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Rocket Attack on Normandy, 1944
Riots in Eastern Europe, ca 1956
Riots at the PanAfrican Cooperation Conference, 1960
Riots at The Berlin Wall, 1963
Results of US Air Strikes in Libya, 1986
Refugees from Shanghai, 1949
Recreation, ca 1920
Reconstruction in Germany, 1946
Reburial of Holocaust Victims, ca 1949
RAF Supplies China by Air, 1945
RAF Jets, 1945
RAF Flying Fortress, 1941
Radiation Explained, ca 1955
Racism on the Golf Course, 1932
Quebec Conference, 1943
Protests at DNC in Chicago Turn Violent, 1968
ProCommunist Propaganda, ca 1949
Princess Margaret in Tanzania, 1956
Prime Ministers Conference in London, 1969
President Woodrow Wilson, 1924
President Warren Harding, 1924
President Truman Speech on Communist Aggression, 1951
President Roosevelt's Speech to Congress on Internationalism, 1945
President Roosevelt's Radio Address, ca 1938
President Reagan Recovering from Assassination Attempt, 1981
President Reagan on the Korean Airline Incident, 1983
Preparations for the Invasion of Sicily, 1943
Preparations for the Battle of Kursk, ca 1943
Predicting the Weather, 1990
Portuguese Revolution, 1910
Pope John the XXII Crowned in Rome, 1958
Political Advertising, 1948
Polish Workers Riot, ca 1950
Policeman Being Bribed, ca 1930
Police Violence in South Africa, 1986
Planes Burn at Beirut Airport, 1969
Physical Fitness, ca 1930
Photo of a UFO, 1952
Pearl Harbor Damage Report, ca 1941
Organized Crime, 1931
Optician in Action, 1965
Operation Rolling Thunder, 1967
Olga Korbut, 1969
Office Work, ca 1950
NYNEX Workers Strike, 1990
Nuclear Weapons Banned in Space, 1967
Nuclear Tests in Color, 1951
Nuclear Power Experiment in Soviet Union, 1970
Nixon's Checkers Speech, 1952
New York City Construction Site, 1903
New Treatment for Heart Attacks, 1968
New Military Weapons, 1945
New Mercedes Sports Car, 1969
Nazi War Crimes, ca 1941
Nazi Propaganda on Army and Air Force, 1943
Nazi Propaganda about Austria, ca 1938
Nazi BookBurning, ca 1933
Nazi Atrocities in Ukraine, ca 1941
Nazi Atrocities in Kiev, ca 1941
Nazi AntiSemitic Propaganda, 1939
Native American Chief, ca 1950
Mussolini Captured, 1945
Muslims in the Soviet Union, 1984
Muslims in South Africa Protest Apartheid, 1986
Muslims in Algeria Strike, 1961
Munich Conference, 1938
Mozambique Civil War, 1986
Montgomery's Speech in Belgium, 1945
Montenegrin King & Troops, ca 1916
Model T Automobiles Impact Transportation ca 1920s
Miranda Rights Training, ca 1988
Military Uniforms Found in Synagogue, 1946
Military Planes, 1949
Military Parade in Cuba, ca 1937
Military Leader Salutes War Workers, 1944
Mexican Sweatshop, ca 1965
Men Working in a Factory, ca 1915
Medicare, 1985
May Day in Petrograd, ca 1917
Martial Law in Limerick, 1919
Marshall Petain Meets with Hitler, 1940
Marine Biology, 1959
March of Dignity in London, 1969
Manufacturing Technology, ca 1953
Mail for British Troops, 1945
Magnified Cancer Cells, 1981
MacArthur Returns to the Philippines, 1944
Los Angeles Police Department, 1972
Londonderry, Northern Ireland, 1972
Loading Bombs, ca 1969
Life on a Kibbutz, 1969
Life in Rural China, ca 1970
Life in North Vietnam, 1967
Liberty Loan Parade, ca 1917
Liberation of Bucharest, 1944
Lenin's Death, 1924
LendLease Equipment, 1940
League of Nations Headquarters, ca 1929
Launch of Communication Satellite, 1962
Land Girls in Scotland, 1945
Land Conservation in Britain, 1945
Laboratory, ca 1950
Koreans Demand United Korea, 1951
Korean War Air Combat, 1950
King George VI Inspects the Troops, 1940
King George V Funeral, 1936
King George V and Kaiser Wilhelm, 1913
Kenyan Rituals ReEnacted, ca 1986
Kenyan Life Under the British, 1953
Kamikaze Attack on the USS Franklin, 1945
Kaiser Wilhelm and Archduke Franz Ferdinand, ca 1914
Julie Andrews Sings, 1948
Jews in Russia, 1970
Jawaharlal Nehru, 1940
Japanese Whaling, 1947
Japanese Troops in Manchuria, 1932
Japanese Troops in Canton China, ca 1938
Japanese Navy in Nanking China, 1937
Japanese Manufacturing, 1959
Japanese Army Take Nanking, 1938
Japan Bombs Chungking, 1940
Irish Civil Rights Protests in London, 1969
Invasion of the Low Countries German Language, 1940
Invasion of Scandinavia, 1940
Invasion of Russia, 1941
Invasion of Luxembourg German Language, 1940
Invasion of Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, 1940
Inside the Pentagon, 1951
Inside Soviet Russia, ca 1918
Industrial Area of Chicago, 1969
Indoctrination Camp for Children, 1942
Indian Troops in Kashmir, 1965
Impeachment Hearings Tax Fraud by Nixon, 1974
Impeachment Hearings Nixon's Abuse of Power, 1974
Hurricane Katrina, 2005
Hungarian Refugees in Austria, 1956
Hula Craze in Europe, 1958
Howard Metzenbaum on Corporate Taxes, 1985
Hospital Patients, 1990
Horse Drawn Carriage Traffic, 1902
Horoscopes, 1959
Hopi Indians Ritual Dance, 1932
Home Movie Christmas in Chicago, ca 1960
HMS Exeter, 1940
HMS Ajax and Exeter Honored, 1940
Hitler in France, ca 1940
Historical Reenactment, ca 1950
Hippie Fashions, ca 1972
Heartbreak Ridge in Korea, 1951
Harlem Globetrotters in Berlin, 1968
Hair Styles of the Day, 1955
Gyroscopic Stabilizer, 1932
Gus Grissom Pilots Successful Test Flight, 1961
Grace Kelly, ca 1956
Government Secrets, 1944
Gorbachev Addresses the World Youth Festival, 1985
Germany Invades France, ca 1940
German Unrest at the End of World War I, 1918
German Troops in Stalingrad, ca 1942
German Military Leaders, ca 1914
Georges Guynemer, ca 1910
General Pershing and General Petain, 1918
General Louis Botha of South Africa, 1919
Gemini 6 and 7 Return to Earth, 1965
Gemini 3 Mission to the Moon, 1965
Gasohol, 1981
Gas Masks Manufacturing, ca 1941
Garment Factory, 1981
Friendship 7 Returns to Earth, ca 1962
French Troops, ca 1910
French Troops, 1940
French Towns Liberated, 1944
French Sailors, ca 1910
French Resistance fight Nazi Occupation, 1944
French Minesweeper, 1940
French Military Technology, ca 1917
French Military Armor, 1917
French Military Air Show, 1963
French Artillery, 1940
Franklin D Roosevelt Sailing, ca 1930
Fortifying Stalingrad, ca 1942
Flying Machines, 1933
Fishing in Cuba, 1996
First Nuclear Power Plant, 1955
Fire Boat Demonstration, 1903
Film Stars and the Royal Family, 1950
Fighting in Mozambique and Rhodesia, ca 1980
FDR Speech, 1940
FDR Speech Before Congress, 1942
FDR Promotes War Bonds, 1944
FDR Asks Civilians to Defend the US, 1942
FBI Catches German Saboteurs, 1942
Farnborough Air Show, 1968
Farmborough Jet Research Center, 1946
Famine in Biafra, 1969
Family Life, ca 1950
Families Watching TV, ca 1955
Factory Workers, ca 1940
Factory Automation in Moscow, ca 1970
Everyday Life in Vietnam, 1990
Evacuation from Dunkirk, 1940
European Space Technology Center, 1968
European Leaders, ca 1900
Etiquette Training for Women, 1960
Entrepreneur Expo in New York, 1967
English Football Strike, ca 1950
Eleanor Roosevelt, ca 1930
Eleanor Roosevelt on the Korean War, 1950
El Salvador's Civil War, ca 1983
Efforts to Save Rare Birds in Britain, 1960
Effects of Medicare Reform, 1983
Effects of Colonialism on African Borders, ca 1986
EEG Machine, 1957
Editing Equipment, 1962
Early Aviation, 1906
Duck and Cover Drill, 1950
Driving a Fold Up Car, 1931
Douglas MacArthur Speech, 1951
Domestic Life in Cuba, 1996
Demonstrations Against Expansion of US Airbase in Japan, 1955
Deforestation in the Ivory Coast, 1986
Defiant Fighter Plane Factory, 1942
Defense of Moscow, ca 1941
Decommissioning of US Submarines, 1946
David Stockman Recommends Social Security Cuts, 1982
David Lloyd George, ca 1916
Cued Speech, ca 1972
Crisis in Czechoslovakia, 1968
Cowboy, ca 1950
Cosmonauts Prepare of Launch of Soyuz, ca 1975
Coronation of King George V in India, 1911
Digital Food
Digital divide :teachers, technology, and the classroom
Digital Dissidents
Digital Dirt :Matt Drudge's "Reportage" on the Internet
Digital dark age? :gambling with humankind's knowledge
Digital Communication Skills :Dos and Don'ts
Digital Cameras Made Easy
Digital Amnesia :Are We Losing Our Collective History?
Digestive system :your personal power plant
Digestion and nutrition
Digestion :eating to live
Difficult Presentations Made Easy
Difficult decisions :when a loved one approaches death
Difficult Conversations
Differentiated Instruction Practice :A Focus on the Gifted
Differentiated Instruction and the English Language Learner
Different Strokes :Nurture and Human Diversity