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The Folkways years, 1959-1973
Trouble in mind
Ear to the ground
Well may the world go
Belly dance!
Twelve faces of love
Coimbra orfeon of Portugal
The Icelandic Singers
The fuzzy peach pie and other lunacies
Brother John Sellers sings Big boat up the river and other blues and folk songs
Yulya sings Kalinka and other Russian folk songs
Lisbon by night. Severa. Vol. 2
European klezmer music
Bamboo on the Mountains Kmhmu Highlanders from Southeast Asia and the U.S
Ella Jenkins and a union of friends pulling together
Northumberland rant traditional music from the edge of England
English village carols
Songs of the Old Regular Baptists
The Asch recordings. Vol. 1-4
Blues routes
Sentimental journey to Poland
Taquachito nights conjunto music from South Texas
Choose your partners contra dance & square dance music of New Hampshire
Hawaii Polynesian girl
Flyin' hye! Armenian songs and dances
El Salvador libre
Greek fever
Orquesta Aragon
Por América del Centro. Vol.2
Aerobics for everyone
Russian gypsy!
Old favorites from Argentina
Spotlight on belly dancing
Grupo Moncada
The dove Holubivna
Bayanihan 7 Philippine Dance Company
Lucnica Czechoslovakian folk ballet
Greek songs and dances
Kobzari, Ukrainian folk ensemble
The British are coming! to salute America's bicentennial
Moscow after dark
Belly dancing for everyone
Angola songs of my people
Gypsy nights
The joy of belly dancing
Yulya sings songs of the Russian street urchins
Salute to Israel
Music for belly dancing
Russian & Ukrainian liturgical chants from the 16th-17th century
Yulya sings her favorite Russian songs
Songs and dances of Vietnam
Soraya, my love
Greta Keller sings Love is a daydream and other songs by Yulya
Bayanihan 6
Belly dance music
Our rock and our Redeemer
Fadistas' choice Portugal's best-loved songs
Holiday in Portugal
Brazil songs of protest
La Belle province, Québec French-Canadian folk songs
Monitor presents Margalit Those were the days = Hayu yamim ..
Alexander Zelkin sings Russian songs, old & new
An evening at the Chardas
Peak impressions
Moon over Moscow popular Russian hits
Russian romantic songs Yulya sings Vertinsky
Songs of old Russia
Soviet Army Chorus & Band in a program of favorites
Virtuosi of the accordion, balalaika, and domra with orchestras of folk instruments
Danzas Venezuela
The Voices Four Arbaah Kolot
The Feenjon Group an evening at the Cafe Feenjon
Songs of a Macedonian gypsy
Latvian folk ensemble of New York
Frula Yugoslav folk ensemble
Compagnie nationale de danses Françaises
Three ragas, Monitor presents India's great Shamim Ahmed
Vacation in Portugal
The Feenjon goes Greek
Gypsy guitar the fiery moods of Mirko
Ukrainian songs & dances
Monitor presents folk songs & dances from Czechoslovakia
Ukrainian duets & solos
Armenian songs
Fados e canções
Fados of Coimbra
Best-loved songs of Sweden
Christmas in Portugal Natal em Portugal
Bolek sings Polish favorites, volume two
Arabian delight, music from Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco
Russian cabaret the balalaika of Sasha Polinoff
Bayanihan on tour
A Philippine Christmas
Fernanda Maria, Fadista!
Olga Pavlova sings Ukrainian songs, vol. 2
Canção do mar song of the sea and other Portuguese songs
Rajko Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra
Greek folk dances
Popular Greek songs
The Galliards
Fados of Portugal
Songs of a Russian gypsy
Popular Ukrainian folk songs
Petticoats of Portugal
Logan English in American folk ballads
Greetings from Austria
April in Portugal A Severa
The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble
The Russian Cathedral Choir of Paris
Two heids are better than yin!
Lisboa antiga
Moiseyev dances. Volume two
Let's dance the Kolo
Switzerland schottisches, ländler, polkas, waltzes
Armenian festival
Music of Chile
Christmas in Poland
Brother John Sellers sings Baptist shouts and gospel songs
Scandinavian folk songs music of Sweden, Norway and Finland
Chansons populaires de France
Armenian folk dances
Lithuanian songs and dances
Songs and dances of the Ukraine, vol. 1
Environmental songs for kids
Presidential campaign songs, 1789-1996
Mademoiselle, voulez-vous danser? Franco-American music from the New England borderlands
Headlines & footnotes [a collection of topical songs]
Lead Belly sings for children
Smithsonian folkways world music collection
Praise the Lord! gospel music in Washington, D.C
Tuva, among the spirits sound, music, and nature in Sakha and Tuva
Hawaii Polynesian girl
The joy of belly dancing
The Mississippi, river of song a musical journey down the Mississippi
Dock Boggs, his Folkways years, 1963-1968
Southern banjo sounds
Spain Lutys de Luz in Flamenco songs & dances
Scotland on parade a panorama of songs and dances
Journey into Russia with Yulya
A Treasury of Russian Gypsy music
Soviet Army Chorus and band in a new program of favorites
Music of Argentina
Jury's Irish Cabaret of Dublin
Kahurangi music of the New Zealand Maori
The Royal Tahitian Dance Company
Ballads of a Greek cafe
Arirang Korean song & dance ensemble
Koutev Bulgarian National Ensemble
The collector's Paul Robeson
Ramblin' Jack Elliott sings Woody Guthrie & Jimmie Rodgers & cowboy songs
17 popular Ukrainian dances
Songs & dances of Ukraine
Turkish dances Longa ve Sirtolar
Songs and dances of Turkey
Scandinavia! songs & dances of Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden
Russian dances
Ancient Slavonic chants
Slavonic orthodox liturgy
Yulya sings Russian romantic songs
Moscow nights 20 popular Russian hits
Songs of old Russia
Virtuosi of the accordion, balalaika, and domra
The Russian Orthodox Requiem & hymns to the Virgin
Monitor presents Zina Pavlova in Russian Gypsy songs
Russian sacred choral masterpieces
The Moiseyev Dance Ensemble
Christmas vespers
The divine Easter liturgy with the Easter hours
Russian folk dances of the Moiseyev Dance Company
Guitarradas portuguesas
Portugal's great Amalia Rodrigues
Polish dance time
Monitor presents Bolek singing Polish favorites "Memories of Poland."
Monitor presents the Bayanihan Philippine Dance Company
The magic of belly dancing
Picture yourself belly dancing
Belly dancing with George Abdo
Egyptian nights music for belly dancing
The Art of belly dancing
The now sounds of the Middle East
Lebanon Monitor presents the Baalbek Folk Festival
The mariachi sound
Guantanamera! Latin American hits
Javier de Léon's Fiesta Mexicana a panorama of Mexico, old and new
Latin American festival music from Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina & Peru
Bomba music of the Caribbean
Summertime in Venice great Italian hits
Festa Italiana Italian songs and dances
Israeli popular hits The El Avram Group & The Feenjon Group ; vocals by Margalit and Avram Grobard
Salute to Israel
Rakhel songs of Israel
Songs of Ireland
Greetings from Holland
20 golden hits of Hawaii
Songs of a Macedonian gypsy
Gypsy mandolin! Monitor presents the extraordinary artistry of Howard Frye
Greek folk dances
German drinking songs
From the Hofbrauhaus to the Reeperbahn an album of German favorites
Best loved German folk songs
Songs of Paris
Flower drum and other Chinese folk songs
Amazing grace
Her Majesty's Scots guards on tour
Dance Armenian!
Armenia, Armenia Monitor presents Armenian songs & dances
Armenian festival
Armenian songs & dances
The Harry Smith connection a live tribute to The anthology of American folk music
The Bahamas islands of song
Heartbeat 2 more voices of first nations women
Sounds of North American frogs [the biological significance of voice in frogs]
Deep polka dance music from the Midwest
If I had a hammer songs of hope & struggle
Smithsonian Folkways children's music collection
Buffalo skinners The Asch recordings vol. 4
Hard travelin' Asch recordings vol. 3
Free and equal blues
Shout on Lead Belly legacy vol. 3
The high lonesome sound
Birds, beasts, bugs and fishes (little and big)
Black banjo songsters
Wood that sings Indian fiddle music of the Americas
Muleskinner blues The Asch recordings vol. 2
Close to home [old time music from Mike Seeger's collection, 1952-1967]
There ain't no way out
Puerto Rico in Washington
Give your hands to struggle
Bourgeois blues Lead Belly legacy vol. 2
The Asch recordings. This land is your land Vol. 1,
Fight with song
The original James P. Johnson (1942-1945: piano solos)
Songs children love to sing
Holiday times
Early early childhood songs
Iowa state fare Music from the heartland
Smithsonian Folkways American roots collection
Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard pioneering women of bluegrass
Bascom Lamar Lunsford
Mountain music of Kentucky
Where did you sleep last night Lead Belly legacy v. 1
Ballads of Sacco & Vanzetti