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Manual therapy techniques :theories underlying the techniques and the evidence to support
Manet [1832-1883]
Managing Remotely
Managing problem people :behavioural skills for leaders.Silent Sam
Managing Multiple Sites
Managing Inventory
Managing difficult situations
Managing Change Successfully
Managing Boundaries
Managing and Coping with Stress
Managing Aggression in the Workplace
Management series.Productive meetings
Man, moment, machine.Alexander Graham Bell & the astonishing telephone
Man with a movie camera
Man who makes his own glaciers
Man in the glass booth
Man in space
Malvey :no cash in the mattress but handy in house
Maltz :Facebook search a big disappointment
Male circumcision
Malcolm X's death :other voices
Malcolm X :speech excerpt from Los Angeles
Malcolm X :speech excerpt "Ballot or the bullet"
Malcolm X :Founding Rally of Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) speech excerpt
Malcolm X :"Who taught you to hate?" speech excerpt
Malcolm X :"House Negroes and Field Negroes" speech excerpt
Malaya :fight against the unseen enemy
Malawi :Assessing the Millennium Development Goals
Malaria :fighting back
Making work meaningful
Making upholstery cloth
Making the Pieces Fit :INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications (Firm)
Making the Oprah network profitable
Making the Function Continuous
Making the case for the Keystone XL pipeline
Making the case for investing in Africa
Making history:Episode 23
Making history:Episode 19
Making history:Episode 18
Making history:Episode 15
Making history:Episode 13
Making history
Making Government Work
Making beehives
Making a rubber tire
Making a difference
Make mine freedom
Make a mate
Major natural curiosities of Europe1
Maintenance of roads
Maidentrip.Biking With Mike and Deana
Mahler :Lied von der Erde (Documentary)
Magic bricks
Looking for me
Look, I'm in College!
Long Time No See
Living in limbo :youth out of work and out of school
Live from the Hollywood Bowl :Dudamel conducts Verdi's Requiem
Little Eyolf
Listen up! speaking matters
Life As We Know It
L'heure espagnole
Levitated mass.The public response
Letters from Palestine
Let's dance
Let Me Win :children of the Special Olympics in China
Let Me Be Brave :a special climb of Mount Kilimanjaro
Les Yeux Noirs =Private Eyes
Les Rosbifs
Les Nuits de la Pleine Lune :comedies et proverbes = Full Moon in Paris
Les Hommes Libres =Free men
Les Gazolines :passionnément, à la Folie ..
Les chevaux de Dieu
L'enfant et les sortilèges
Legend of the Storm
Lee Harvey Oswald :48 hours to live
Leaving London Behind
Leaving Greece
Leave Me Alone
Learning to think . . . thinking to learn :the pathway to achievement
Learning APA Format
Leading with vision :6 steps to implementing the Common Core state standards
Leadership strategies for principals
Leadership for differentiating instruction
Le nozze di Figaro :opera in four acts
Laurence anyways
Latino :the changing face of America
Latifah and Himli's nomadic uncle
The backward frontier
Ordinary people, extraordinary ideas
Inventing the future
Desperately seeking solutions
Las marimbas del infierno =Marimbas from hell
Las maestras de la república
Lang Lang live at the Royal Albert Hall
Land of Oil and Water
LAJWANTI aka the honor keeper
Laid to waste :a Chester neighborhood fights for its future
La religieuse =The nun
La Playa D.C
La otra vendimia
La buena vida =The good life
Kwangoho Lee :translating furniture
Kumgai, a village
Kumar Kahon :the gaps of Kumar
Kubu terakhir =Children of Kubu
Konjak Julio =The little conductor
Kochuripana :the soul of water
Know how
KKK :the fight for white supremacy
Kirikou and the sorceress
Aethelstan : The First King of England
The Lady of the Mercians
Alfred of Wessex
Killing Me Softly :The Roberta Flack Story
Ken Corsbie interview
Kawitan :creating childhood in Bali
Kamakha through prayerful eyes
Kalanda :the knowledge of the bush
Kala pani =Across the black water
Kahyangan :the Balinese journey of the soul
Kaho'olawe Aloha 'Āina
Science and Kabbalah
Meditation :Opening the Heart
Women in Kabbalah
June bride :redemption of a Yakuza
Judging Japan
Journalist on the Spot.China Dolls :fragile bodies, strong minds
Join me in Shambhala
John And Michael
Jim Dine :a self-portrait on the walls
Jilel :the calling of the shell
JFK assassination :the definitive guide
Jeju prayer
Jazz from Montreux
Japan, man and nature in Harmony.Shoyu and the secrets of Japanese Cuisine
Japan, man and nature in harmony.Dashi :essence of Japan
Jangan bilang aku gila! =Don't call me crazy
Jane Eyre.Episode 2
Jane Eyre.Episode 1
James Baker :the man who made Washington work
Jag är Ziggy
Jadi Jagoan Ala Ahok =Fight like Ahok
Jacques Roumain :La Passion d'un Pays
It's not about sex
Ishi :the last Yahi
Is this rape? :sex on trial
Is Love Enough?
Iran at a Turning Point
Invitation to dance
Introduction to theology
Introduction to physical agent modalities
Introduction to Islam
I.V. bolus : medication incompatible with solution
I.V. bolus : medication compatible with solution
How and when to discontinue an IV site
How and when to change gauze dressing on a central venous catheter
How and when to change an IV infusion container
How and when to change an IV administration set and how to use an extension set
How and when to change a peripheral IV catheter dressing
Assessing the IV therapy patient and the IV site
Venous spasm
Vein irritation at infusion site
Thrombosis or thrombophlebitis
Severed catheter
Nerve, tendon, or ligament damage
Circulatory overload
Air embolism
Types of IV fluids and how they affect electrolyte balance : Isotonic solution, hypotonic solution and hypertonic solution
The types and purposes of different IV solutions
Steps to follow when preparing the patient for venipuncture
Steps to follow when performing venipuncture on a patient
Selecting an IV administration set : Types and purposes of different IV administration sets
Planning IV therapy : Assessing the patient's condition, diagnosis, and care plan
Methods to secure the IV catheter and steps to follow
IV therapy overview : A review of the purposes and benefits of IV therapy and IV administration methods
IV therapy : Types of venous access devices and following proper guidelines when selecting one
IV site selection in the arms and hands : Considerations to ensure patient safety and comfort
How to properly document a venipuncture procedure
How to label the venipuncture dressing and administration set and ensure patient comfort
Into the shadows
Into the sea
Into the field
Intimate partner violence :understanding factors that impact survivors
Intimate partner violence :creating opportunities to have conversations about it
Interview with Pat Castagne
Interview With David Hilliard
Interview of Nyameka Goniwe by Diana Russell, South Africa, 1987
Instructional strategies for the differentiated classroom.Part 1,Learning contracts
Inside the Obama White House :Brian Williams reports
Inside Alcatraz :legends of the rock
Innovators.2,Project based learning and the 21st century
Innovators.1,Integrating Literacy into Curriculum
Inner images
Infection control in long term care.Precautions.Universal precautions
Protective environments
Full barrier precautions
Droplet precautions
Contact precautions.Indirect contact
Contact precautions
Airborne precautions
Infection control in long term care.Precautions.Transmission-based precautions
Safe injection practices
Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
Infection control in long term care.Precautions.Standard precautions
Other prevention strategies
Other strategies, including immunizations and cough etiquette
Guidelines to clean contaminated spills
Guidelines for safe handling and disposal of linen and trash
Bloodborne pathogens standard
Surveillance requirements
OSHA overview and guidelines
CDC infection control guidelines and NIOSH guidelines
The Joint Commission overview and guidelines
Joint Commission Core Measures and prevention of surgical care infection
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) overview and guidelines
Administrative support
Overview of the OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard
Overview of CDC Standard Precautions for Infection Control :A review of all guidelines and practices
Sharps and needlestick prevention guidelines and standards
Proper handling of lab materials and proper lab practices
Proper cleaning of contaminated spills
Practices for proper handling of linen and trash
Full barrier precautions and protective environments for patients
Droplet precautions for use with infected patients
Contact precautions for use with infected patients
Airborne precautions for use with infected patients
VRE risk factors, causes and treatments
Strategies to prevent the spread of multi-drug resistant organisms (MDROs)
Pseudomonas risk factors, causes treatments and prevention
Overview of multi-drug resistant organisms and the overuse of antibiotics