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Our House
Our brother James
Thailand.Temple of twenty pagodas
Thailand.Harvest at Nong Lub
Thailand.Floating rice
Thailand.Chiang Mai : northern capital
Indonesia.The Bupati of Subang : A Government Official
Indonesia.Marvel : a Jakarta boy
Indonesia.Balinese Gong Orchestra
Indonesia.Azhari Ali : An Acehnese University Student
Indonesia.An Angklung Orchestra
India.Village family : a village in Tanjore
India.Teacher in the sky
India.Swami Shyam
India.Padma : South Indian dancer
India.Bombay movies
Indonesia.The Hasans :a Buginese trading family
Indonesia.Taram :a Minangkabau village
India.Pak Menggung :a Javanese aristocrat
Children of Bangkok
OT :Our Town
Ostrov =Island
The libation bearers
Orchestral manoeuvres in the North
One voice
One River Many Relations :Cree
One question
One Life.episode 2,Dying to Live
One Dollar a Day
One Caribbean music video English
One Caribbean :the first assembly of Caribbean peoples.Day 3, tape 2
One Caribbean :the first assembly of Caribbean peoples.Day 1, tape 2
One Caribbean :Polito's version
One Caribbean :Ophelia's version
One bag too many :self employed taxi boys of Mt. Hagen
One adventure
Another World
Remembrance Day
Keeping the Faith
Taking a Gamble
Moving House
On her own
Oliver Twist.Episode 2
Offset :Seeing Beauty Through a Brain Injury
Offense Taken :A Community Responds to the "R" Word
Off the rails
OCD :The War Inside
OC87 :The Obsessive Compulsive Major Depression Bipolar Asperger's Movie
Pharmacologic Pain Control
Pain Control
Non-Pharmacologic Pain Control
The Onset Of Labor
Labor :Stages Three And Four
Labor :Stage Two
Labor :Stage One
Systemic Fetal Assessment
Monitoring The Fetus
Intrauterine Pressure Catheter
External Electronic Fetal Monitoring
Hypertension In Pregnancy
Preterm Labor
Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding
Taking The Patient's Medical History
Prenatal Care
Physiologic Changes During Pregnancy
Medical Tests
Introduction To The Antepartum Patient
Forceps Delivery
Transition from fetus to newborn
Receiving the healthy newborn
Receiving the compromised newborn
Physiologic changes
Physical assessment
Assessing the C-section patient
Vacuum extraction
Shoulder dystocia
Cesarean section
Obsessive compulsive disorder :a family's perspective
Obsessive compulsive disorder :a clinical intervention
Obsessive compulsive disorder :a client's perspective
Object relations and group psychotherapy treatment
Nursing Negligence.Scene 4
Nursing Negligence.Scene 3
Nursing Negligence.Scene 2
Nursing Negligence.Scene 1
Nursing Negligence.Delegation
Nursing Negligence.Common forms of negligence
Nursing Negligence.4,Harm
Nursing Negligence.3,Cause
Nursing Negligence.2,Breach
Nursing Negligence.1,Duty
What you should know about elopement
Searching for someone or something from the past
Restlessness or boredom
Overview of wandering
Discomfort or pain
Dementia and wandering
Becoming disoriented
Assisting residents who wander
Using mechanical lift
Two person lift from bed to wheelchair
Pivot transfer to wheelchair
Pivot transfer to toilet and back
Pivot transfer to bed
Helping with falls
Assisting ambulation
Offering a urinal
Offering a bedpan
Changing briefs
Bedside commode
Assisting with toileting
Perineal care for a male
Perineal care for a female
Giving a tub bath
Assisting with a shower and shampoo
Bathing preparation
Bathing cleanup and final procedures
Range of Motion Exercises in Lateral or Prone Positions
Range of Motion Exercises for Upper Extremities
Range of Motion Exercises for Lower Body
Individualized Range of Motion Exercises
Importance of Range of Motion Exercises
Developing Individualized Range of Motion Exercises
Completing the exercise process
After Range of Motion Exercises
The supine position
The semi-supine position
The prone position
Side lying positon
Body alignment overview
Shaving the beard
Providing assistance with eyeglasses and hearing aids
Dressing when an IV catheter is in place
Cleaning and trimming nails
Assisting with dressing
Under recognition of pain
Recognizing and reporting signs of pain
Pain management overview
Defining pain
Oral care overview
Oral care for an unconscious patient
Natural teeth
Cleaning dentures
Turning a resident
Moving a resident in a bed
Body mechanics and positioning
Wheelchair scale
Weight and height overview
Mechanical lift scale
Measuring height of patient in bed
Measuring height
Chair scale
Bed scale
Protective gloves
Personal protective equipment
Linen handling
Infectious waste
Blood spills
Urine specimen
Stool specimen
Rectal suppository
Measuring urinary output
Elimination overview
Cleansing enema
Bowel and bladder training
The purpose of documentation
Improper documentation
Documenting and reporting
Documentation overview
Changes in skin
Changes in respiration
Changes in eyes, ears, nose and mouth
Changes in bowels and bladder
Change in pain
Change in ability to respond
Change in ability to perform daily activities
Change in ability to move
Emptying Catheter
Daily Catheter Care
Changing An Ostomy Pouch
Nursing assistant :infection control skills.Hand hygiene
The Peripheral Nervous System
The Central Nervous System
Vertigo, Dizzy Spells
Tremors, Weakness, Incoordination
Subjective Data, Numbness, Tingling
Strokes, TIAs, Atrial Fibrillation
Nursing Assessment.The Nervous System.Subjective Data
Trigeminal Nerves
The Sensory System
The Motor Nerves
Tests for Consciousness and Cognition
Spinal Accessory Nerves
Optic Nerves
Olfactory Nerves
Hypoglossal Nerves
Glossopharyngeal Nerves and Vagus Nerves
Objective Data
An Introduction
The Skeletal System
Subjective Data
Skeletal muscles
Upper Extremities
Lower Extremities
Jaw, Neck and Shoulders
Objective Data
The Male Kidneys and Bladder
The Male Genital Exam
Subjective Data
Breast exam
The Key to Quality Patient Care.End of shift report
Subjective Data
Scarring and keloids
Objective Data.Pressure Ulcers
Objective Data
Assessing nails
Assessing hair
Assess Mobility & turgor
Subject data
Object data
Breast anatomy
Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System
The Stomach
Subjective data
Objective data
Digestive and Abdominal Abnormalities
Assessment of the Patient's Nutritional Status