeve
The Boy From Geita
China Remix
Chilly on the Lips
Big Men
Beautiful Tree, Severed Roots
An Opera from the Indian Ocean
A Blooming Business
Ghosts of Rwanda
The Law (Tilai)
Funeral Festivities
Friend, Well Come!
Thing With No Name
The Shore Break - The Pondo People of South Africa
The President vs. the Pirates - Politics in Somalia
The Cows of Dolo Ken Paye - Resolving Conflict Among the Kpelle
The Chikukwa Project
Forsaken Cries: The Story of Rwanda
Delicious Peace Grows in a Ugandan Coffee Bean
Congo's Women Warriors
Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death
An African Election
African Christianity Rising Part Two: Stories from Zimbabwe
African Christianity Rising Part One: Stories from Ghana
African Christianity Rising
A Common Enemy - The Future of the Arab Spring is at Stake
U.S. troops landing at Daiquirí, Cuba
San Francisco disaster
Road building in Mammoth Cave National Park
President Roosevelt crossing the field
President Roosevelt and the rough riders
Panorama, Union Square, San Francisco
Over route of Roosevelt parade in an automobile
Mckinley and party
Kindergarten ball game
Drill by Providence police
Cutting sugar cane
A trip on the Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton railroad
U.S. battleship "Oregon"
Bucking bronco
Boat race
The president's carriage