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Video : principles and practice. Editing aesthetics
The crew. Art, set decoration & lighting department
The crew. Props, assistant director, continuity
The crew. Paint, sound & fx make-up departments
Video : principles and practice. Basic video production : editing
Video : principles and practice. Basic video production : audio. II
Video : principles and practice. Basic video production : lighting. II
Video : principles and practice. Basic video production : audio. I
Wrestler and the babe ; Making digital movies
PBS NewsHour. chronicles of the struggle of slaves in pre-civil war America (Underground railroad) (February 23, 2005) Road to freedom
PBS NewsHour. Remembering Rosa Parks (Oct. 25, 2005)
PBS NewsHour. 'Slavery by another name' relays the forgotten stories of post-civil war slaves (Feb. 13, 2012)
PBS NewsHour. Taylor Branch - 'At Canaan's edge' (MLK legacy) (Jan. 16, 2006)
PBS NewsHour. Taylor Branch - 'Pillar of fire: America in the King years, 1963-1965' (Feb. 2, 1998)
PBS NewsHour. Organization helps preserve African-American family land (Sept. 17, 2007)
PBS NewsHour. Opening doors and minds (Sept. 25, 1997)
PBS NewsHour. slavery, the civil war, and king cotton (Jan. 25, 2007) New York divided
PBS NewsHour. Mildred Loving, key figure in civil rights era, dies (May 6, 2008)
PBS NewsHour. Known for single act of defiance, Rosa Parks trained for life full of activism (Feb. 7. 2013)
PBS NewsHour. John Lewis - 'Walking with the wind : a memoir of the movement' (July 7, 1998)
PBS NewsHour. Interview with William Jones (author of 'The March on Washington: jobs, freedom and the forgotten history of civil rights') (50th anniversary of March on Washington) (2013)
PBS NewsHour. Interview with Taylor Branch and Shukree Hassan Tilghman (50th anniversary of March on Washington) (2013)
PBS NewsHour. Interview with Paniel Joseph and Bonnie Boswell Hamilton (50th anniversary of March on Washington) (2013)
PBS NewsHour. Interview with John Lewis (50th anniversary of March on Washington) (2013)
PBS NewsHour. Interview with Eleanor Holmes Norton (50th anniversary of March on Washington) (2013)
PBS NewsHour. Honoring civil rights hero Medgar Evers, warrior for U.S. on more than one front (June 5, 2013)
PBS NewsHour. From 'Dark days' to 'Bright nights,' reexamining the civil rights era (Jan 18., 2010)
PBS NewsHour. Desegregation pioneers reflect on education milestone (Little Rock Nine) (Sept. 25, 2007)
PBS NewsHour. Vernon Jordon : 'Vernon can read' (Nov. 26, 2001) Conversation
PBS NewsHour. Dorothy Height : 'Open wide the freedom gates' (July 17, 2003) Conversation
PBS NewsHour. Civil rights leader Andrew Young shares life lessons with new generation (Dec. 14, 2010)
PBS NewsHour. Civil rights historians discuss Martin Luther King Jr. (Book conversation) (Jan. 17, 2005)
PBS NewsHour. Civil rights activist, historian discusses new autobiography (John Hope Franklin) (June 15, 2006)
PBS NewsHour. remembering Dr. Hamilton Holmes (Nov. 1, 1995) Charlayne Hunter-Gault
PBS NewsHour. Author examines the black migration from the Jim Crow south (Sept. 23, 2010)
PBS NewsHour. A 'dream' remembered (August 28, 2003)
PBS NewsHour. Ruby Bridges (Feb. 18, 1997) A class of one
PBS NewsHour. 50 years of military integration (July 31, 1998)
PBS NewsHour. 50 years later - Brown v Board of Education (May 17, 2004)
The designers. Alexander McQueen Volume 2, Episode 6,
The designers. Italy : a family affair Volume 2, Episode 5,
The designers. London city of renegades Volume 2, Episode 4,
The designers. American branding Volume 2, Episode 3,
The designers. Paris : capital of style Volume 2, Episode 2,
The designers. The greatest designers : Paris Volume 2, Episode 1,
The designers. Calvin Klein Volume 1, Episode 13,
The designers. Giorgio Armani Volume 1, Episode 12,
The designers. Donna Karan Volume 1, Episode 11,
The designers. Karl Lagerfeld Volume 1, Episode 10,
The designers. Vivienne Westwood Volume 1, Episode 9,
The designers. Gianni Versace Volume 1, Episode 8,
The designers. Dior Volume 1, Episode 7,
The designers. Halston Volume 1, Episode 6,
The designers. Heavens to Betsey Volume 1, Episode 5,
The designers. Givenchy Volume 1, Episode 4,
The designers. Dior Volume 1, Episode 3,
The designers. Valentino Volume 1, Episode 2,
The designers. Yves St. Laurent Volume 1, Episode 1,
Videofashion news. Moda Milanese Volume 36, Episode 52,
Videofashion news. Globetrotters Volume 36, Episode 51,
Videofashion news. The golden ticket Volume 36, Episode 50,
Videofashion news. The bold & the beautiful Volume 36, Episode 49,
Videofashion news. London loyalists Volume 36, Episode 48,
Videofashion news. Wedding dress dreams Volume 36, Episode 47,
Videofashion news. Movers & shakers Volume 36, Episode 46,
Videofashion news. Oh so '80s! Volume 36, Episode 45,
Videofashion news. Occidental tourist Volume 36, Episode 44,
Videofashion news. Summer sportif Volume 36, Episode 43,
Videofashion news. Contrast stitching Volume 36, Episode 42,
Videofashion news. Flights of fancy Volume 36, Episode 41,
Videofashion news. Making waves Volume 36, Episode 40,
Videofashion news. Land of the rising sun Volume 36, Episode 39,
Videofashion news. Fiber optics Volume 36, Episode 38,
Videofashion news. Sense & sensuality Volume 36, Episode 37,
Videofashion news. Optimum color Volume 36, Episode 36,
Videofashion news. The art of dressing Volume 36, Episode 35,
Videofashion news. Of wings & stings Volume 36, Episode 34,
Videofashion news. All the girls Volume 36, Episode 33,
Videofashion news. Active pursuits Volume 36, Episode 32,
Videofashion news. The swingin' sixties Volume 36, Episode 31,
Videofashion news. Wishing you were here Volume 36, Episode 30,
Videofashion news. Feminine focus Volume 36, Episode 29,
Videofashion news. Metropolitan magic Volume 36, Episode 28,
Videofashion news. Taking shape Volume 36, Episode 27,
Videofashion news. Brit-ish Volume 36, Episode 26,
Videofashion news. Eastern echoes Volume 36, Episode 25,
Videofashion news. Mixed media Volume 36, Episode 24,
Videofashion news. Pleasure principle Volume 36, Episode 23,
Videofashion news. Molto Milano Volume 36, Episode 22,
Videofashion news. Family dynamic Volume 36, Episode 21,
Videofashion news. Thrills & chills Volume 36, Episode 20,
Videofashion news. The wit list Volume 36, Episode 19,
Videofashion news. Haute & holy Volume 36, Episode 18,
Videofashion news. Craft of the titans Volume 36, Episode 17,
Videofashion news. Urban outfitters Volume 36, Episode 16,
Videofashion news. Salon de Paris Volume 36, Episode 15,
Videofashion news. Master remix Volume 36, Episode 14,
Videofashion news. Wedding belles Volume 36, Episode 13,
Videofashion news. The big deal Volume 36, Episode 11,
Videofashion news. Bromance Volume 36, Episode 10,
Videofashion news. Town & country Volume 36, Episode 9,
Videofashion news. Finishing touches Volume 36, Episode 8,
Videofashion news. London's latest Volume 36, Episode 7,
Videofashion news. Attitude adjustment Volume 36, Episode 6,
Videofashion news. Art effects Volume 36, Episode 5,
Videofashion news. Hyper color Volume 36, Episode 4,
Videofashion news. Rebel with a tan Volume 36, Episode 3,
Videofashion news. Prints charming Volume 36, Episode 2,
Videofashion news. Fashionpalooza Volume 36, Episode 1,
Videofashion news. Out of Asia Volume 35, Episode 52,
Videofashion news. Land of luxe Volume 35, Episode 51,
Videofashion news. Gotham girls Volume 35, Episode 50,
Videofashion news. Call of the wild Volume 35, Episode 49,
Videofashion news. Honor roll Volume 35, Episode 48,
Videofashion news. Dark romance Volume 35, Episode 47,
Videofashion news. Beach biz babes Volume 35, Episode 46,
Videofashion news. Glamour puss Volume 35, Episode 45,
Videofashion news. Style souvenirs Volume 35, Episode 44,
Videofashion news. Of wit and whimsy Volume 35, Episode 43,
Videofashion news. New sensations Volume 35, Episode 42,
Videofashion news. Spring training Volume 35, Episode 41,
Videofashion news. Passport to summer Volume 34, Episode 40,
Videofashion news. Ms. muse Volume 35, Episode 38,
Videofashion news. No passport required Volume 35, Episode 37,
Videofashion news. In the deep Volume 35, Episode 36,
Videofashion news. Cool code Volume 35, Episode 35,
Videofashion news. Retro romance Volume 35, Episode 34,
Videofashion news. Savage beauty Volume 35, Episode 33,
Videofashion news. Too cool for school Volume 35, Episode 32,
Videofashion news. London exotic Volume 35, Episode 31,
Videofashion news. Eye touch Volume 35, Episode 30,
Videofashion news. Critical acclaim Volume 35, Episode 29,
Videofashion news. Euro chic Volume 35, Episode 28,
Videofashion news. Camera moda Volume 35, Episode 26,
Videofashion news. Baby, it's cold outside Volume 35, Episode 25,
Videofashion news. The real deal Volume 35, Episode 24,
Videofashion news. Fashion full circle Volume 35, Episode 23,
Videofashion news. Amusement mark Volume 35, Episode 22,
Videofashion news. In the groove Volume 35, Episode 21,
Videofashion news. Grunge gone glam Volume 35, Episode 20,
Videofashion news. Worldwide woman Volume 35, Episode 18,
Videofashion news. Red carpet runway Volume 35, Episode 17,
Videofashion news. Fashion fusion Volume 35, Episode 16,
Videofashion news. Fashion conscious Volume 35, Episode 15,
Videofashion news. Trippin' Volume 35, Episode 14,
Videofashion news. Bright ideas Volume 35, Episode 13,
Videofashion news. Sixties seduction Volume 35, Episode 12,
Videofashion news. The fashionably obsessed Volume 35, Episode 11,
Videofashion news. Style sorcerers Volume 35, Episode 10,
Videofashion news. Tribal council Volume 35, Episode 9,
Videofashion news. Fashion fiction Volume 35, Episode 8,
Videofashion news. Wonder women Volume 35, Episode 6,
Videofashion news. New York turning points Volume 35, Episode 5,
Videofashion news. Dressed to impress Volume 35, Episode 4,
Videofashion news. Global glam Volume 35, Episode 3,
Videofashion news. Working girls Volume 35, Episode 2,
Videofashion news. Primary colors Volume 35, Episode 1,
Videofashion news. Air apparent Volume 34, Episode 52,
Videofashion news. That 70's show Volume 34, Episode 51,
Videofashion news. Who's that lady? Volume 34, Episode 50,
Videofashion news. Art association Volume 34, Episode 49,
Videofashion news. Frock stars Volume 34, Episode 48,
Videofashion news. So Saint Laurent Volume 34, Episode 47,
Videofashion news. Style bouquet Volume 34, Episode 46,
Videofashion news. Asia major Volume 34, Episode 45,
Videofashion news. Boy meets girl Volume 34, Episode 44,
Videofashion news. Splash mountain Volume 34, Episode 4,
Videofashion news. Rogue rules Volume 34, Episode 42,
Videofashion news. Mega moments Volume 34, Episode 41,
Videofashion news. To the point Volume 34, Episode 40,
Videofashion news. Paradise found Volume 34, Episode 39,
Videofashion news. Natural palette Volume 34, Episode 38,
Videofashion news. Natural instincts Volume 34, Episode 37,
Videofashion news. Reel runway Volume 34, Episode 36,
Videofashion news. Destination inspiration Volume 34, Episode 35,
Videofashion news. The covetables Volume 34, Episode 34,
Videofashion news. London's new guard Volume 34, Episode 33,
Videofashion news. New York scenesters Volume 34, Episode 32,
Videofashion news. On the move Volume 34, Episode 31,
Videofashion news. South bound Volume 34, Episode 30,
Videofashion news. Resort reality Volume 34, Episode 29,
Videofashion news. Sun sense Volume 34, Episode 28,
Videofashion news. Bridal bliss Volume 34, Episode 27,
Videofashion news. A New York minute Volume 34, Episode 26,
Videofashion news. American woman Volume 34, Episode 25,
Videofashion news. International appeal Volume 34, Episode 24,
Videofashion news. Back to the future Volume 34, Episode 23,
Videofashion news. Young at heart Volume 34, Episode 22,
Videofashion news. The Manhattan project Volume 34, Episode 21,
Videofashion news. Runway rookies Volume 34, Episode 20,
Videofashion news. Fashion fairytales Volume 34, Episode 19,
Videofashion news. Babe brigade Volume 34, Episode 18,
Videofashion news. Party town Volume 34, Episode 17,
Videofashion news. Fur the record Volume 34, Episode 16,
Videofashion news. Tailor made Volume 34, Episode 15,
Videofashion news. Style celebration Volume 34, Episode 14,
Videofashion news. Art works Volume 34, Episode 13,
Videofashion news. Elegantly engineered Volume 34, Episode 12,
Videofashion news. London landmarks Volume 34, Episode 11,
Videofashion news. Power play Volume 34, Episode 10,
Videofashion news. Maison de la mode Volume 34, Episode 9,
Videofashion news. New York's finest Volume 34, Episode 8,
Videofashion news. Country code Volume 34, Episode 7,
Videofashion news. Cinema verite Volume 34, Episode 6,
Videofashion news. Solo Milano Volume 34, Episode 5,
Videofashion news. Feminine mystique Volume 34, Episode 4,
Videofashion news. Brand royalty Volume 34, Episode 3,
Videofashion news. Luxe in America Volume 34, Episode 2,
Videofashion news. The New Yorkers Volume 34, Episode 1,
White scripts and black supermen black masculinities in comic books
What's race got to do with it?
Sheer good fortune celebrating Toni Morrison
Ralph Ellison an American journey
Ralphe Bunche an American odyssey
Ida B. Wells a passion for justice
Hoxie the first stand
The black press soldiers without swords
Alex Haley
Good hair and other dubious distinctions
Balanchine Foundation video archives. Edward Villella coaching principal roles from 'Rubies' from Jewels
Indonesia art, activism and rock 'n' roll
Premiere, Kym Ellery
Musicmakers. Selling notes
A society sensation
The empty quarter
Karim's Journey
Great romances of the 20th century. Jean Harlow and William Powell Series 2, Episode 1,
Great romances of the 20th century. Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles Series 1, Episode 26,
Great romances of the 20th century. Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks Series 1, Episode 25,
Great romances of the 20th century. Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio Series 1, Episode 24,
Great romances of the 20th century. Marion Davies and William Randolph Hearst Series 1, Episode 23,
Great romances of the 20th century. Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart Series 1, Episode 22,
Great romances of the 20th century. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Series 1, Episode 21,
World wide destinations. Part 3
Great romances of the 20th century. Martha Gellhorn and Ernest Hemingway Series 1, Episode 20, Great Romances of the 20th Century Series 1 Episode 20
Great romances of the 20th century. Oona O'Neill and Charlie Chaplin Series 1, Episode 19,
Great romances of the 20th century. Yvonne and Charles de Gaulle Series 1, Episode 18,
Great romances of the 20th century. Ava Gardner and Howard Hughes Series 1, Episode 17,
Great romances of the 20th century. Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini Series 1, Episode 16,
Great romances of the 20th century. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Series 1, Episode 15,
Great romances of the 20th century. Amelia Earhart and George Putnam Series 1, Episode 13,
Great romances of the 20th century. Nicholas II and Alexandra Series 1, Episode 12,
Great romances of the 20th century. Greta Garbo and John Gilbert Series 1, Episode 7,
Great romances of the 20th century. Clementine and Winston Churchill Series 1, Episode 6,
Great romances of the 20th century. Juan and Evita Peron Series 1, Episode 5,
Great romances of the 20th century. Carole Lombard and Clark Gable Series 1, Episode 4,
Great romances of the 20th century. Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis Series 1, Episode 3,
Great romances of the 20th century. Jacqueline Bouvier and John F. Kennedy Series 1, Episode 2,
Great romances of the 20th century. Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco Series 1, Episode 1,