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Group Studies and Social Psychiatry
Chrysalis '86 : The Development of a Therapeutic Group
Breaking the Silence : The Generation After the Holocaust
At the Edge of a Desert : Renegotiating a Contract
Aspects of Ego Development : Competence
Angels Don't Have Headlights : Children's Reactions to Death in the Family
An Example of Mental Health Consultation
Some General Reactions of a Human and a Chimpanzee Infant after 6 Months in the Same Environment
Experiments Upon a Human and a Chimpanzee Infant after 6 Months of Association in the Same Environment
Comparative Tests on a Human and a Chimpanzee Infant of Approximately the Same Age
The Smiling Response : An Experimental Investigation into the Ontogenesis of Social Relations
Somatic Consequences of Emotional Starvation in Infants
Shaping the Personality : The Role of Mother-Child Relations in Infancy
Motherlove, The Baby's Greatest Need
Grief, A Peril in Infancy
Genesis of Emotions
Birth and the First Fifteen Minutes of Life
Anxiety : Its Phenomenology in the First Year of Life
Function of the Brain (Behavior of Animals and Humans)
Dr. Hans Eysenck
Richard Evans' Dialogue with Viktor Frankl
Rollo May's Discussion With Richard Evans : Reactions to Psychoanalytic Concepts
Rollo May's Discussion With Richard Evans : Maturity and Creativity
Rollo May's Discussion With Richard Evans : Anxiety, Love, Will, Dying
R. D. Laing's Discussion With Richard Evans : Reactions and Reflections
R. D. Laing's Discussion with Richard Evans : Dilemma of Mental Illness
Discussion with Dr. Carl Jung : Introversion-Extraversion and Other Contributions
Psychological Dialogue with Playright Arthur Miller : Part 2
Psychological Dialogue with Playwright Arthur Miller : Part 1
Jung Speaks of Freud
Dr. J B Rhine : Part 2
Dr. J B Rhine : Part 1
Dr. Carl Rogers : Part 1
Konrad Lorenz's Discussion with Richard Evans : Reactions and Reflections
Konrad Lorenz's Discussion with Richard Evans : Motivation
Konrad Lorenz's Discussion with Richard Evans : Ethology and Imprinting
Konrad Lorenz's Discussion with Richard Evans : Aggression
Managing Conflict
Language and Discrimination : Beyond Political Correctness
Handling Aggression
Equality and Diversity - Dr. Neil Thompson on PCS Analysis
Creative Problem Solving
Two : The Story of Roman and Nyro
Beautifully Scary : Contemporary Music in America
Why They Kill
Conducting Light : Part 2
Conducting Light : Part 1
Pattern Development
Painting Highlights
Fundamentals of Scenic Painting
Firearm Safety Onstage
Conducting Light on a Shoestring
The Stage Fight Director
Blocking a Scene : Basic Staging With Actors
Speak for Yourself : A Dynamic Vocal Workout
Advanced Voice Workout
Voice Workout for the Actor
Playing Period
Performing Shakespeare : Techniques to Personalize and Energize the Scene
What's the Score : Text Analysis for the Actor
Holly Alvarado
Danielle Lang
Liz Young
Marge Piercy
Dr. Waldo Fielding
Lynne Hanley
Gaylon Alcaraz
Valarie Peterson
Lessons from Joan
Re-Viewing Assumptions : A Dialogue About Phenomena That Challenge Our World
Transgenerational Systemic Effects (Volume 5)
Hidden Family Dynamics (Volume 6)
Grieving for Children (Volume 4)
Blind Love - Enlightened Love (Volume 3)
Adoption (Volume 1)
The Case of Terri : Mobilizing Resources in Hypnosis - A Clinical Demonstration of Hypnosis in Building Personal Resources
The Case of Sol : Hypnotic Intervention for a Man Suffering Co-Morbid Depression and Anxiety
The Case of Myra : Hypnosis as a Context for Self-Discovery
The Case of Carol : Possibilities and Probabilities In Hypnosis - A Clinical Demonstration of Hypnosis in Empowering Decision-Making
The Case of Bob : Hypnotically Generating Therapeutic Possibilities
Hypnosis and Exploring Options : A Clinical Demonstration Teaching Session With Consuelo
Advanced Hypnotic Induction
Emotional Impact : Principles and Practice
The Shit Painter
The Oedipal Son
The Caretaker
The Adolescent Liar
The 12-Year-Old Who Is Afraid of Ghosts
Support Systems That Disempower Welfare Families
Puerto Rican Family With Son Who Has Asthma
Peter : Institutionalization of Children
One Plus One Equals Zero
Homes Without Doors
Foster Care
Cutting Wires
Anorectic Families
A Violent Father
Nature Dazzles
Post Operative Benefits of Animal Therapy
Animal Therapy During Cancer Treatment
Human-Animal Interaction and the Role of Oxytocin
Animal Therapy Case Study - PTSD
Animal Therapy Case Study - Carol
Institutional Animal Therapy Case Study - VCU Health
Agriculture Breakthroughs
Business Ethics
Underage Drinking
Health Risks and Benefits of Alcohol Consumption
Smiley Faces and Food
How Old is That Kid with The Smartphone?
Sitting and Standing at Work
Adverse Effects of Marijuana Use
What is the definition of Moderation?
Top 50 Food Questions : What Is Organic Food?
Top 50 Food Questions : What Is the Difference Between Sell By and Use By Dates?
Top 50 Food Questions : If Omega 3s are good are Omega 6s better?
Top 50 Food Questions : Does Meat contain Antibiotic Residue?
Top 50 Food Questions : Pesticides on Fruits and Vegetables
Mind Your Health : Get Help
Mind Your Health : Live Well
Mind Your Health : Survey Your Health
Mind Your Health : Stick With a Plan
Romeo and Juliet in Harlem
Appomattox Courthouse
Port Canaveral
Trail of Tears
On Great White Wings (Wright Brothers)
Fort McHenry
Blue Ridge
Grand Canyon
Valor in the Pacific (Pearl Harbor)
Utah Beach (D-Day)
Tuskegee Airmen
America's Documents of Freedom 1862-1870
America's Documents of Freedom 1798-1814
Inventors That Changed America—On the Go and Medical Milestones
Rocks and Minerals
Seeds and Plants
Ecosystems and Biomes
Irregular Verbs
Verb Basics
Gender and Nouns
ABCs and Handy Phrases
Approaches to King Lear
King Lear Basics
The Characters of Macbeth
Macbeth Basics
Othello as a Tragedy
Othello Basics
Hamlet Themes
Hamlet Basics
Romeo and Juliet
Titus Andronicus
What Is Tragedy?
Intro to Shakespeare
Possessive Adjectives
Tener and Querer
Present Indicative
Demonstrative Adjectives
Descriptive Adjectives
Time and Date
Ser and Estar
Articles and Pronouns
Greetings and Small Talk
Numbers and Counting
Capitalization and Accents
Alphabet Pronunciation
Sistema Endocrino y Reproductor
Sistema Digestivo y Urinario
Sistema Respiratorio y Linfatico
Sistema circulatorio
Ojos and Oídos
Sistema Nervioso
Trabajo y Energía
Movimiento circular y momentum
Cinemática Fisica
Las Bases
Why Are Earthquakes Produced?
What Is the Sea Like?
What Are Volcanoes?
What Are Glaciers?
The Water, Phosphor, and Sulfur Cycles in Nature
The Planet Earth
The Nitrogen and Carbon Cycles in Nature
Atmospheric Phenomena
Atmospheric Contamination
The Antarctic
Taste and Smell
The Sense of Sight
The Human Ear
What Is Blood?
The Skeleton
The Liver
The Kidneys
The Human Heart
How Is a Human Being Formed?
The Brain
What Are Stars?
What Are Comets?
The Sun, Source of Energy and Life
The Solar System
How Do Telescopes Work?
Sea Transport
The Movie Industry
Milestones In Medicine : Part 2 (Vaccines and Antibiotics)
Milestones In Medicine : Part 1 (Asepsia, Anesthesia, and Surgery)
Land Transport
How Is Traffic Organized?
How Does Space Travel Work?
How Does an Airplane Work?
Exploratory Spaceships
The Computer Revolution
Civil Engineering
Buildings and Their Materials
Air Transport
What Is Nuclear Energy?
What Is Light?
What Is Kinematics?
What Is Electricity?
Voyage to the Heart of Matter
Temperature and Heat (Laws of Thermodynamics)
Putting Dates to the Past
Newton's Laws of Motion