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Explosive, challenging & resistant kids : over 101 quick, creative techniques for children & adolescents
Narrative intervention for building social-emotional skills and self-regulation in children and adolescents
Self-regulation in children : keeping the body, mind and emotions on task in children with autism, ADHD or sensory disorders
Motivational activities using everyday materials for children with special needs
The power of play : proven strategies for trauma and attachment in children & adolescents
Play, play therapy, and games : engage children in therapy
50 mindfulness techniques for children & teens
The duck hunter
Black ballerina
The golden pomegranate
5 minutes
Mindfulness with millennials
RAI Film Festival 2017. Youth group
RAI Film Festival 2017. Uzu
RAI Film Festival 2017. dress-scapes of Accra Unity
RAI Film Festival 2017. Treasured moments
RAI Film Festival 2017. The way we live now
RAI Film Festival 2017. The last lineage opera in Zhouguan village
RAI Film Festival 2017. Shepherds in the cave
RAI Film Festival 2017. the confluence of Agnack Kanraxël
RAI Film Festival 2017. Ghetto PSA
Campo 9
Breaking the chains
The plague at the Karatas Village
Losing sight of shore
Class of '27 : a new generation in three forgotten places
Cage shuffle (2017)
Pioneers. the bomb that shook the world Roy Glauber
How to work with children. A sensory approach Part 1,
Self regulation : 15 solutions for children 3-15
Brain-based strategies to improve behavior in children
Tantrums, meltdowns & showdowns
Visual tools for children with autism
Defiant children
Executive dysfunction : effective strategies & interventions for children and adolescents
10 classroom activities to enhance executive function and improve task completion
10 brain-based strategies : help children overcome anxiety and promote resilience
10 brain-based strategies : help children in the classroom improve emotional, academic & social skills for back to school
10 brain-based strategies to help children handle their emotions
10 activites to enhance social-emotional literacy in the classroom : transform student behavior from chaos to calm
The narcissism epidemic : consequences and treatment techniques
OCD : ten best treatment strategies for children and adolescents
Couples therapy : advances and challenges in couples therapy today
Being present with pain
The science of mindfulness and compassionate presence
Cultivating presence through mindfulness and compassion
Working with somatic components to overcome trauma related fears of feeling good
Trauma and relationships : when intimacy feels unsafe
Steps toward healing traumatic attachment & borderline personality disorder
Overcoming suicidality, addictive and unsafe behavior
RAI Film Festival 2017. launeddas in tempus di crisi Nodas
RAI Film Festival 2017. Travel
RAI Film Festival 2017. Vom Flössen am Ägerisee
RAI Film Festival 2017. land of Udehe Udehe Boa =
Messages musicaux : le Sénégal en transformation
Boya Boya (Shine Shine)
Entre memorias
Agave is life
Arena. Alicia Alonso and the Cuban National Ballet Classically Cuban
Dance masterclass. Giselle with Peter Wright, Part 2 Episode 4,
Dance masterclass. Giselle with Peter Wright, Part 1 Episode 3,
Dance masterclass. Jane Dudley Episode 2,
Dance masterclass. Sir Fredrick Ashton with Antoinette Sibley, Anthony Dowell, Karen Paisey, Phillip Broomhead Episode 1,
Citizen Jane : battle for the city
The heir apparent : Largo Winch
Snowman's land
Nannerl, la sœur de Mozart
Monsieur Lazhar
Bride flight
Where do you stand? : stories from an American mill
The manuscripts of Timbuktu
Lumumba, la mort du prophète
Faces of the enemy
Collision course
Daniel K. Inouye : an American story
Damiana Kryygi
Max Ophüls' Liebelei 1932
Hawai'i cradled in myth
Reflections of Lana'i
Ho'ala awakening (Hawai'I sovereignty)
Art of community
Le brasier ardent
First dance
George Melies. Melies in HD from the Blackhawk Films Collection Part 1,
Lumiere's first picture shows
The second shepherds' play
Detroit unleaded
Reinventing Cuba
Food of love
Children of God
Fuera de carta
Do lado de Fora
Skoonheid = Beauty
Back soon
Aya arcos
L'âge atomique
American translation
20 centímetros
Mission Pluto
Mars. Crossroads
Mars. Darkest days
Mars. Power
Mars. Pressure drop
Mars. Grounded
Mars. Novo mundo
Genius by Stephen Hawking. Can we time travel?
Genius by Stephen Hawking. Where did the universe come from?
Genius by Stephen Hawking. Why are we here?
Genius by Stephen Hawking. Are we alone?
Genius by Stephen Hawking. What am I?
Genius by Stephen Hawking. Where are we?
Gender revolution : a journey with Katie Couric
Before the flood
Fluid boundaries
Land of storms
Fyra år till = Four more years
Finding me : truth
Finding me
Amor eterno
Elliot loves
Dream on
Cuerpos deshonrados
Sing China!
Perfect cowboy
Seed money : the Chuck Holmes story
"Luv" don't live here
What we have
This is what love in action looks like
El tercero
Nua dhamma chat
Le fil
Soundless wind chime
Snails in the rain
Rabioso sol, rabioso cielo
Un bacio
Ronda nocturna
The night Larry Kramer kissed me
Azul y no tan rosa
Monster pies
Mommy is coming
Mixed kebab
Männer zum Knutschen
Mary Marie
Lose your head
Like cattle towards glow
Jess & James
In bloom
A escondidas
Płynące wieżowce
To be a musician. To be a composer
Copland portrait
To be a musician. To be a conductor
To be a musician. To be a performer
A time out of war
Never give up : the 20th century odyssey of Herbert Zipper
Rose Kennedy : a life to remember
Word into image. Eleanor Perry Screenwriter
Word into image. Carl Foreman Screenwriter
Word into image. Paul Mazursky Screenwriter
Word into image. Robert Towne Screenwriter
Word into image. Neil Simon Screenwriter
Word into image. William Goldman Screenwriter
Into the future : on the preservation of knowledge in the electronic age
Slow fires : on the preservation of the human record
Fighting for life
Anita : speaking truth to power
Lt. Watada : a matter of conscience
Wrestling with angels : playwright Tony Kushner
Sing opera! : the opera "Keepers of the night"
Sing opera! : the documentary
Bird by bird with Annie
Return with honor
Maya Lin : a strong clear vision
The flowering of the crone : Lenora Carrington, another reality
Filmmakers on film. pioneers of the cinema, 1896 to the present Reel women : 10,
Filmmakers on film. Producers on producing 9,
Filmmakers on film. Early directors on directing 8,
Filmmakers on film. Foreign directors on directing 7,
Filmmakers on film. Directors on directing. 6,
Filmmakers on film. Directors on directing. 5,
Filmmakers on film. The producerdirector relationship 4,
Filmmakers on film. Actresses turned producerdirectors 3,
Filmmakers on film. Editors on editing 2,
Filmmakers on film. Screenwriters on screenwriting 1,
Reel herstory : The REAL story of reel women with Jodie Foster. Contemporary reel women
Reel herstory : The REAL story of reel women with Jodie Foster. The talkies
Reel herstory : The REAL story of reel women with Jodie Foster, The silent era
Angkor awakens
Zona intangible
Nunatsiaq : the good land
Qaggiq. Current affairs special (The National Capital Commission's unveiling of the NWT legislature banners)
Qaggiq Special. museum in London Living Arctic
Qanuqtuurniq : finding the balance. I am young, and I am proud Episode 2,
Qanuqtuurniq : finding the balance. Birth, a joyous community event Episode 3,
Qanuqtuurniq : finding the balance. How are we as men? Episode 1,
The mystery of Arqioq
E1-472 Kikkik
Nunavut elders. The elders comment
Nunavut elders. Looking forward
Nunavut elders. Midwife and mentor
Nunavut elders. Healing for life
Nunavut elders. Shadow spirits
Nunavut elders. Outpost camp
Nunavut elders. Words of wisdom
Kitikmeot Inuit Association
Nunavut Inuit. Uvagut band
Nunavut Inuit. Simon Tookoomee
Nunavut Inuit. Robert Tatty
Nunavut Inuit. Qinnaujuaq Ashevak
Nunavut Inuit. Pihujui Martina Anoee
Nunavut Inuit. Peter Ittinuar
Nunavut Inuit. Pauloosie Kooneeliusie
Nunavut Inuit. Naomi Iqqilik and Winnie Pookoomiraq
Nunavut Inuit. Nancy Karetak-Lindell
Nunavut Inuit. Mariano Aupilardjuk
Nunavut Inuit. Kananginaak Pootoogoo
Nunavut Inuit. Charlie Panigoniak
Kiviu's journey. The two sisters Episode 5,
Kiviu's journey. Sister Pelagie Episode 4,
Masterpiece. The mystery of Edwin Drood. [Part 1]
Masterpiece. Anna Karenina. [Episode 2]
Masterpiece. Anna Karenina. [Episode 1]
American experience. The abolitionists. [Part 3]
American experience. The abolitionists. [Part 2]
American experience. The abolitionists. [Part 1]
Masterpiece. The mystery of Edwin Drood. [Part 2]
Masterpiece. Great expectations. [Part 3]