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The Last Prayer? - Christians in the Middle East
The Last Battle of the Teheran Children
Fire Lines - Palestinian and Israeli Firefighters Working Together
Burj Al Arab: 7 Stars are not Enough
Born in Gaza
Afghanistan Through Women's Eyes
A Stone's Throw from Prison
A Sinner in Mecca - Challenging Faith in the Face of Adversity
A Requiem for Syrian Refugees
The Porn Factor
The Good Old Naughty Days
Dying to do Letterman
Channels of War
Celebrity: Dominick Dunne
Adventures in Comedy
9 to 5 Days in Porn
8 Bit Generation
The comb :from the museums of sleep
The Second Mother
The Crow's Nest
Three Voices
The Years of Fierro (Los Anos de Fierro)
The Suffragettes
The Return Of Ruben Blades
The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz
The Queen of Condoms
The Black Roots of Salsa
From the Bottom Up
Fidel: The Untold Story
Double Barrel
Dirty Paradise
Damiana Kryygi - The Story of an Ache Girl
Beauty Factory
Black in Latin America - Mexico & Peru: The Black Grandma in the Closet
Black in Latin America - Haiti & Dominican Republic: An Island Divided
Black in Latin America
Eternal Amazon (Amazonia Eterna)
Discover Latino History & The History of Mexico
The Immigration Paradox
Free Flight - Protecting natural resources in Honduras
¡Guitarra! - The Guitar in Spain - Episode 2 - The Baroque Guitar
¡Guitarra! - The Guitar in Spain - Episode 1 - The Golden Age
¡Guitarra! - The Guitar in Spain
Tickle in the Heart
The Sturgeon Queens
The Ruins of Lifta
The Price of Kings: Shimon Peres
Freedom Fighters of Nili
Broadway Musicals
Bird in the Room - An Israeli Family of Poets
50 Children
The Legacy of Jedwabne: The Destruction of a Jewish Community
The Longing - The Forgotten Jews of South America
Merian C. Cooper :reminisces
Make time for you!
Improving behaviour with engaging teaching
Keys to getting hired.Episode 1,Job search steps that get results
Energy psychology & brainspotting under the microscope :the new era of brain-based psychotherapy
Moral values and effective leadership
Sun salutations :blending yoga forms
Squats and lunges :dispelling myths through mechanics
Functional pediatric pain
Frontline ethics :issues in mental health and substance abuse counseling
Engaging juvenile offenders in a therapeutic relationship
Empowering people with mental illness through treatment planning
Deep, dark secret :a closer look at mental illness in the African American community
Profile of success :Laurie Benson, Inacom Information Systems
Brief treatment in employee assistance settings
Part 3,Daily Care and Troubleshooting.Tube Care
Part 3,Daily Care and Troubleshooting.Troubleshooting
Part 3,Daily Care and Troubleshooting.Gastrostomy Daily Checklist
Part 3,Daily Care and Troubleshooting.Balloon Maintenance
Part 2,Administering Formula and Medication.Administering Medication
Part 2,Administering Formula and Medication.Administering Formula
The Documentation Process
Health Care Plan
Communicating The Facts
Legal Aspects
Hipaa Mandates
The Ramirezes
The Kims
A Changing Population
The Digestive System
Caring for Patients with Special Needs.Providing Safe Hospital Care
Day Two P.O. 2:15 p.m
Caring for Patients with Special Needs.Implementing the care plan
Communicating with the Hearing Impaired
Day to day care giving
Comfort activities
Aortic regurgitation
Age appropriate considerations
Complications of venipuncture
Basic Oxygen Administration.High-Flow Oxygen Administration
Calculating parenteral dosages
Characteristics of wheezing
Characteristics of stridor
Characteristics of pleural friction rub
Characteristics of fine crackles
Characteristics of coarse crackles
Sterile drapes
Preparing the Sterile Field
Cultural Awareness in Healthcare.The CLAS standard 7
Part 3,Daily Care and Troubleshooting.Nasogastric Daily Checklist
Part 1,Tube Identification.Nasogastric Feeding Tubes
Patients Health Care Record
Documentation :Legal and Administrative Considerations
Verifying tube placement
Nasogastric tube indications, nasogastric tubes
Intubation supplies
Documenting and recording intubation procedure
Kinds Of Stomas
Giving Assistance
Discharge Day 1:30 p.m
Day Two P.O. 7:30 a.m
Day One P.O. 8:20 p.m
Topical anesthesia
Standard precautions
Butterfly with tubing
The surgical technician
The circulating nurse
Closed hand gloving and tying the gown
Fourth generation cephalosporins
Antiviral therapy
Part 1,Tube Identification.Gastrostomy Tubes
Part 1,Tube Identification.Feeding Tube Components
Formative assessment in content areas.2,Middle school
Lime :Mortars, Renders, and Plasters
House 1905
Historic English Carpentry :Traditional Green Timber Buildings
A Brief History of Housing
Dancetime! social dance.Vol 1,15th-19th centuries :Research section of the video showing original sources for the dance steps
Hip flexion
Shoulder flexion
MCP flexion
Tips on reading the goniometer
Setting up a risk assessment
Post-fall assessment
Monitor progress
Incident reports
Fall risk education
Fall prevention protocols
Exercise is medicine
Emotional deepening process
Medical and lateral epicondylitis :biology vs beliefs
Contracture management of the elbow :etiology, mobilization and orthotic management
Osseous injuries of the elbow
Anatomy & biomechanics of the elbow
How to calculate heart rate on the EKG
Autonomic nervous system effects
Mobitz type 1 or Wenckebach phenomena
Junctional dysrhythmias
First degree heart block
High School
Middle school
Elementary school
Somatic symptom and related disorders
Sexual dysfunctions
Paraphilic disorders
Other conditions
Neurodevelopmental disorders
Neurocognitive disorders
Personality disorders
Impulse and conduct disorders
Eating disorders
Dissociative disorders
Addictive disorders
The Act Of Teaching, Part II :Physical And Vocal Exercises
Technically Speaking :Making Complex Matters Simple
The Art Of The Lecture: Justice, A Harvard University Course In Moral Reasoning
From Questions To Concepts :Interactive Teaching In Physics
Overview of the Joint Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
Applying the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing in Education Policy and Accountability Settings
Contemporary Persian ballet.Vol. 1
Sign in, Public address
Rules Covering Conversations
Messages and reminders
Informational storage
Enhancing confidentiality
Computer security
Umbilical catheterization
Simple Removal of a Foreign Body
Reduction of Simple Dislocation
Giving Immunizations
College-Level Placement Testing and the Common Core
Classical Persian dance.Level II
Pulmonary ejection
Diastolic opening snaps
Aortic ejection
Building Mathematical Competencies in Early Childhood
Breathwork practices to regulate energy level and arousal in children & adolescents
Basic ballet movement skills.Lesson 3,The balancé :sideways, backward, forward, turning
Auscultation basics : tips and techniques for performing an auscultation assessment
Assessing vesicular breath sounds
Assessing bronchovesicular breath sounds
Anterior landmarks for assessing tracheal breath sounds
Describing the qualities of breath sounds : pitch, intensity, duration and complexity
Characteristics of adventitious breath sounds : crackles, wheezes, stridor and pleural friction rubs
Tetralogy of fallot
Assessment and treatment of the jaw :putting it all together: sensory, feeding and speech.Part 2
Assessment - with a Touch of Class
introduction to transmission-based precautions
risk assessment : skin integrity
risk assessment : preexisting conditions
risk assessment : latex allergy
risk assessment : diagnostic procedures
risk assessment
planning for infection control
introduction to standard precautions
La diversité des appuis dans la danse contemporaine au travers de la danse de Peter Goss
Types of Penicillins
Editing aesthetics
Basic video production : lighting.II
Basic video production : editing
Basic video production : audio.II
Basic video production : audio.I
Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access.Part 2
Ultrasound-Guided Vascular Access.Part 1
Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia :Lower Extremity Nerve Blocks
Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks for the Emergency Physician
Ultrasound-Guided Musculoskeletal Injection Techniques
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Wrist and Hand Pathology
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Neonatal Spine
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Knee Pathology.Part 2
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Knee Pathology.Part 1
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Foot and Ankle
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Elbow Pathology
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Appendix
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Ankle and Foot
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Abdominal Aorta
Ultrasound Evaluation of Heart Failure and Left Ventricular Dyssynchrony
Ultrasound Evaluation of Heart Failure
Ultrasound Evaluation of Hand and Wrist Pathology
Ultrasound Evaluation of Gynecological Pathology
Ultrasound Evaluation of Dialysis Access Grafts
Ultrasound Evaluation of Aortic Endografts