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Report on Progress
Hear hear!
Any other business?
Getting acquainted
Why don't you join us?
Until next time
A formal speech
We might have a deal!
What's your proposal?
Can I help you
Wrapping it up
Pleased to meet you
Tangental speed and centripetal force
Superposition and interference of waves
Standing waves and resonance,Part 2
Standing waves and resonance,Part 1
Speed of sound waves
Smile lift :the prep
What are the options
The Zapotec Way - Dyeing and Weaving at La Grana Tejidos
The Sacred Science: Ancient Amazon Healing Practices
The River That Harms
The Price of Peace - Tame Iti and the Urewera Four
Cimarron Spirit: Afro-Dominican Maroon Culture
Bones of the Forest
Beyond Recognition - Women Preserving Native Culture
Arctic Meltdown, Rising Seas
Another Country - The Yolngu People
Amazonia - Voices from the Rainforest
A Place to Belong
Silver supernova
William Shakespeare
Thomas Edison
Idi Amin
Harry S. Truman
Sigmund Freud
Amelia Earhart
Betsy Ross
Mary Wollstonecraft
John F. Kennedy
John Wilkes Booth
Edgar Allan Poe
Ada Lovelace
Episode 2:Caesar
Episode 5:Constantine
Episode 4:Rebellion
Episode 3:Revolution
Episode 1:Nero
Australia at War 1914-18 :An Account of the Australian Force in the Great War
The Wereth eleven
The Forgetting Game
ARTS in EXILE (Kunst im Exil )
German and Jews
Boy in the Dress
The Happy Hooker
The Ground We Won - Manhood, Friendship & Rugby
The Breast Cancer Diaries
Funny Kinda Guy
Finding Face
Dishonorable Killings
Diary Of A Cheating Man
Chasing Buddha
Big Dream
Beyond Belief
Annie Pootoogook
A Courtship
The Salt Mines - Latina Transwomen in New York
El Canto del Colibri - Latino Immigrant Men and Their LGBTQ Family Members
An Encounter with Simone Weil - French Philosopher, Activist, and Mystic
Althea Gibson AfricanAmerican Tennis Player
The Lord is Not on Trial Here Today - Religion in School
The Girls in the Band - Female Jazz Musicians
Fertility: The Shared Journey with Mercier Therapy
America the Beautiful: The Obsession with Physical Beauty & Its Costs
Am I Too African to be American? Too American to be African?
Great speeches :today's women.Volume 7
Great speeches :today's women.Volume 6
Great speeches :today's women.Volume 4
Martin Ssempa vs. Rick Warren
Elaine Brown Reading
David Hilliard Speaking Engagement And Q&A
David Hilliard Appearance At Snapshot To Talk About Black Panther Art Exhibit
Collection of speeches (edited)
Video recording of the Presidential Inauguration swearing-in ceremony of William J. Clinton
Video recording of President William Jefferson Clinton participating in a question and answer session on the Brown v. Board of Education Decision with students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Beltsville, Maryland
Video recording of President William Jefferson Clinton delivering remarks at the dedication of the World War II Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C
Video recording of President William Jefferson Clinton delivering an address to the nation on the Bosnia peace agreement from the Oval Office at the White House
Video recording of President William Jefferson Clinton delivering a press statement on the attack of the U.S.S. Cole and of the current situation in the Middle East in the Rose Garden of the White House
Vice President Biden talks about one year of the Affordable Care Act
Vice President Biden speaks at the 2014 Tribal Nations Conference
Vice President Biden hosts the ABLE Act event
V.P. Biden on the violence against women act
The president's internet address, July 8, 2000
Shirley Chisholm :lecture
Shirley Chisholm :3 excerpts from presidential run
Sawtooth National Recreation Area and Jerry Peak Wilderness Additions Act, August 7, 2015
Responsible citizenship and the American community
Remarks commemorating the United States Navy role in the Normandy invasion aboard the U.S.S. George Washington in Normandy, France
President Reagan swearing in and inaugural address, United States Capitol Building
President Obama speaks to veterans of foreign wars
President Obama speaks on the nuclear deal reached with Iran
President Obama speaks on Affordable Care Act ruling
President Obama signs H.R. 2146 & H.R. 1295
President Obama on the clean power plan, August 3, 2015
President Obama holds town hall on health care
President Obama designates 3 new national monuments
President Obama delivers a statement on same-sex marriage
President Obama at the ADA 25th anniversary
President Obama & President Clinton, December 10, 2010
President George W. Bush remarks from Barksdale Air Force Base, September 11, 2001
President George W. Bush remarks and signing of No Child Left Behind Education Bill, January 8, 2002
President George W. Bush address to joint session of Congress, September 20, 2001
Malcolm X :exceprt from interview with Louis Lomax
Joycelyn Elders :address at Butler University
James Baldwin :speech on civil rights
Jackie Robinson :excerpts from civil rights rally
Franklin Roosevelt :fireside chat
Eleanor Roosevelt :address to UN on human rights
Franklin Roosevelt :declaration of war
Franklin Roosevelt :4th inaugural
Great speeches video series.Volume 19
Volume 17.John F. Kennedy :American University
Harry Truman :bombing of Hiroshima
Great speeches :today's women.Volume 5
Great speeches :today's women.Volume 2
Fannie Lou Hamer :short clip telling story
Elaine Brown :speech on feminism
Debate :Baldwin vs. Buckley
Two Russian stories of the 19th century, dramatized
Norm and Ahmed
Taming of the shrew
Requiem in D minor KV 626
Beethoven's music to Egmont
Bartabas in Salzburg.Masonic funeral music K. 477
Do I have to kill my child
Concerto grosso for three cellos and orchestra
Etude for left hand in A flat major, op. 36
Ella Fitzgerald swings
Dot's death
C.L.R. James Funeral Celebration of a Life.Tape 7
The history makers.John Cabot :a man of the Renaissance
The adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
Symphonie Fantastique
Sweeney Todd
Ritual athletes of Persia
Producers' showcase.Season 3, episode 9,The great Sebastians
Producers' showcase.Season 1, episode 9,The petrified forest
Piano Concerto No. 4
L'Elisir d'Amore
Las kad
Johannes Brahms :Three Intermezzos Op. 117
How wonderful
Horowitz in Vienna
Gustav Mahler :Symphony No. 3 in D-Moll : The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Gustav Mahler :Symphony No. 2 in C-Moll : The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Gustav Mahler - Symphony No. 9 - The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Fryderyk Chopin :Ballade No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 23
Ercole Amante
Alexander Scriabin :Sonata No. 4
M is for Man, Music, Mozart
Kerstmatinee 2004 :Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest
John Adams :Gnarly Buttons (for clarinet and ensemble)
John Adams :Chamber Symphony
Sondheim! :The Birthday Concert
Part III,Music director and contemporary music
Part II,Musicians and contemporary music
Questions & answers :Sundance Windrider forum
The new food chain :entrepreneurship in the food and beverage industry
The American image abroad
Nuclear test ban :the first step to arms control
Congo :challenge to the United Nations
Presidency and the Constitution.Budget crunch
The media and the military :the agony of decision
Television and terrorism :who calls the shots?
Entertainment news or entertainment?
Athletics and academics :an uneasy alliance
Military and the news media.A matter of intelligence
The business of medicine
Technology rocks the cradle :the troubled pregnancy
Human heart machine
Battered child, battered trust
Ipshita Pall :entrepreneurship in the food and beverage industry
In the face of terrorism.Protecting a free society
Teaching, testing and treatment
Law, order, and the community
Charlotte Dieroff :entrepreneurship in the food and beverage industry
Censorship or selection :choosing books for public schools
Anti-fracking protest finishes at Balcombe
Amrit Singh :entrepreneurship in the food and beverage industry
The future of pilates :panel discussion
Ariadne auf Naxos :opera in one act and a prologue
The turn of the screw :opera in a prologue and two acts
Dante :the journey of our life
Langston Hughes :performance "The weary blues" with jazz accompaniment
The use of a web-based computer examination in athletic training courses
The truth about core training
The TRIADBALL™ and the meridian workout
The new yoga--pilates blend
That's not cardio ... is it?
Teaching the explosive lifts
T'ai chi for health and fitness.Vol. #2,Basic exercises
T'ai chi for health and fitness.Vol. #1,Introduction to T'ai chi
Stretch fusion :core work for function (water fitness)
Stress management for body, mind, and spirit
Strength-ball training
Step! Crackle! Pop!
Sports core :the power water workout
Jazz performances
Fusion For Inclusion Panel Discussion At The University Of New Mexico With David Hilliard
The American voice in poetry
Language & mind
Darwin's revolution in thought :an illustrated lecture for the classroom
Socio-racial roundtable :the ecology of negative imagery, gender roles and racism
God's creation :a course on theology and the environment
Galileo :science, faith, and the Catholic Church
From Augustine to Chesterton and beyond :great spiritual autobiographies
David Hilliard Speaking Engagement And Q&A
Christology :understanding Jesus
Thoughts on managing diversity tension
Example of discrimination towards employee
Aramark's no-tolerance policy on harrassment
Techniques to motivate others to work efficiently
Restoring truth in business
Ron Vos lecture :Hi Frequency Marketing.Importance of creating a corporate identity
Rodney Hunt lecture :RS Information Systems, Inc. (RSIS).Importance of developing corporate culture that can support single parents
Ray Offenheiser lecture :Oxfam.Thoughts on corporate social responsibility and impact of Oxfam on large multinationals
Need for economic reform at all levels within Indian business
Business and political relations between India, Pakistan and Bangledesh
Ratan Tata lecture :Tata Trust.Great potential of China and India
Rajiv Gupta lecture :engineering as a foundation for business leadership.Thoughts on globalization
Promoting heart-healthy eating to optimize cardiovascular nutrition
Physical agent modalities in occupational therapy practice.Part two
Physical agent modalities in occupational therapy practice.Part three
Physical agent modalities in occupational therapy practice.Part one
Physical agent modalities in occupational therapy practice.Part four
Physical agent modalities in occupational therapy practice.Part five
Onesh Subasinghe interview :Opex Holdings.Challenges in adapting to labor practices in Sri Lanka
Nikki Daruwala lecture :American Rights at Work (ARAW).Background of organization, American Rights at Work
Imagination and change :science in the next millennium
Michael Pralle lecture :GE Commercial Finance Real Estate.Expansion of GE commercial real estate's development in Europe
Michael Leven lecture :thoughts on entrepreneurship.Importance of creating corporate culture where people can be successful
Melvin Goldman lecture :venture capital and entrepreneurship in the international arena.VC landscape in Korea and Israel
Medical radiation :controversy and dose reduction tips