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Learning from others : learning in a social context :theory into practice
The classroom mosaic : culture and learning :theory into practice
Feelings count : emotions and learning :theory into practice
Different kinds of smart : multiple intelligences :theory into practice
Learning as we grow : development and learning :theory into practice
Growth and entrepreneurship
Monetary and fiscal policy :a workshop for grade 9-12 teachers
The building blocks of macroeconomics :a workshop for grade 9-12 teachers
Trading globally :a workshop for grade 9-12 teachers
and saving :a workshop for grade 9-12 teachers
The government's hand :a workshop for grade 9-12 teachers
Why markets work :a workshop for grade 9-12 teachers
How economists think :a workshop for grade 9-12 teachers
Nurturing independent thinkers :a workshop for high school teachers
Making the most of community resources :a workshop for high school teachers
Fostering genuine communication :a workshop for high school teachers
Creating rich learning environments :a workshop for high school teachers
Choosing instructional approaches :a workshop for high school teachers
Inside prisons
Addressing the diverse needs of students :a workshop for high school teachers
The War on Kids
Learning to listen
Developing students as artists :a workshop for high school teachers
Principles of artful teaching :a workshop for high school teachers
A concluding discussion
A structured conversation
Gaining insight through poetry
Upstanders and bystanders
Exploring Lisa's music
A first impression of Judaism
Choices that make a difference
Introducing the "universe of obligation".High school
Introducing the "universe of obligation".Middle school
and survival
Meeting Mona Golabek
What is facing history and ourselves?
What is the children of Willesden Lane?
An introduction
Connecting school and home :K-2 workshop
Using assessment to guide instruction :K-2 workshop
Differentiating instruction :K-2 workshop
Teaching writing as a process :K-2 workshop
Comprehension and response :K-2 workshop
Word study and fluency :K-2 workshop
Creating a literate community :K-2 workshop
The physics of optics
Exploring Mars
Investigating crickets
Chemical reactions
Summarizing nonfiction :3-5 workshop
Close reading for understanding :3-5 workshop
Looking at cause and effect :3-5 workshop
Reading across the curriculum :3-5 workshop
Revising for clarity :3-5 workshop
Choosing words strategically :3-5 workshop
Fostering book discussions :3-5 workshop
Assessment and accountability :3-5 workshop
New literacies of the internet :3-5 workshop
Writing :3-5 workshop
Building comprehension :3-5 workshop
Fluency and word study :3-5 workshop
Creating contexts for learning :3-5 workshop
Social justice and action : Joseph Bruchac and Francisco Jiménez :a workshop for the middle grades
Social justice and action : Alma Flor Ada, Pam Muñoz Ryan, and Paul Yee :a workshop for the middle grades
Historical and cultural context : Langston Hughes and Christopher Moore :a workshop for the middle grades
Historical and cultural context : Christopher Paul Curtis :a workshop for the middle grades
Research and discovery : Edwidge Danticat, An Na, Laurence Yep, and more :a workshop for the middle grades
Engagement and dialogue : Judith Ortiz Cofer and Nikki Grimes :a workshop for the middle grades
Engagement and dialogue : Julia Alvarez, James McBride, Lensey Namioka, and more :a workshop for the middle grades
Building rafts with rods :a video library: 5-8
The largest container :a video library: 5-8
Building viewpoints :a video library: 5-8
Hexominoes :a video library: 5-8
Reasoning :a video library: K-4
Communication :a video library: K-4
Problem solving :a video library: K-4
The white pages :a video library: K-4
Buffalo estimation :a video library: K-4
Cranberry estimation :a video library: K-4
beans :a video library: K-4
Valentine exchange :a video library: K-4
Story-based centers :a video library: K-4
Fractions with geoboards :a video library: K-4
Arrays and fractions :a video library: K-4
Fraction strips :a video library: K-4
Questioning data :a video library: K-4
Dice toss :a video library: K-4
Bubble gum contest :a video library: K-4
Woodpecker habitat :a video library: K-4
Ladybugs :a video library: K-4
Pencil box staining :a video library: K-4
Meter cords :a video library: K-4
and ants :a video library: K-4
Circumference & diameter :a video library: K-4
A rocket shape :a video library: K-4
Shapes from squares :a video library: K-4
Pattern blocks :a video library: K-4
Thanksgiving quilt :a video library: K-4
This small house :a video library: K-4
Bean sprouts :a video library: K-4
Wheel problem :a video library: K-4
Marshmallows :a video library: K-4
Domino math :a video library: K-4
Cubes and containers :a video library: K-4
Animals in Yellowstone :a video library: K-4
Connections :a video library: 9-12
Reasoning :a video library: 9-12
Communication :a video library: 9-12
Problem solving :a video library: 9-12
Conjectures through graphing :a video library: 9-12
Maximizing profits :a video library: 9-12
Fish derby :a video library: 9-12
Enveloping functions :a video library: 9-12
Exploring congruence :a video library: 9-12
Finding proof :a video library: 9-12
Properties of parallelograms :a video library: 9-12
Ferris wheel :a video library: 9-12
Staircase problem :a video library: 9-12
Bungee jump :a video library: 9-12
Exploring functions :a video library: 9-12
Group test :a video library, 9-12
Alice to the Moon :a video library, 9-12
Global forces & local impact
Sub-Saharan Africa
North Africa & Southwest Asia
North America
Latin America
El Paso and Ciudad Juarez
Politics of art
Interpreting literature
Creating travel advice
Interpreting Picasso's Guernica
Routes to culture
Russian cities, Russian stories
Music and manuscripts
Promoting attractions of Japan
Happy new year!
U.S. and Italian homes
Sports in action
Performing with confidence
Interpreting La Belle et la Bete
Comparing communities
Exploring new directions
Food facts and stories
Hearing authentic voices
Touring a French city
A Cajun folktale and Zydeco
Fruits of the Americas
Daily routines
Sports stats
Family and home
Mapping planet earth
Chicken pox
Assessment strategies
Standards and the five Cs
Introduction to the library
Teaching foreign languages, K-12.Engaging with communities
Teaching foreign languages, K-12.Planning for assessment
Teaching foreign languages, K-12.Rooted in Cculture
Teaching foreign languages, K-12.Subjects matter
Teaching foreign languages, K-12.Delivering the message
Teaching foreign languages, K-12.Person to person
Teaching foreign languages, K-12.Meaningful interpretation
Surprises in mind
Dealing with controversial issues
Unity and diversity
Groups, projects, and presentations
The individual in society
Economic dilemmas and solutions
Competing ideologies
Migration from Latin America
Public opinion and the Vietnam war
A standards overview, 9-12
The Middle East conflict
Landmark Supreme Court cases
Population and resource distribution
The Amistad case
Exploring geography through African history
Explorations in archeology and history
A standards overview, 6-8
Using primary sources
California missions
Explorers in North America
Celebrations of light
Caring for the community
Making bread together
Leaders, community, and citizens
China Through mapping
Historical change
Social studies in action.,A standards overview, K-5
Social studies in action.,Introduction to the video library
Making connections
Assessing students' learning
Engaging students in active learning
Using resources
Applying themes and disciplines
Teaching social studies
Possibilities of real-life problems
Building on useful ideas
Thinking like a mathematician
Inventing notations
Are you convinced?
Following children's ideas in mathematics
Extending the particle model of matter
Heat and temperature
Rising and sinking
Density and pressure
Chemical changes and conservation of matter
Physical changes and conservation of matter
and gases
MInds of our own.Under construction
Starting in September…
Planning and professional development
Literature, art and other disciplines
Diversity in texts
Going further in discussion
Encouraging discussion
Introducing our literary community
Rights and responsibilities of students
Controversial public policy issues
Civic engagement
Constitutional convention
Public policy and the federal budget
Electoral politics
Freedom of religion
Children's ways of knowing
Algebra and calculus :The challenge
Infusing critical and creative thinking
Conceptual change
Learning to share perspectives
Mathematics :A community focus
Behind the Design
The international picture
and technology
The mind's intelligences
Conceptual thinking
Intellectual development
The many faces of learning
Connecting other subjects to inquiry
Assessing inquiry
Bring it all together :Processing for meaning during inquiry
The inquiry continues :Collecting data and drawing upon
Focus the Inquiry: Designing the Exploration
The process begins :Launching the inquiry exploration
Setting the stage :creating a learning community