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Round trip
Roots of health
Roots :a new vision
Roots :a history revealed
Room 514
Romani Snapshots :A Day in Sarajevo
Rockerill :Rekindling the Fire
Robert F. Kennedy :death of Martin Luther King, Jr
Road to Peace
Risky Business.3
Risky Business.2
Risky Business.1
Rigoletto :opera in 3 acts
Richard Cardinal :cry from the diary of a Metis Child
Symphony no. 4 in G major
Piano concerto in G major
Orfeo ed Euridice
Reviving Spinal Cord
Return to Sandakan
Return of the Nightingales :The Afghanistan National Institute of Music, Kabul
Retooling a tradition :a Rajasthani puppet takes umbrage at his stringholders
Resurrection and the Afterlife in the New Testament
Safe Application Of Restraints
Overview Of Restraints
Most Restrictive Restraints
Mitts And Limb Restraints
Dangers Of Restraints
Chair Restraint
Specific Suggestions
Overview Of Alternatives To Restraints
General Suggestions
Finding Alternative Restraints
Responding to student behavior, secondary
Respiratory stress overview
Respiratory distress
Physical assessment
Nursing interventions
Evaluating the severity of respiratory distress
Respiratory anatomy and physiology
Normal and adventitious breath sounds
Research on the Alignment Between Secondary and Postsecondary Standards and Expectations
Reorienting Africa :the Chinese in Ghana
Regresso a Terra
Reflections on Teaching.Teaching Poetry With Helen Vendler
Record store
Recomposed by Max Richter :Vivaldi, The four seasons : live from Berlin
Recognizing abnormal signs and symptoms.Overview
Recognizing abnormal signs and symptoms.Changes in appetite
Rebuiding Indian country
Real Families :diary of a mother on the edge
Reading in the Content Areas
Read Me :Biographical Explorations in the Land of Poets and Thinkers
Youth Professionals Speak of How Environmental Stressors Produce Worrisome Behaviors
Why Working With Teenagers Inspires Us
Why Do We Focus so Heavily on Communication When We Consider Impacting on the Health and Well-being of Teens?
Sexuality: A Normal Aspect of Adolescent Development
Setting the Stage for a Health Professional-Parent-Teen Partnership
Parents as (Positive or Negative) Role Models: Helping Youth Discuss What They Have Learned About Relationships at Home
Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health and Education Are All Interrelated as We Consider the Conditions Needed for Youth to Thrive
Confidentiality for Adolescents in Health Care Settings
Case: A Comprehensive Office-Based Conversation on Healthy Sexuality With a Teen and her Mother
All Adolescents Are Sexual Beings Deserving of Guidance
"Don't, Don't, Don' t!" Does Not Adequately Educate Youth About Healthy and Safe Sexuality
YouthBuild Staff Share How Recognizing Strengths Positions Them to Support Progress
Youth With a History of Homelessness or Unstable Housing Share What They Need From Youth-Serving Agencies
Youth Speak of the Forces That Create Stress in Their Lives
Youth Speak of How Stress Drives Behavior
Youth Advisors (Teachers) From El Centro de Estudiantes
Young People Speak of the Power of Being Viewed Through a Strength-Based Lens and the Harm of Low Expectation
Young Men Need to Learn That Respecting Women and Understanding Female Sexuality Enhances Their Ability to Be Good Lovers
You Only Have to Be Yourself to Work With Youth
Why Youth Act Out ... and What They Really Need
Why Addressing Sexual Behavior During Adolescence Affects Health and Well-being Over the Life Span
Who Should Get Tested for HIV and Other STIs?
When We Are Out of Balance, We Try to "Fix" Rather Than Understand Youth
We Must Not Assume That Well-Resourced Youth Do Not Have Problems
Using Motivational Interviewing to Help Substance-Using Youth Consider Change
Unconditional Love and High Expectations Protect Your Child From Society's Lower Expectations
Trauma-Informed Practice.Part 3,Essential Elements of a Healing Environment: El Centro staff, Covenant House staff
Trauma-Informed Practice.Part 2,The Positive Force That Traumatized Youth Bring to the World: El Centro staff, Covenant House staff
Trauma-Informed Practice.Part 1,What Happens to Youth From Traumatizing Environments?: El Centro staff, Covenant House staff
Trauma Informed Practice : Working With Youth Who Have Suffered Adverse Experiences
Toxic Boundaries: How Seeing People as "Other" Disrupts Our Connections and Diminishes Us
The Tupperware Box: A Case Example
The Second Decade of Life Impacts Health and Well-being Over the Life Span
The Keys to Working With Teens: Respect, Listening, and Recognizing Their Expertise
The Journey From Risk-Focused Attention to Strength-Based Care
The Forces in Teens' Lives That Produce Stress
The Depth of Our Caring Positions Us to Enter the Lives of Youth and to Be Change-Agents
The Circle of Courage: A Strategy for Eliciting Strengths and Addressing Risks
The Adolescent World: Who Said Anything About the Teen Years Being Care Free?
The Adolescent World: Navigating School Pressures
The Adolescent World: Navigating Relationships at Home
The Adolescent World: Navigating a Stressful Environment
The Adolescent World: Comfort With Diversity
The Adolescent World: Building a Family When the One at Home May Have Let You Down
The Adolescent World: Being Held to Low Expectations
The Adolescent World: A Time of Fun and Discovery
Testimony From the Executive Director of YouthBuild Philadelphia
Testimony From the Executive Director of El Centro de Estudiantes
Teens Told What They "Should" Do Will Lose the Ability to Learn What They Can Do
Teaching Young Men About Sexually Transmitted Infections
Stress Management and Coping.Section 4,Making the World Better.Point 10,Contribute
Stress Management and Coping.Section 3,Dealing With Emotions.Point 9,Release Emotional Tension
Stress Management and Coping.Section 3,Dealing With Emotions.Point 8,Take Instant Vacations
Stress Management and Coping.Section 3,Dealing With Emotions
Stress Management and Coping.Section 2,Taking Care of My Body.Point 7,Sleep Well
Stress Management and Coping.Section 2,Taking Care of My Body.Point 6,Eat Well
Stress Management and Coping.Section 2,Taking Care of My Body.Point 5,Active Relaxation
Stress Management and Coping.Section 2,Taking Care of My Body.Point 4,The Power of Exercise
Stress Management and Coping.Section 2,Taking Care of My Body
Stress Management and Coping.Section 1,Tackling the Problem.Point 3,Let Some Things Go
Stress Management and Coping.Section 1,Tackling the Problem.Point 2,Avoid Stress When Possible
Stress Management and Coping.Section 1,Tackling the Problem.Point 1,Identify and Then Address the Problem
Stress Management and Coping.Section 1,Tackling the Problem
Stress Management and Coping.Introduction
Stress Management and Coping
Staff From YouthBuild Philadelphia
Staff From Covenant House Pennsylvania
Sometimes Youth Who Have Survived Adversities Have the Biggest Hearts and Largest Dreams
Setting the Stage for a Trustworthy Relationship With Teens and Their Parents
Setting the Stage for a Long-term Partnership: Focus on Youth With Chronic Disease
Sensitively Performing a Male Genital Examination
Resilience Specialists From El Centro de Estudiantes
Refuting the Damaging Myths About Male Sexuality
Recognizing Youth as the Experts in Their Own Lives Is More Than Humble or Respectful, It Is a Good Strategy for Engagement and Promoting Positive Behavioral Change
Puberty 101
Promoting Condom Use in Young Men
Professionals Offer Healing "Love," But for Youth Who Have Been Mistreated or Let Down, It Is Only Safe With Clear Boundaries
Over-empathizing Can Feel Like Judgment
Older Children and Adolescents Are Capable of Participating in Health Decisions
Motivational Interviewing: OARES
Motivational Interviewing: Making Sure to Uncover the Teen's Perspective
Motivational Interviewing With Adolescents
Motivational Interviewing With a Young Woman With an Eating Disorder
Motivational Interviewing in Substance-Using Youth
Model Discussion With Young Man on Healthy Male Sexuality
Masturbation: If Parents Ignore It and Professionals Ignore It, Who Will Discuss It?
Male Concerns About Sexual Dysfunction and Infertility
Making Inroads With Youth Who Put Up Barriers
Love and Respect Are Key Ingredients to Creating an Adolescent-Friendly Space
Listen to Us : We Understand Our Lives Best
Limiting Empty Calories From Drinks: A Small Step Toward Better Nutrition
It's About the People Who Are Here: The Central Element of an Adolescent-Friendly Space
If We Are to Build Strong Men Destined to Be Good Husbands and Fathers, We Need to Raise Our Sons With Love and Affection
Helping Youth With Chronic Disease Own How Adversity Has Built Their Resilience
Helping a Young Person Own Her Solution: A Case of Using a Decision Tree to Prevent Violent Retaliation
Gaining a Sense of Control: One Step at a Time
Facilitating Adolescents to Own Their Solution: Replacing the Lecture With Youth-Driven Strategies
Ensuring a Space Without Judgment or Low Expectation so Risks and Hopes and Dreams Will Be Shared
Do Not Assume Poor Youth Are Destined to Have Poor Outcomes: Access to Services Strongly Influences Outcomes
Development Is Uneven
Define and Defend Your Priorities: Critical to Managing Stress
De-escalation if Someone Wants to Leave to "Get Even"
De-escalation and Crisis Management: Wisdom and Strategies From Professionals Who Serve Youth Who Often Act Out Their Frustrations
Creating an LGBTQ-Friendly Space
Creating an Immigrant Youth-Friendly Space
Creating an Adolescent-Friendly Space
Creating a Welcoming Space for Young Men
Covenant House Staff Share How Recognizing Strengths Positions Them to Support Progress
Confidentiality Positions Professionals to Support Parents
Checking in on Yourself: What About Your Own Adolescence Might Flavor Your Interactions With Youth?
Case: Social Worker Setting the Stage
Case: Setting the Stage
Case Example: Circle of Courage as a Strategy to Reflect on Strengths After a Full Psychosocial Screen
Case Example: Circle of Courage as a Strategy to First Reflect on Strengths Prior to Addressing Risks
Building Resilience in Your Child
Brain Hygiene: The Very Basics of Stress Management
Boundaries: Essential to Our Healthy Relationships With Youth and Our Professional Longevity
Body Language Conveys Respect or Judgment, Openness or Mistrust, and High or Low Expectations
Beyond Risk Management: Discussing Intimacy and Healthy Sexuality
Behaviors Must Be Seen in the Context of the Lives Youth Have Needed to Navigate
Avoiding Labels: Exploring Attractions, Behaviors, and Orientation
Applied Resilience: The 7 Cs Model of Resilience
An Overview of Trauma-Informed Care
An Intro to Behavioral Change: Youth Will Not Make Positive Choices if They Don't Believe in Their Potential to Change
Among the Hardest Things We Do -- Delivering Bad News
Adolescent Development 101
Adjusting Health Messages for Different Developmental Stages: Using Smoking as an Example
Addressing Demoralization: Eliciting and Reflecting Strengths
Achieving a State of Optimal Health: Stress and the Health Realization Model
A Teen-Friendly Private Practice: Resources, Referrals, and Physical Setting
A Simple Explanation of How Stress Affects the Teen Brain
A Gift to Our Children: Preparing Them to Thrive in a Diverse World
A Gift to Our Children: Preparing Them to Question, Rather Than Accept, Racist or Discriminatory Messages
A Comprehensive Approach to Discussing Healthy Male Sexuality
A Brief Presentation of the 7 Cs Model of Resilience
"What Works": Collective Wisdom From 3 Model Strength-Based Programs
"Trust? What's the Point? I Guess It's That People Kept Pushing." Adolescent-Friendly Services Never Give Up on Youth
"Tell Me What You've Been Through -- You've Been So Strong: A First Step of Connection
"How Do You Know if You're Ready?": Talking to Teens About Delaying Intercourse
Rape in the fields
Rancho California (por favor)
Raising the literacy achievement of English language learners
Raised by Humans
Rainman Goes to Rockwiz
Rain in the Mirror
Radical disciple :the story of Father Pfleger
Rabin, the last day
Queen's palaces.Episode 3,Palace of Holyroodhouse
Queen's palaces.Episode 1,Buckingham Palace
Qualities of effective teachers
Putting Art in its Place.Gallery Without Walls
Pushy Women
Pursuing happiness
Purgatorio :a journey into the heart of the border
Puhipau at the Yamagata International Film Festival
Public Spaces :The Architecture of Colin Laird Exhibition (Opening)
Public spaces :the architecture of Colin Laird Exhibition
Public Spaces :The Architecture of Colin Laird
Proper body mechanics :which muscle groups to use to avoid injury
Proper body mechanics :techniques for reaching upward and lifting an object
Proper body mechanics :pushing an object vs. pulling an object
Body mechanics and safe lifting techniques :Understanding plumb line and center of gravity
Body mechanics and safe lifting :planning the lift and proper lifting technique
Body mechanics :proper techniques for carrying objects
Body mechanics :Proper Sitting Techniques
Bones and muscle mechanics :muscle opposition and antagonistic muscle pairs
Back pain and injury :sprains, strains disc injuries, sciatica and spinal stenosis
Back injuries :characteristics, causes and treatments for sprains and strains
Back injuries :causes, characteristics and treatments for sciatica
Back injuries :causes, characteristics and treatments for discogenic injury
the importance of assessing and planning a task
the 3 keys to protecting your back and avoid back injury
planning properly to move a patient
how to transfer a person to a wheelchair
how to safely assist a person with ambulation
how to safely assist a person during a fall
how to reposition a partially dependent person in a chair
how to move an immobile patient
how to move a patient without a lift sheet
how to move a patient using a lift sheet
Illegible prescriptions
Pharmacy errors
Systems review
The systems approach
Misuse errors
Errors of overuse
Tips for patients
Train patients to monitor their conditions
Educate the patient
Involve the patient
Reconcile medications
Are you allergic to any medications?
Errors of underuse
Are you taking any other medications?
Have you had this problem before?
Important questions
Transfer communication errors