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Search for ecstasy Moroccan dance
Sergeant Early's dream
O Corpo
Dead dreams of monochrome men
The sleeping beauty
Intimate pages
Orlando Furioso
The cunning little vixen
Billy Budd
The palace
King Priam
War and peace
Cosi fan tutte
The gift of the Magi
La gazza ladra
Swan lake
Die fledermaus
John Henry
The beloved
John Henry
Giulio Cesare
La cenerentola melodramma giocoso in two acts
For Bird with love
Madama Butterfly
Il barbiere di Siviglia
The rake's progress
The fiery angel
The fairy queen
Die zauberflöte
Die entführung aus dem serail
On the right road now
Early southern guitar sounds
Down home Saturday night
On my journey Paul Robeson's independent recordings
Going back to the Blue Ridge Mountains
Sidi Goma in concert
Narrative traditions of Karnataka
Classic old-time fiddle from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
If you ain't got the do-re-mi songs of rags and riches
Rivers of Babylon live in India
D'Bhuyaa saaj live in India
Music of Yakshagana -Tenkutittu
Blue collar bluegrass
Down at the union hall
Songs for woodworkers
Singing BRAC
My darling party line irreverent songs on international communism
Old folks ain't all the same
Jellybean blues
Joe Glazer sings labor songs
Songs of steel and struggle the story of the steelworkers
Songs of the Soviet underground
Steady as she goes songs and chanties from the days of commercial sail
Textile voices
Songs of the Wobblies I will win
Bread and raises songs for working women
Friends of Old Time Music
Bandera mia songs of Argentina
Classic Canadian songs
Alberta wild roses, northern lights
Classic labor songs from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
Masters of old-time country autoharp
Classic African-American ballads from Smithsonian Folkways
"A man's a man" by Bertolt Brecht
Music of Central Asia
Arriba suena marimba! currulao marimba music from Colombia
Classic railroad songs from Smithsonian Folkways
Annanmar Katai - the birth of the Queen's triplets (six excerpts)
First flight early calypsos from the Emory Cook collection
Dark holler old love songs and ballads
Rolas de Aztlán Songs of the Chicano movement
Snooks Eaglin New Orleans street singer
Para todos ustedes
Classic bluegrass from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Vol. 2
Musician communities of Rajasthan - the Manganiar
Classic southern gospel from Smithsonian Folkways
Bluegrass at the roots 1961
Folkways, the original vision : songs of Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly
El ave di mi soñar Mexican sones huastecos
Llegaron los camperos! concert favorites of Nati Cano's Mariachi Los Camperos
Mary Lou's mass
Solo in Rio 1959
Wade in the water African American sacred music traditions
Back roads to Cold Mountain
cELLAbration! a tribute to Ella Jenkins
Shake sugaree
Comanche flute music
Beautiful beyond Christian songs in native languages
Classic folk music from Smithsonian Folkways
American favorite ballads
--And the tin pan bended, and the story ended--
Sí, soy llanero Joropo music from the Orinoco plains of Columbia
Cape Breton fiddle and piano music
Havana & Matanzas, Cuba, ca. 1957 Batá, Bembé, and Palo songs
Tribute to a generation a salute to the big bands of the WW II era
Abayudaya music from the Jewish people of Uganda
Blues highway live
The best of Broadside 1962-1988 anthems of the American underground from the pages of Broadside magazine
Discover Indonesia music of Indonesia
Sharing cultures with Ella Jenkins and children from the LaSalle Language Academy of Chicago
Classic blues from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. Vol. 2
Classic maritime music from Smithsonian Folkways recordings
There is no eye music for photographs
Walks the strings --and even sings
Mary Lou Williams presents Black Christ of the Andes
Viento de Agua unplugged materia prima
Quisqueya en el Hudson Dominican music in New York City
Fast folk a community of singers & songwriters
Jíbaro hasta el hueso mountain music of Puerto Rico
The heart of Cape Breton fiddle music recorded live along the Ceilidh Trail
La bamba sones jarochos from Veracruz
True vine
Ballads from her Appalachian family tradition
Classic old-time music from Smithsonian Folkways
Songs of the Old Regular Baptists lined-out hymnody from southeastern Kentucky. Vol. 2
An untamed sense of control
Sakura a musical celebration of the cherry blossoms
Cowboy poetry classics
Hittin' the trail
Classic blues from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings
If I had my way early home recordings
Bells & winter festivals of Greek Macedonia
Badenya Manden jaliya in New York City
First through the gate
Belly dance! the best of George Abdo and his Flames of Araby Orchestra
Deeper polka more dance music from the Midwest
Classic mountain songs from Smithsonian Folkways
Capoeira Angola. Brincando na roda 2,
Mahagita harp and vocal music of Burma
Praise and wedding songs of Arabic-speaking people of the Malindi district, Coast Province, Kenya
Topical and dance songs from the Swahili-speaking people of Tanzania
Moran dance songs from the Nandi people of Nandi district (Rift Valley Province), Kenya
Dance songs from the Malindi and Kilifi districts, coast province, Kenya
Dance songs of the Giryama people of coast province, Kenya
Songs from the Bukusu people of Kenya
Dance songs of the Kamba people from Machakos district, Kenya
Songs and narratives of the Kamba people from Machakos district, Kenya
Pipe dances with viyanzi flute and dance songs of the Zaramo people from dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Dance songs from the Jita people of Tanzania
Greeting and installation songs for chiefs of the Nyamwezi people from Tabora district, Tanzania
Love songs of the Nyamwezi people from dar es Salaam and Tabora region, Tanzania
Songs for entertainment from the Hangaza people of Ngala district, Tanzania
Wedding, entertainment, and dance songs from the Zinza people of Biharamulo district, Tanzania
Fishing, paddling, hunting, and topical songs from the Haya people of Bukoba district, Tanzania
Drumming dance from the soga people of Kiguru County, Uganda
Songs accompanied by the ntongoli lyre of the Soga people from Uganda
Songs with lyres and drums from the Ganda of Uganda
Lyres, lutes, and drums accompanying songs of the Ganda from Busoga Province, Uganda
Madinda xylophones, historical, and topical songs from the Ganda of Kasangati, Kampala district, Uganda
Songs with endongo bowl lyre and a humorous song with drums from the Ganda of Buganda district (Central Province), Uganda
Humorous, topical and dance songs from the Tooro of Toro district (Western Province), Uganda
Engabo praises and Enanga wedding songs from the Tooro of Uganda
Praise chants from the Nyankole of Ankole district (Southern Province), Uganda
Dances and songs from the Nyankole of Ankole district (southern province), Uganda
Orunyege dance songs from the Nyoro of Bunyoro district (Western Province), Uganda
Dances with flutes or drums from the Konjo of Uganda
Kyopere dance and drum rhythms and praise songs from the Chopi (Dhopaluo) of Uganda
Likembe mbira music from northern Congo
Songs with Nenjenje lute from the Medje people of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Praise, ritual, fighting, hunting, and party songs of the Kgatla people from Saulspoort, Western Transvaal, South Africa
Initiation songs from the Tswana-speaking Hurutshe people of Gopane, Zeerust district, Western Transvaal
Praise and dance songs from the Hurutshe people of Western Transvaal
Ritual, greeting, and party songs from the Hurutshe people of Western Transvaal
Ritual, dance, and work songs from the Lete people of Botswana
Singing games from the Tswana-speaking Tlharo of the Mafeking district, South Africa
Threshing and herding songs from the Tswana-speaking tlharo of mafeking district, South Africa
Drinking songs, sung riddles, and humorus songs from the Tswana-speaking Tlharo of the Mafeking district, South Africa
Initiation and party dance songs from the Tswana-speaking Kwena of Botswana
Initiation and rain songs from the Tswana-speaking Ngwaketse of Botswana
Mokorotlo and Mohobelo dances from the Sotho people of Mokoroane, Mohale's Hoek, Lesotho
Songs from the Sotho people of Berea district, Lesotho
Songs and dances from the Sotho people of Mauteng, Maseru district, Lesotho
Various songs from the Sotho people of Berea district, Lesotho
Dance and entertainment songs of the Chewa and Tumbuka
Viva el mariachi!
Raíces latinas Smithsonian Folkways Latino roots collection
Safarini In transit : music of African immigrants
Matanzas, Cuba, ca. 1957 Afro-Cuban sacred music from the countryside
Havana, Cuba, ca. 1957 rhythms and songs for the orishas
The Silk Road : a musical caravan
Virtuoso from Afghanistan
Heroes & horses corridos from the Arizona-Sonora borderlands
Classic bluegrass from Smithsonian Folkways
The African music society's best music for 1953
The African Music Society's best music for 1952
Topical songs and several chitsukulumbe dances by the Nyanja-speaking Mang'anja people of Malawi
Songs for ritual, entertainment, and dance from the Sena-speaking Tonga of Zimbabwe
Nyasaland Ngoni
Ceremonial, dance, and story songs from the Yao people of Malawi
Songs for entertainment, dance, and parties from the Karanga-speaking Mhari of Zimbabwe
Humorous songs from the Karanga people of Zimbabwe
Herding, drinking, and topical songs from the Nyanja-speaking Chewa of Malawi
Dances and songs for running and walking by the Swazi people of Swaziland
Umgubo regimental songs from the Swazi people of Swaziland
Songs for entertainment from the Nyanja-speaking Chewa of Malawi
South Africa Geleka
Lala songs
Southern Sotho songs
Tumbuka songs
Southern Sotho circumcision songs
Lala dance songs
Zulu hymns and ceremonial songs
New York City global beat of the boroughs
Sweeney's dream fiddle tunes from County Sligo, Ireland
Mississippi Delta bluesman
The Country Gentlemen on the road (and more)
The Folkways years, 1964-1983
Bosavi rainforest music from Papua New Guinea
Every tone a testimony an African American aural history
Calypso in New York The Asch recordings
Calypso awakening from the Emory Cook collection
American folk, game & activity songs for children
Alerta sings & songs for the playground = canciones para el recreo
The Folkways years, 1959-1973
Trouble in mind
Ear to the ground
Well may the world go
Belly dance!
Twelve faces of love
Coimbra orfeon of Portugal
The Icelandic Singers
The fuzzy peach pie and other lunacies
Brother John Sellers sings Big boat up the river and other blues and folk songs
Yulya sings Kalinka and other Russian folk songs
Lisbon by night. Severa. Vol. 2
European klezmer music
Bamboo on the Mountains Kmhmu Highlanders from Southeast Asia and the U.S
Ella Jenkins and a union of friends pulling together
Northumberland rant traditional music from the edge of England
English village carols
Songs of the Old Regular Baptists
The Asch recordings. Vol. 1-4
Blues routes