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US Troops Watch Atomic Test, 1952
US Troops Survey Nuclear Test Site 1952
US Troops on the Aleutian Islands, 1943
US Troops in Vietnam, ca 1968
US Troops in New Guinea, ca 1941
US Troops in Germany, 1945
US Retaliation for Gulf Of Tonkin Incident, 1964
US Repairs Old Ships, 1965
US Presidential Campaign, ca 1948
US Navy Ships in the Mediterranean, 1981
US Navy PPY5A, 1940
US Navy in the Pacific, 1944
US Military Prototypes, 1941
US Military Open House, 1963
US Military Equipment, 1916
US Marines Take Cape Gloucester, ca 1943
US Civil Defense, 1955
US Carrier in the Pacific, 1945
US B29 Airbase on Saipan, 1944
US Army Boot Camp, 1953
US Amphibious Landing on Kwajalein, 1944
US Air Raid of Manila, 1945
US & Soviet Troops Meet Up at The Elbe, 1945
Unrest in Central America, ca 1980
Unofficial Speed Record Set, 1946
Unemployed Men in Britain, 1933
UN Women's Decade, ca 1975
UN Meeting, 1948
UN Delivers Food Supplies to China, 1946
UN Conference on Human Rights, 1948
UN Conference for Women, 1985
UN Aid to Refugees in Gaza, 1950
UBoat Sunk, 1943
Treaty of Versailles Negotiations, 1919
Transporting a Nuclear Reactor, 1959
Training of Soviet Paratroopers, ca 1970
Tip O'Neil on President Reagan's Economic Policies, 1981
Time Lapsed Photography, 1965
The Yalta Conference, 1945
The Wright Brothers, ca 1903
The Wailing Wall, ca 1946
The Television, ca 1955
The Soweto Massacre, ca 1976
The Soviet Army, 1944
The Soviet Army Takes Berlin, 1945
The Microscope, 1965
The Marshall Plan, 1948
The Marcos Regime in the Philippines, ca 1980
The Four Courts Shelling, 1922
The Ford Thunderbird, 1959
The First Nuclear Power Plant in America, 1958
The First AutoPilot, 1955
The First American in Space, 1961
The Fall of Manila, 1945
The Fall of Cologne, 1945
The Fall of Bonn and Godesberg, 1945
The Fall of Berlin, 1945
The Dunlop Rubber Company, ca 1952
The Doolittle Raids, 1943
The Dangers of Antipersonnel Bombs, 1944
The Cultural Revolution, 1967
The Building of the Aswan Dam, 1964
The Bristol Beaufighter, 1941
The Battle of Verdun Aftermath, ca 1916
The Battle of El Alamein, ca 1942
The Air War Over Europe, 1943
The Abby at Monte Cassino, 1944
Tests on the LEM1, 1967
Testing Aerodynamics of a Car, ca 1950
Test of Atomic Bomb Near Small Town, ca 1955
Teenage Cosmonauts, ca 1970
Tank Battle in Frankfurt, 1945
Sweatshop in Sri Lanka, ca 1980
Surgery, 1990
Surgery, 1981
Support Our Men in Vietnam Rally, 1967
Supplies for DDay Invasion, 1944
Suffragettes March in Britain, ca 1910
Suffragettes in Britain, ca 1910
Suburban Family Christmas, ca 1958
Submarine Fires a Missile While Submerged, ca 1960
Stunt Flying, 1912
Striking Workers in Manila Riot, 1983
Strike Breaking in Britain, ca 1920
Stock Ticker, ca 1950
Stereotypical Native American, 1922
Start of the Baby Boom, 1947
Spy Gear, 1963
SpanishAmerican War Reenactment, 1899
Spanish Civil War, 1936
Soyuz and Apollo Ship Link, ca 1975
Soviet War Industry, ca1941
Soviet Troops Near Berlin, 1945
Soviet Troops in the Crimea, 1944
Soviet Propaganda, ca 1942
Soviet Military Parade, ca 1950
Soviet Counteroffensive, 1943
Soviet Army in the Ukraine, 1944
Soviet Air Show, 1967
South African Police Disperse Protests with Tear Gas, 1986
South African Police Beat Man, 1986
Skyscraper Construction, 1906
SinoJapanese War, ca 1930
SinoJapanese War in Shanghai, 1937
SinoJapanese War Japanese Language, 1937
Silly Inventions, ca 1920
Shelling of Goch in Rhineland, 1945
Sewing Factory, 1972
SelfDefense for Women, 1932
Secondary Landings on DDay, 1944
Scuttled German Cargo Ships, 1941
Scrap Metal, 1942
Scientists, ca 1950
Science Students at the University of Cambridge, 1963
School Dangers in Washington DC, 1989
Sandinista Parade, ca 1980
Sales Training Film, ca 1970
Russian Soldiers, 1917
Russian Revolution, ca 1917
Russian Offensive in Moscow, 1942
Russian Cavalry in World War I, 1914
Russian Bombing of Helsinki, 1939
Russian Army in World War I, 1914
Rumsfeld Speaks on Terrorism, 2001
Rotary Testing, 1904
Rocket Attack on Normandy, 1944
Riots in Eastern Europe, ca 1956
Riots at the PanAfrican Cooperation Conference, 1960
Riots at The Berlin Wall, 1963
Results of US Air Strikes in Libya, 1986
Refugees from Shanghai, 1949
Recreation, ca 1920
Reconstruction in Germany, 1946
Reburial of Holocaust Victims, ca 1949
RAF Supplies China by Air, 1945
RAF Jets, 1945
RAF Flying Fortress, 1941
Radiation Explained, ca 1955
Racism on the Golf Course, 1932
Quebec Conference, 1943
Protests at DNC in Chicago Turn Violent, 1968
ProCommunist Propaganda, ca 1949
Princess Margaret in Tanzania, 1956
Prime Ministers Conference in London, 1969
President Woodrow Wilson, 1924
President Warren Harding, 1924
President Truman Speech on Communist Aggression, 1951
President Roosevelt's Speech to Congress on Internationalism, 1945
President Roosevelt's Radio Address, ca 1938
President Reagan Recovering from Assassination Attempt, 1981
President Reagan on the Korean Airline Incident, 1983
Preparations for the Invasion of Sicily, 1943
Preparations for the Battle of Kursk, ca 1943
Predicting the Weather, 1990
Portuguese Revolution, 1910
Pope John the XXII Crowned in Rome, 1958
Political Advertising, 1948
Polish Workers Riot, ca 1950
Policeman Being Bribed, ca 1930
Police Violence in South Africa, 1986
Planes Burn at Beirut Airport, 1969
Physical Fitness, ca 1930
Photo of a UFO, 1952
Pearl Harbor Damage Report, ca 1941
Organized Crime, 1931
Optician in Action, 1965
Operation Rolling Thunder, 1967
Olga Korbut, 1969
Office Work, ca 1950
NYNEX Workers Strike, 1990
Nuclear Weapons Banned in Space, 1967
Nuclear Tests in Color, 1951
Nuclear Power Experiment in Soviet Union, 1970
Nixon's Checkers Speech, 1952
New York City Construction Site, 1903
New Treatment for Heart Attacks, 1968
New Military Weapons, 1945
New Mercedes Sports Car, 1969
Nazi War Crimes, ca 1941
Nazi Propaganda on Army and Air Force, 1943
Nazi Propaganda about Austria, ca 1938
Nazi BookBurning, ca 1933
Nazi Atrocities in Ukraine, ca 1941
Nazi Atrocities in Kiev, ca 1941
Nazi AntiSemitic Propaganda, 1939
Native American Chief, ca 1950
Mussolini Captured, 1945
Muslims in the Soviet Union, 1984
Muslims in South Africa Protest Apartheid, 1986
Muslims in Algeria Strike, 1961
Munich Conference, 1938
Mozambique Civil War, 1986
Montgomery's Speech in Belgium, 1945
Montenegrin King & Troops, ca 1916
Model T Automobiles Impact Transportation ca 1920s
Miranda Rights Training, ca 1988
Military Uniforms Found in Synagogue, 1946
Military Planes, 1949
Military Parade in Cuba, ca 1937
Military Leader Salutes War Workers, 1944
Mexican Sweatshop, ca 1965
Men Working in a Factory, ca 1915
Medicare, 1985
May Day in Petrograd, ca 1917
Martial Law in Limerick, 1919
Marshall Petain Meets with Hitler, 1940
Marine Biology, 1959
March of Dignity in London, 1969
Manufacturing Technology, ca 1953
Mail for British Troops, 1945
Magnified Cancer Cells, 1981
MacArthur Returns to the Philippines, 1944
Los Angeles Police Department, 1972
Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 1972
Loading Bombs, ca 1969
Life on a Kibbutz, 1969
Life in Rural China, ca 1970
Life in North Vietnam, 1967
Liberty Loan Parade, ca 1917
Liberation of Bucharest, 1944
Lenin's Death, 1924
LendLease Equipment, 1940
League of Nations Headquarters, ca 1929
Launch of Communication Satellite, 1962
Land Girls in Scotland, 1945
Land Conservation in Britain, 1945
Laboratory, ca 1950
Koreans Demand United Korea, 1951
Korean War Air Combat, 1950
King George VI Inspects the Troops, 1940
King George V Funeral, 1936
King George V and Kaiser Wilhelm, 1913
Kenyan Rituals ReEnacted, ca 1986
Kenyan Life Under the British, 1953
Kamikaze Attack on the USS Franklin, 1945
Kaiser Wilhelm and Archduke Franz Ferdinand, ca 1914
Julie Andrews Sings, 1948
Jews in Russia, 1970
Jawaharlal Nehru, 1940
Japanese Whaling, 1947
Japanese Troops in Manchuria, 1932
Japanese Troops in Canton China, ca 1938
Japanese Navy in Nanking China, 1937
Japanese Manufacturing, 1959
Japanese Army Take Nanking, 1938
Japan Bombs Chungking, 1940
Irish Civil Rights Protests in London, 1969
Invasion of the Low Countries German Language, 1940
Invasion of Scandinavia, 1940
Invasion of Russia, 1941